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Garbo & Kelly Royalty Gloss Lip Definer

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Garbo & Kelly Royalty Gloss Lip Definer is a waterproof lip liner with a creamy formula. The shades have been created to match the corresponding Garbo & Kelly Royalty Liquid Lipglosses.

Available in 10 shades.


Garbo & Kelly Royalty Gloss Lip Definer


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This liner is the perfect example of how affordable yet amazing-quality all of garbo and kelly's products are. I bought it to test out its effects with the royalty liquid lipsticks (which I love!!) and have been loving it. I've only tried one so far, but can't wait to get my hands on the other colours. The creamy formula glides onto my lips without dragging or tugging and makes it very easy to trace a precise line around the edges of my lips. When I use this underneath lipsticks, my lip colours don't bleed - it's honestly like magic! This liner also helps to make my lipsticks last longer. I'll put this on underneath my lipstick in the morning and then eat and drink throughout the day, but by evening, my lipstick is still intact. I love that the creaminess gives my lips that extra hydration, especially in Winter. The colour is also nice and pigmented, so even if you were to wear this alone without a layer of lipstick on top, no one would even know it was a liner. I do this sometimes, by filling in my entire lip and the staying power is absolutely mind-blowing. Would definitely recommend this!
Very smooth, great value for money. I was was using a different product before but that always left stains and made me feel very icky after using it. This is a perfect blend of fashion and comfort. Will definitely recommend this to anyone looking for lip definer in an affordable price range.
I tried this Garbo and kelly gloss lip liner in conjunction with the matching gloss lipstick for best results. I had never heard of this brand before beauty crew, I must admit. I really love it, great results at a great price. The pigment in the liner is really strong and high quality. The consistency is super creamy and doesn’t drag across lips. It’s hydrating and smooth. I love that the product won’t smudge, bleed or feather and it gives a nice precise line, nicely packaged and it feels nice and light to wear. I would recommend this Garbo and kelly royalty gloss lips defines, with ten shades to choose from it’s a winner.