Garnier Fructis Hair Food Watermelon Shampoo

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Garnier Fructis Hair Food Watermelon Shampoo is a shampoo powered by watermelon extract and loaded with nutrients. It has 96% natural origin ingredients enriched with volumising watermelon for deeply plumpled, healthy looking hair.

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Garnier Fructis Hair Food Watermelon Shampoo


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Fructis Failure

I really didn't favour this product. I went in with high expectations as the sniff test past and I knew it would be nourishing my somewhat dry hair at the same time. The fragrance was short lived, it did not linger in my hair after use which was a little disappointing given other products have lived to tell the tale. Although it lathered and cleaned my hair with ease, it was not long before my hair felt oily and needed another wash. With long hair, I am looking for a shampoo that will give me at least 2-3 days before my next wash (no additional hair products used during this time). Garnier Fructis Hair Food Watermelon Shampoo did not deliver and I would not personally purchase this for myself and family.

Haircare that smells good enough to eat

Garnier has always been a brand i have turned to when i need a "top up" of any beauty item and just don't have the $ to get what i may otherwise treat myself to...but it is fast becoming the brand i turn to first on my grocery run. This Garnier Fructis Watermelon Hair Food shampoo had to come home with me ever since i heard about it being available (watermelon hair,yes please)and i must say...i'm in love with it.The texture of the product is a rich gel,so a little goes a long way to give a really good cleanse (even after i have used some hair smoothing serums to get a sleek look to my new cut),and whilst i know "bubbles" aren't great when it comes to cleansing,i do like how foamy it gets in the shower,how easy it is to brush my hair after washing (a true testament to a good shampoo) and,of course,with the watermelon’s like summer in a bottle (in a "gee your hair smells gorgeous" way,not a "gee that scent overrides everything else" way).The best part,i feel,is how this shampoo makes you someone who can get down at times,i need sometimes to be encouraged to get out there and do something nice for myself,which is where the scent,the colour (a soft,gentle pink) and the packaging (a fun,generous sized bottle that looks like a drink bottle (but DON'T try to,no matter how good it smells or how many food ingredients may be in the formula).At under $8 for a generous sized bottle,you cannot go wrong.
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It was ok..but maybe it's just me

The packaging of this project is very cute; t could even pass as a bottle of smoothie. The scent was an embodiment of deliciousness and I was VERY excited to try the product! However, it wasn't great for my particular hair type: I have particularly quite course and straight hair strands. The shampoo worked well in cleaning my hair but it didn't make it make it shine quite the same way that it does with my usual shampoo. It's a good product but not going to be a staple for me. I would most likey recommend it for individuals with thin hair as per the product's intention.
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Better than ever but beware of 'natural' claims.

Garnier definitely upped their game with these new products. As a shampoo it functions well - my hair is softer and more hydrated. It smells divine but as always people sensitive to fragrance should probably go without. I love that they have made their bottles out of 50% recyclable materials (and hopefully 100% in the future). I think it's fantastic that they offer a breakdown of which ingredients are of botanical origin or not on the label however it is a bit misleading. Natural is not always synonymous with good so consumers should be weary about this term. This shampoo still contains sodium lauryl sulphate which more and more producers are formulating their products without. It can be done guys!
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Delicious scent with a lightweight feel

I instantly loved the packaging its so cute, looks like a juice bottle or smoothie bottle. The scent reminded me of a watermelon smoothie bought in Thailand, so it was definitely fun to use. The shampoo is a transparent pink/red colour. I felt it foamed up well and was able to wash well. While it did not leave a 'squeaky clean' feeling i can tell that it did take away the excess oils. My hair tends to get oily at the roots at 24hrs but dry at the ends so finding a shampoo that can balance that is hard. My Hair feels light weight and not heavy with some volume. I would recommend this Garnier shampoo.
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Silky Smooth and Smelling Sensational

Alike the accompanying conditioner in this line this shampoo smells to die for! After using it for over two weeks the product continues to keep my fine and thin hair looking voluminous yet still silky at the same time. The packaging on the product is also very environmentally conscious and I love how Garnier, a huge brand, are finally taking that into consideration when coming out with new products. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a good staple and loves the scent of Watermelon! Its honestly sooooo yummy!
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More than FINE for fine hair

As someone with fine hair, it can be hard to find a shampoo that doesn't leave my hair flat and limp at the end of the day. I was pleasantly surprised at how well my hair lasted during the day after using the shampoo. I wouldn't say my hair was the best I've seen it when comparing to other products, but it wasn't oily or in need of a wash after a full day of having my hair out and touching it (that's a win for me). Love that Garnier is using more natural products in their shampoo/conditioners and love that it's vegan too!
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Smells Heavenly!!!

At first I was a bit confused due to the packaging (it looks like a smoothie bottle!), but I've grown to really love the product. First off I really enjoyed the smell, never realy been a massive fan of watermelon flavoured things but this just leaves your hair smelling so fresh and devine!! I have very thin hair which dries very easily and normally anything with too much moisture in it results in my hair become flat and greasy. However the garnier fructis watermelon shampoo gives me wonderful texture and volume while still giving me softness and shine. It really is the perfect balance of moisture and and volumising. Pros: - Amazing smell, kept my hair feeling fresh and clean for days -Gives my hair the ability to be more bouncy and have life, without being heavy or full of product -Helped reduce my oily roots in between washes Cons: -None, I love this shampoo!!!
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Loved this!

Absolutely loved this product. The packaging made me feel like drinking it and the smell was just divine!! I really enjoyed using this shampoo and felt it made my hair feel clean and smelt delicious. I'm generally quite picky with hair products as my scalp can be sensitive but I had no issues with this product. I was seriously impressed. I highly recommend this shampoo to everyone. My favourite thing about it is definitely the packaging. Super quirky, super cute and very unique! My hair feels clean for a good 3 days which is great as I have quite oily hair so it was great that I didn't have to feel as though I needed to wash it every day or even every 2nd day. Thanks so much to beautycrew who allowed me to be part of this trial! With fine hair, it definitely felt plump and volumised after washing.
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Shampoo that smells as good as a poolside daiquiri

A great new product by Garnier - it's vegan, no nasties and in an eco-friendly bottle, but most importantly it does a great job! It foams really well and my fine hair felt silky and looked healthy after every wash. It's a refreshing scent that does not linger like other chemical-filled products and it rinses out easily leaving no residue. The packaging is tastefully no-frills and the mixture is clear and it feels like it is nourishing my body. I can't wait to see it on the shelves as I can imagine myself sticking with this product for a long time!
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Amazing scent and cool packaging

As soon as I saw the bottle for this shampoo, I was instantly in love. The packaging is so cool and funky and is designed to look like a juice or smoothie bottle. The scent is good enough to eat and lingered in the hair after use. The shampoo itself did feel like it cleaned my hair well and was gentle on my scalp. It wasn't drying but also not overly nourishing. One drawback is that the product contains sulfate which is not suitable for keratin treated hair. Overall I would recommend this for most hair types however those with particularly dry or damaged hair might need something more heavy duty.
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Volumising shampoo

The first thing I noticed is that the watermelon scent smells amazing. It has 96% natural ingredients and contains no silicone. the bottle labels all the ingredients and tells you what are natural and what ingredients are not. This shampoo is for fine hair, which i have and is volumising. It doesn't lather up as much as other shampoos. After using this my hair feels so light, it isn't weighted down and there is volume. There is also less frizz. the packaging is bright and comes in 350ml bottle. I would buy this again.
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So fresh and so clean

Great smell! It’s clear in colour so can go on any colour type of hair without tinting blondes etc. I found that it thickens and covers nicely and had a refreshing watermelon scent. It doesn’t leave any residue and left hair feeling clean. The bottle and packaging looks a bit like a fruit juice bottle so I’d probably keep it away from the kiddies. The cleanliness is still felt in my hair STILL after 4 days after washing. Definite go to between treatment S & C’s for blondes or chemical damaged hair without stripping or weighing down.
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MVP shampoo

Holy grail product for fine hair. Finally a shampoo that actually helps fine hair. I have always been a wash your hair everyday kinda girl. I have tried every volumising, fine hair, oily hair shampoo and have not been able to find one that better washes my hair. After using this for 3 weeks, I’m now a wash your hair every 3 days kinda girl! The smell is quite strong, which not unexpected for a Garnier product, however it doesn’t stay in your hair after washing so I actually found it pleasant. The packaging is excellent and very sturdy. Not to mention also recyclable! I will 100% be buying this again and happily recommend to anyone with oily roots that wants to extend their washes.
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It’s an okay shampoo. Didn’t wow me in anyway. It does a good job of cleaning your hair, but it was a very average product. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks, every 2 days. It Cleans my hair just fine, but the effects do not go beyond cleaning the hair. The shampoo Smells brilliant, but the smell doesn’t last in my hair as well. It is a very forgettable shampoo that does the absolute minimum. If you are looking for a shampoo that cleans your hair this is it. If you are looking for a shampoo that does more, better look elsewhere..
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Watermelon WOW.

The Fructis Watermelon Hair Food Shampoo was easy to use with a flip lid and compact container. The packaging is aesthetically pleasing and resembles a 'healthy watermelon drink' but for your hair. I am extremely pleased that the product was made from 50% recycled plastic and is biodegradable, which considering the products size, is extremely important; I wash my hair every day or every second day (my hair gets greasy quickly) and I would go through these bottles relatively fast. I have fine and flat hair that lacks volume and movement. Therefore, since I have such fine hair the shampoo lathered easily throughout my hair and did not require a lot of product. The watermelon fragrance was my favourite aspect of this product. It smells delicious and luxurious when washing your hair, however, the smell does not last in your hair once washed and dried; this is unfortunate. Using this product regularly, I did find a slight difference in volume, my hair felt lighter and it had the post-salon feel but it did became weighed down by the end of the day when my hair became greasy; however my hair is prone to grease regardless of which shampoo I use. I would recommended this product to people with fine hair that aren't prone to grease easily and those that LOVE watermelon.
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Smells Amazing and would recommend

I have fine, slightly wavy coloured dry hair. I found this shampoo lathered up well and definitely made my hair feel nice after the first use! The smell is incredible and definitely found myself reaching for it more. I usually shampoo twice and found on the second time I would only need a tiny bit as this lathered up and went a long way. I would definitely recommend following this shampoo with the matching conditioner. The only reason I chose 4 stars was the size of the bottle, I wish they had a bigger option and I wash my hair every two days and have been going through this quickly!
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Very good indeed

I love the packaging of Garnier Fructis Hair Food Watermelon Shampoo. It looks like a bottle of watermelon juice, but its shampoo instead The producy is a gel, and is fine hair, promisiing volume! My hair is fine and thin. The product smells lovely, and yes you can smell watermelon. The pale gel lathers up very well and you can shampoo twice if you like, i do as i have a lot of product build up The shampoo cleanses the hair well, leaves it clean, soft and smelling really nice and fruity I would buy again, a great buy, it's vegan formula and recycable packaging
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Heavenly watermelon scented

The first thing I noticed about the Garnier Fructis Hair Food Watermelon Shampoo was that delicious scent. It made me excited to be trialing this product. The packaging was also very appealing to look at and being made partially from recycled products and the fact that the ingredients were mostly natural which was great to know. I have a quite love/hate relationship with My hair at the moment with it currently being quite long and fine with a natural wave to it meaning it get knotted very easily. The first time I used this shampoo, in conjunction with the conditioner, I woke up back in love with my long hair. It was soft and relatively tangle free with great volume which accentuated my wave. And no frizz! Something which hasn’t happened in a very long time. I’m not saying this is a miracle product, as this result hasn’t happened every time I’ve used the shampoo, but my hair is certainly noticeably better as time goes on. I also enjoyed the results enough that I’ve since gone out and purchased the same product type in the different varieties to see which one works best for me.
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Smells great and a natural product

This shampoo works incredibly well. It is made with 96% natural products and you can tell. It smells fantastic, lathers well, a little goes a long way and spreads through out the hair very easily. The shampoo is of a good quality as it applies easily and doesn't weight down the hair, which helps provide volume and makes the hair look thicker. I found it to be good at cleansing the hair overall and it removes dirt and buildup well. The container the product comes in looks very cute and reminds me of a milk bottle.