Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Delicate Eyes & Skin

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Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Delicate Eyes & Skin is a gentle micellar water that helps remove makeup without irritating the eyes or skin. The formula contains micelles that cling to makeup, dirt and impurities to help cleanse skin without the need for vigorous rubbing. The micellar water also contains soothing cornflower water and powerful active ingredients. Suitable for all skin types and can be used on the face, eyes and lips.

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Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Delicate Eyes & Skin


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This blue coloured water (cornflower theme here going on, as it is in the formula as an "extract") with micellars does work well in dissolving the dirt off the face: spf, makeup, city grime. Even though it claims that it can be left on after removing impurities off the skin, I highly recommend to remove it with second cleanse. It contains silicones (not oil, there is no oil in this formula) and if you want best absorption of your good skincare, removing all of this is necessary. Plus the water is perfumed and contains colouring.  Did not irritate my skin though. Just did a good job in removing stuff off the skin and lashes.  Ingredients AQUA / WATER, CYCLOPENTASILOXANE, ISOHEXADECANE, CENTAUREA CYANUS FLOWER WATER, POTASSIUM PHOSPHATE, SODIUM CHLORIDE, ARGININE, COCO-BETAINE, POLOXAMER 184, DIPOTASSIUM PHOSPHATE, DISODIUM EDTA, PROPANEDIOL, CITRIC ACID, HEXYLENE GLYCOL, MYRTRIMONIUM BROMIDE, CI 60725 / VIOLET 2, CI 61565 / GREEN 6, LINALOOL, GERANIOL, LIMONENE, BENZYL ALCOHOL, BENZYL SALICYLATE, PARFUM / FRAGRANCE 
I have tried the original Garnier micellar water and the new one that has come out is just as good! It is a water in oil micellar water and it is suitable for those who have sensitive skin.  When it comes to removing makeup, the micellar water does a great job.  I pour some of it onto a cotton ball and then wipe it across my face. It helps to remove everything, including eye makeup.  The only thing I did not like was that it left my skin with an oily residue.  I always follow up with a cleanser anyway so it didn't bother me too much.
I have been using the Garnier Micellar range for a long time now & love how easy it is to use. This product is fantastic at the end of the day to remove eye make up. It is very gentle & I have very sensitive skin at times & have never had an issue. This product even leaves your skin feeling smooth & clean not dry at all.
This is great at removing makeup! I use my fingers or a flannel to apply it to prevent cotton pads going to landfill. It has a strong scent I don't know how to describe but I'd prefer it if it had no added fragrance. It says to leave this on but it is quite oily and leaves a very oily residue so I wash it off. Overall, it does a fantastic job at removing stubborn makeup.
I really loved the Garnier micelles cleansing water. It’s simple to use, I use makeup pads for application and it removes all traces of dirt, makeup , oil and grime. It makes makeup removal quick and easy, who doesn’t love that? It’s economical and lasts for quite a while, so great value for money. I have sensitive skin and it’s great for that as it’s super gentle yet will remove even waterproof mascara. I would buy this product again. Love it and highly recommend it
I have been a fan of Garnier micellar water for awhile now due to it working really well and not being as pricey as some other brands.  The newest one on the market is the cleansing water in oil which is great as my skin can get quite dry and sensitive at times.  It's a huge bottle which means it will last you for ages! My makeup tends to be on the light side but removing lipstick and mascara can be a hassle and the micellar water does a great job of removing it all.  I pour it onto a cotton pad and wipe it all over my face.  It's hydrating and it doesn't cause any irritation to my skin.  I used it on my lips to remove my matte lipstick and it came off so easily without leaving a trace of the lipstick! It's gentle and I would recommend it for those who have sensitive skin.
Since Garnier's Micellar Make up removers range is my favourite, I had to try that new addition to the family. I did not disappoint me but I have a slight impression that the original water in oil ( orange) is a tad more effective at removing eye make up. Nevertheless, Delicate eyes and skin is definitely gentle and does quite a great job removing make up. Some mascaras might be trickier to get rid off but I guess this is normal with any other make up remover. The plastic bottle is big but handy. We get 400ml of a product, which is great and lasts ages. All we have to do is to shake the bottle to mix the oil into the liquid and we are ready to go. The oil this time is blue in colour. I am glad there still is a slight scent to the product even though it is targeted for those with sensitive skin. I love my skincare products to have some fragrance. As a contact lenses wearer I can agree that this make up remover is gentle enough and does not irritate the eyes. Once again Garnier releases a great product. Well done.
Really simple and effective at removing make up without rubbing too much. I found it really gentle on the skin even though it is highly fragranced (which I didn’t love for a sensitive skin product). It left my skin feeling super smooth but I did feel the need to rinse it off even though it suggests you don’t need to.
I really loved this product. My skin is dry so this was perfect for me!  In terms of a make up remover it’s great, it takes my make up off with ease just using a cotton pad. The only thing is that it stung a bit when I took my eye make up off.  It leaves me skin feeling soft with refreshed and I can really feel my skin hydrating.  It’s great when I’m having a bad skin day or if I’m just not feeling great because it makes you feel so refreshed. I have used other Garnier Micellar waters and this one is definitely the best. The oil element just lifts it on to a whole other level 
I do not usually use any type of micellar water as it usually just makes my skin irritated, doesn’t remove all makeup and my skin feels greasy. So I was actually really surprised this product worked as well as it did at removing my makeup and even with the added oil didn’t leave my skin feeling like it needs another actual wash. I enjoyed the smell and so far it is my favourite micellar water I’ve used.
I have used this product aswell and it is definitely one of my favourites, I use it when I wear heavy or waterproof makeup it just swipes the heaviest makeup in one go like a dream! and how can I forget that it locks in the moisture aswell and gives you soft and supple skinnn !❤️
As a regular user of the original Garnier Micellar Water (which I love), I was a little skeptical about this product. I have combination, sensitive skin and can break out easily. However, after just one use I could tell it was definitely not a strong, harsh product and did what it promised. I’ve had no irritation occur at all in the two weeks I’ve used it. The product has oil in it so you must shake the bottle a lot every time you use it. The formula has a similar texture and watery feel to normal Micellar but after use, leaves a slight oil on the skin. Personally, I liked this aspect to it, as I normally use it at the end of the day and I feel like it leaves my skin nice and hydrated rather than stripped or tight. The smell is delightful and calming, and it takes of a full face of makeup easily. Eye makeup comes off in one pad and is super gentle on this area too. I’m sold and will purchase again!
I love a good affordable micellar water and there are heaps of great options on the market now. Having now tried the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water in Oil for Delicate Eyes & Skin, is one product that I’ll be addingto my list to repurchase.   The micellar water comes in a clear plastic bottle with a blue lid, letting me see exactly how much product I have left in the bottle.   Quick, easy and no fuss to use. Just apply a generous amount to acotton pad and remove your make up and you are finished.   My skin at times can be sensitive and this Garnier micellar water was so gentle on my skin. The oil and the water combined together made it easy to remove all of my makeup and cleanse my skin without any irritation. I didn’t need to rub or go over my skin several times, which for me is a huge plus!   It has a nice floral scent that didn’t irritate my skin.   Price wise its fantastic value at 400ml of product for $13.95 and isaround 200 uses. This means I can be generous with the product, and use itgenerously to cleanse my face. The Garnier micellar water performs just as wellas some of my other more expensive micellar waters.   Five stars from me!!!
I found this product great at removing my daily makeup and long wear mascara. It was gentle on my sensitive skin and really helped break down the grime from the day. My skin looked super clean and felt cleansed but not stripped after using. I would definitely recommend trying this out!
I am a long time fan of the original garnier micellar water and was keen to try an oil based one, especially for removing mascara. It was great at taking off my mascara but i did like to finish with rinsing it off after, something i dont need to do with the original. I love it as a precleanse treatment before i go in with my normal cleanser.
I love this stuff - more than the normal pink bottle of Micellar Water that I'm sure everyone has tried at least once! It does its job, breaking down stubborn mascara and eyeliner - which are my worst nightmares - and smells amazing too. The main difference is that after cleansing and removing makeup, skin feels hydrated. Will buy again.
Garnier makes a bunch of products that I love, but this is not one of them. The products key promises are that it completely removes makeup, it doesn't sting your eyes, and it doesn't require rinsing. I tried this product out using it to replace the first step in my two-step cleanse (instead of an oil cleanser) of an evening. On the first try it stung my eyes as I tried to remove my eyeshadow and mascara, and I needed three cotton rounds to remove my whole face. The second time I was wearing much less makeup, only tinted moisturiser, brow and lip products. I used this as a one-step cleanse, and found that I still had product coming off my face when I applied toner (this is not normally the case). Each time I used this cleanser, I had similar results, and never felt like my face was fully clean--though I was able to avoid any stinging eyes by using a lot less on each cotton round, instead of "soaking" it like the instructions recommend--and failing to remove all traces of makeup can severely irritate the skin. Overall, I would suggest giving this one a miss. There are plenty of good sensitive skin cleansers at this price point.
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Replying to Lauren PearceThank you for your review Lauren. We are disappointed to hear that you haven’t enjoyed the new Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Delicate Eyes & Skin and would like to offer our apologies. Consumer feedback is really important to us, so it would be great to speak with you further so that we can capture all of the details for our reporting and so that we can suggest some alternative products from another one of our ranges. Our contact details are 1300 651 743, we look forward to speaking to you soon.
I am currently using the Garnier micellar water for normal skin, but I was keen to trial this version formulated for sensitive eyes and skin as I wear contact lenses. This product was very easy to use and as with the other micellar products in the range, removed makeup, even waterproof mascara, effortlessly. The only thing stopping me from giving this five stars is that I didn’t like the slight greasy sensation left on my skin after application (though this could be because I didn’t shake it well enough before using it). This faded within a minute or so, leaving my skin feeling cleansed, but as I have naturally very oily as well as sensitive skin, I was not keen on this. Due to this fact I I think I will stick to using the normal skin version. Though it is not suitable and for me I recommend this product for people who have skin which is easily irritated, as this product removes all makeup no matter how heavy, quickly and easily with no effort, pressure, or scrubbing required!
I have to confess that I was skeptical of this product at first. But, after a few uses I actually really liked it. It definately removed my makeup easily and gently, however with my eye makeup I found it required 2-3 soaked cotton pads.  Although it initially leaves a slightly greasy layer on your skin, this absorbs in well and leaves the skin feeling soft and clean, without clogging the pores or drying out the skin.  The only criticism I have is that I personally found the fragrance, while nice, a bit too strong. All in all though, I found this product lived up to its promises.  I'd recommend it to anyone who has sensitive skin or who wants a gentle yet effective Micellar product. 
I have tried micellar water products before and really didn't like how it left my skin feeling tight and dry, especially around my sensitive eye area — BUT! Garnier's Micellar Cleansing water is a dream come true! Not only does it remove stubborn makeup with only a few swipes of a cotton pad, but it refreshes, softens and cleans my skin, leaving no un-wanted black smudges or redness under my eyes and no need to double cleanse my eye-makeup off. The bottle size is also very generous and smells fresh. Brilliant product! 10/10!