Garnier Micellar Rose Water Clean & Glow

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Garnier Micellar Rose Water Clean & Glow is a makeup remover and no-rinse facial cleanser that combines the deep cleaning action of micelles with hydrating and brightening rose water for a clean, radiant and dewy complexion. The micellar water has a delicate rose fragrance and is specifically formulated for dull, sensitive skin.

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Garnier Micellar Rose Water Clean & Glow


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Effectively cleans without irritation

This is a really lovely cleansing water. It saves time as I don’t have to rinse it off after use. It’s so easy and quick, I just apply and it removes all traces of makeup and dirt gently and without drying out my skin. It has a really pretty rose scent that is not overpowering and I love that it is suitable for sensitive skin, this has never irritated my skin. It’s lasts for ages and is good value for money and delivers great results with very little effort. Garnier is a trusted brand and I loved this rise water clean and glow and I will buy it again

No rinsing required

I am really impressed by Garnier Micellar Rose Water Clean & Glow. This is the first Micellar Water that I have not had to wash off before applying moisturiser. Every other Micellar Water product I have used has left a sticky feeling on my skin after using it. Not with this product. This in itself saves me valuable time. By the way, don’t expect this Micellar Water to be pink. It is the lightly tinted pink bottle with a rose printed on the reverse label. Apart from the product itself, the bottle is my favourite: • Sturdy plastic bottle • Flip top lid which is very tightly fitted to prevent spillage even during travelling. • Bottle is made from partially recycled plastic which can be recycled again. At time of writing this product is Made in Poland.
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Refreshing Gentle Micellar Water!

I quite liked this micellar water, scent is very pleasant and fresh. It is Very good and gentle for sensetive skin. I pesonally think that it is a good combination of price anjd quality. After using this product my skin feels fresh and clean, removes make up effortlessly and leave a feeling of breathing fresh skin. Love it.
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Smells fresh and feels lovely!

I loved this product, I've used almost all of the Garnier Micellar waters and this is favourite. It was nice and gentle to use on my sensitive skin, removed my makeup and dried down pretty fast and left no oily residue afterwards :) The rose scent is soft and refreshing! I only gave it four stars because I got it in my eye and it was stinging! Do not get it in your eyes and you'll be fine.
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This micellar water is sooo good! It’s gentle on my skin, really cleans well and doesn’t dry out my skin at all. Will definitely keep using it as part of my daily skincare routine!
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Average product. Feels nice and cleans well without being too harsh, but nothing too special. I like the ease of it and the fact that its gentle, but I didnt love it or find that it was anything special. Good for sensitive skin
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Similar to original, but fragranced

I've used both the original Garnier Micellar Water and Micellar Water In Oil version before trialling this edition; I would say the Rose Water Clean & Glow closer to the original Garnier Micellar in terms of hydration - maybe a little less drying than the original but less moisturising than the oil version. As I've come to expect from Garnier, their micellar waters are effective at makeup removal, gentle on eyes (no burning here!) and generally non-irritating, unless you are scrubbing at your mascara (soak it!). I should note that I generally remove the micellar with a quick water rinse or an AHA toner to reduce the drying effect. What I don't love about this product however is the fragrance. It's quite noticeable, almost overboard. I don't see the need to add such an obvious rose fragrance to a product already containing rosewater, particularly if it is marketed as being for sensitive skin. I would probably purchase a different option because of this - back to the oil version perhaps.
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Will buy again

I have tried number of micellar waters from other brands as well. But I tend to like this one more. I use this after oil cleansing my face (if I have make up on) to double cleanse or also use this as a toner because of rose water in it. I love anything with rose in it :) You may want to skip this product if sensitive to fragrance (although its not that strong and I don't mind it). But for me, I will surely restock once finished.
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Fav out of the garnier micellar water range!

I was lucky to receive this product to review. It did a great job at removing my eye and lip makeup, before cleansing. I also loved using this on q-tips to fix any eye make up mistakes. It works to gently remove makeup without rubbing and leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. On mornings when I don’t wash my face I just wipe it over with some of this product on a cotton pad and it’s enough to give me a great base for the day. Would definitely buy this when it runs out!
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Great smelling micellar water

I am a fan of micellar water due to the fact they are great for removing make up and are usually really cost effective. I personally really like the smell of this Garnier micellar rose water, its pretty and fresh. This product does the job of removing make up well.
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New and Improved

The Micellar Rose Water Clean & Glow is definitely a step up from the traditional All in 1 cleansing water. Unlike the All in 1, I found the Rose Water Clean & Glow didn’t dry out my skin. The Rose Water scent is lovely! For someone who has sensitive skin, I didn’t have any issues with this product and I appreciate that I didn’t need to rinse my face after using it. I will still stick to my usual skin routine but this is a great addition. It’s a generous bottle and you only need a little on a cotton pad so I don’t feel I’ll be running out anytime soon!
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Fantastic, except for the added fragrance!

Let me start out by saying that I have LOVED trialing this, and I have already purchased a back up bottle. This does pretty much everything it says. It is a superb makeup remover, even better than the original. If you have sensitive skin and are tossing up between buying this product and the Milky one, buy this one! It removes everything, liquid lipstick, eyeliner, cream eyeshadow, mascara, etc. And it does it without irritating my sensitive skin, and afterwards it feels like I have just toned my face. I have noticed my complexion looking a little brighter, due to the rosewater. The only thing is, for a product that claims to be for sensitive skin, it has got added fragrance in it, which I do not understand! Why Garnier? Why would it be necessary to add in extra fragrance when there is naturally perfumed rose water included in the ingredients? For reference, the original All-In-One Garnier Micellar Water does not include any sort of added perfume or fragrance. So for those who are sensitive to fragrance, sadly, give this one a miss. I would have much preferred to smell just the rose water. Otherwise, this would have been a 100% 5 stars from me.
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Pretty impressed

This has to be the best Garnier micellar water they have brought out. I have sensitive dry skin and I’m in my thirties. It didn’t irritate or sting my eyes or the flare ups on my face. Totally would recommend anyone to try it. Did an ok job taking off make up, but I’ll always cleanse afterwards anyway.
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Smells amazing!

I absolutely love this product! I've been using Garnier Micellar water for a few years to remove makeup. This product is just as good as the other Micellar waters by Garnier, but smells even better. Leaves skin feeling clean, fresh and subtle on touch.
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Used better!

Not an amazing product, I definitely don’t think it was overly effective for taking makeup off. However it is quite nice to use in the morning as a little refresher! Leaves a nice subtle glow and makes me feel nice and refreshed!!
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Love the scent

I received this product for trial - I have combination skin and towards more dry in the winter. First thing i like a bout this product is its scent - a lovely light rose scent very natural and relaxing. I used it both on my bare face and with makeup on. I can remove majority of my base makeup, eyeshadow and eyeliner but definitely not mascara ( I normally use a different lip & eye makeup remover anyway). It left my skin feel a lot more moisturising than other micellar water. However, I just use this as the first step of my cleansing routine and always follow up with a foam cleanser. Beside the moisturising factor, I don't feel like it adds glow on my skin or anything, but again it's a cleansing water so I think as long as it can remove my makeup then it's a good one already. Overall, a very decent product for its price!
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Makeup removing wonder!

Gorgeous scent & packaging! This product works very well in gently removing my make up including waterproof mascara. Very similar to the original but with a relaxing feel to it due to the scent. For reference I use Napoleon foundation and this product removes in one go.
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Gentle, non drying makeup remover

I've used the original Garnier Micellar water, but moved to a balm as I found that more gentle. So I was curious when I was offered to try this product. Although I love using a balm, it can be quite messy. I do like how no water is required for a Micellar water, so was excited to give this a go. My skin felt clean and nicely moisturised after use. I still found it a bit harsh on my eyes, but I may just have unusually sensitive skin around my car. I'll definitely still continue to use this product, especially when I'm wanting a quick removal of makeup after a long day, but will probably use the balm on my eyes. Did a great job of removing makeup thoroughly as a first cleanse.
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A beautifully scented cleanser

I love the smell of this micellar water! It's really gentle and effective. I used it with cotton balls and it was great at getting rid of my makeup. I had a very slight sting while using it, but my skin is ridiculously sensitive so for most people it would be great.
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One of my new favourite micellar waters!!

I've always been a fan of micellar water for removing my everyday makeup and this one is definitely up there. A great alternative to spending money on facial wipes, this bottle lasts a a few months considering I use this daily. I've used many micellar waters before and have found certain brands don't live up to their selling points but Garnier has always been promising. Worth the price for a great everyday product!