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Garnier Micellar Water in Oil is an all-in-one cleanser enriched with argan oil to remove dirt, impurities and waterproof makeup while leaving the skin cleansed and soothed without leaving a greasy residue.

A few drops of this micellar water on a cotton pad will instantly remove makeup and leave skin feeling fresh and nourished.
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Garnier Micellar Water in Oil


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It feels so good when you dont have to rush to bathroom after that late night when what you really want to do is sleep. That smooth and moisturized skin after use of Garnier Micellar water will make you wish if you can opt it for facewash everytime.  This product is a Bae. #BFF   
I usually like micellar waters but so much this one. I thought I would try it as it’s got oil mixed with it and thought it might be worth a try. I applied the product to a cotton pad and lightly wiped the oil/water solution over my face and eyes. It seemed to remove my makeup fairly well but my skin broke out the next morning and it doesn’t usually with other micellar waters so the oil in it must have been the problem. I won’t be repurchasing but will the other Garnier micellar.
I tend to wear waterproof eye makeup and this Micellar Cleansing Water in Oil from Garnier is great for removing that. I find that the bi-phase formula works a lot better on eye makeup compared to the regular micellar waters. It is very easy to use - just give it a good shake to combine the oil and the water, soak a cotton pad and get wiping! It removes all my foundation very easily and with my waterproof mascara sometimes I just need to press the cotton pad to my eyelashes for a moment to allow the solution to soak in and then I can just wipe the mascara away as well. I love that I don't have to rub around the delicate eye area to remove my makeup. Hashtag winning! The formula is super gentle and does not dry out my skin or strip any of the natural oils away while removing the makeup. Pros: - great value for money with the big size 400ml bottle - easily removes all makeup including waterproof makeup - cleanses and soothes the skin all at once - can be used for the face, lips and eyes - leaves my skin clean and hydrated
I really like Garnier products so I was eager to try the Micellar Cleansing Water in Oil when  I needed to replenish my bottle of micellar water because I use micellar water every single day. I love how the colours of the packaging match the oil in the bottle, and the tiny hole in the flip-top lid allows for only a small amount of the product to be dispensed.  I’ve used this type of product before in an eye makeup remover – one where there is oil mixed with something else and a good shake is needed to mix the products before using it.  My normal cleansing routine is to wipe off my eye makeup with a cotton pad soaked in micellar water; sweep a makeup wipe across my face to remove most of my foundation and then clean up my entire face with micellar water on a cotton pad.  So I followed my normal routine but after using the Micellar Cleansing Water in Oil I was surprised to find that there was no residue and my skin seemed less dry.  I don’t mind the fragrance of this micellar water although I’m not sure what it is.  The product is very soothing, does not cause any irritation or redness to my skin or eyes, and is not at all greasy.   All in all, I would recommend the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water in Oil because it leaves my skin feeling really clean, fresh and nourished. 
I love Garnier products, I think they're worth the money and effort. This micellar water oil is so gentle on the skin, removes makeup completely  and doesn't leave any residue brilliant. it does not hurt my eyes or dry out my skin. I always buy the normal pink bottle however I wanted to try this and I love it just as much.the other one. All in all fabulous product and I will definitely buy again.
I use various brands and types of makeup remover.  Garnier Micellar water  in oil is just one of those products. It is gentle for my eyes as l use it to remove my eyeliner and waterproof mascara. It does not irritate my eyes or dry out the skin. It appears to soften the skin around my eyes due to the oil content. It lasts a long time due to the small amount that is needed to remove the makeup. It is great that these new type of  products come onto the market that are more gentle to use than the products of years gone by. This type of makeup removal is revolutionary, a product that l have no hesitation in recommending. The price is great too.
I have tried all of the Garnier Micellar waters and this is definitely my favourite! It smells nice and fresh which is new for Micellar waters and with the oil does a thorough job of breaking up the make up and removing it. After shaking really well, pop it on a cotton pad and be ready to only purchase this make up remover for the rest of your life. I need only 2 cotton pads which is less than other products I have tried and I really do think it does not leave a trace of make up. Despite this, I always cleanse afterwards but this is an amazing way to get rid of the bulk. The only thing I will say is the oil settles at the top very quickly so shake it well before each use, and it does leave a slightly oil feel on the skin but when you cleanse after using it, this is completely gone. I am completely in love with this product, its innovative, cares for your skin and works!
I love using micellar water so you can imagine my excitement when Garnier came out with Micellar Water In Oil! I expected that it would be great at removing waterproof makeup and it does indeed does a great job at removing any makeup that I wear, including waterproof mascara. It comes in a huge bottle and is so affordable because you get so many uses out of it. Mine lasted me months! It has a simple packaging with a tiny opening so you can just shake and pour out the product onto any cotton pads, then swipe it across your face and it will remove any dirt, makeup, impurities on your skin. However, because it has oil in the product, I feel like it left a layer of oil on my skin after removing my makeup. They say that it is a no wash formula, but I don't really enjoy feeling there is a layer of residue on my skin so I usually double cleanse it with a gentle cleanser afterwards. It is also really great to remove the sebum and dirt from the face but I would still rinse it off with a cleanser. Overall, I prefer the original version over this, maybe because I do use micellar water to clean my skin in the morning as well. For makeup removal, this is a great product because it removes waterproof makeup more easily than the Original version. It also makes my eyes slightly blurry if it gets into my eyes accidentally. I think it depends on your preference but for me, this is still a great makeup remover!
I am a big fan of micelles water and when this beauty came out inhd to try it. To be honest I was a bit skeptical about trying to out as it has oil in it as my skin is oily at some places. But to my surprise it did a great job in removing my makeup even the stubborn waterproof mascara that's so hard to take off. It's gentle too and oil in it means it provide light moisturisation too without any harsh chemicals. Overall I love this product and my new staple product.
I thought I found my go to Micellar Water ( that is Garnier) but with beauty junkies it is not easy and we really love trying out new products. I decided to get Micellar Cleansing Water in Oil as it was on special... with the reasoning, if I don't like it at least I didn't pay the full prize ( which is very reasonable anyway for such a big bottle). Well, I love it! And the factor that makes me really love it is the scent of the product! I love lightly fragranced beauty products and to know that this lovely scent does not irritate my skin ( or my eyes) is great. It makes the make up removal process so much more pleasant. I love the Micellar Water, do not get me wrong, but this Water in Oil brings in something extra. It looks like there is not much oil in the bottle, but after you shake up the product the ingredients mix and the both the water and oil are used up equally. I must say Water in Oil is extremely effective in removing make up, I do not use any waterproof mascaras, but I have got one Italian mascara that is so difficult to take off. This product makes it so much easier. I must say it is very gentle too, I wear contact lenses and I need something that has been tested and I can trust Garnier in that matter. Even the addition of the scent didn't change my tolerance. I must say that this Micellar Cleansing Water in Oil is one of very few products that deliver what they promise. Highly recommend for everyone! A beautiful product.
The product:  GARNIER SkinActive - Micellar Oil-infused Cleansing Water (400 mL bottle)   My verdict: My sister recommended this makeup remover/cleanser to me as I have dry skin and most regular makeup removes leave my skin feeling stripped and dry. This is in fact an “oil-based” cleansing water, and specifies it is designed to be used on the eyes, face and lips. The product is like your regular “micellar” cleansing waters that are very popular at the moment, but this one also contains Argan Oil to add extra moisture to the skin. The product reminds me of the dual phase eye makeup removers that you need to shake before use, and is designed to remove stubborn waterproof makeup, like mascara and liquid eyeliners etc.  The product comes in a very sturdy plastic bottle with a flip lip and the cap clicks shut tightly so there is luckily no product spillage. The bottle is a decent and generous size so I anticipate it would last me a long time to finish this (I don’t wear heavy makeup). My skin is dry therefore I don’t find the oil-based formula too greasy for my skin; I find this helps the cleanser glide over my skin and really picks up all the makeup, dirt and grime thoroughly.  This is a key positive point, as I hate continuously having to rub my face and eyes with cotton pads just so that I can get rid of my makeup. This product actually does a pretty good job of getting rid of my foundation, lipstick and mascara without excessive effort.  The first time I used this cleanser, I was so impressed with how quickly it seemed to dissolve and remove my makeup. It seemed to just wipe all the makeup of my skin in a flash!! After the first application of this cleanser I actually looked at the cotton pad and WOW it had completed removed my foundation in one quick application - very impressive! My only major criticism is the very strong fragrance; I really find it too overpowering and it tends to linger for a long time. This fragrance did unfortunately sting my nose and eyes, so this makes it a bit difficult for me to be completely impressed and pleased with this product. Which is a shame as it does a great job removing makeup and leaves my dry skin feeling nourished and soft. I don’t mind the oily residue that it leaves behind as other cleansers leave my skin feeling dry, tight and uncomfortable.  So that is not an issue for me at all, but might be an issue for people with oily skin.   Recommendations:  I recommend this makeup remover/cleanser to those who have normal to dry or very dry skin. If you have sensitive skin, and in particular to products that are heavily perfumed then I don’t recommend this product. My skin is not sensitive, yet I found the fragrance in this product too irritating. I also recommend this product to those who like to wear heavy, waterproof or long-wearing makeup, as it quickly dissolves and removes stubborn makeup without much effort.    Repurchase:   No. I will not repurchase this product, simply because the fragrance is just too strong and lingers for a long time even after you wash your face with another cleanser afterwards! What a disappointment as I really liked the nourishing and moisturising feel of this cleanser, and was impressed that Argan Oil is included in the ingredients. Anyway I will continue looking for a product that is less irritating on my skin…
Having used Garnier products and micellar water before, I was quite certain I knew what I was in for. I assumed the product was going to be gentle on my sensitive skin (check) and leave my skin feeling somewhat hydrated and clean (check). I'm glad it met my expectations, as I now have another micellar water to choose from.  I do feel the oil layer is a bit gimmicky, as I didn't find this formula removed my more stubborn makeup any easier than other micellar waters I've used - It just takes a bit of effort and a few cotton pads to get it all off. Beyond the function of the product, my impression of this micellar water is that it fits in well with the Garnier aesthetic - simple, clean packaging, and a decent amount of product for the price.  Overall, I would gladly use this product again and recommend it to friends, as I feel it did a decent job of cleaning my face, provided a good base for moisturiser, smelt lovely and was good on my sensitive skin.
I had heard a lot about this before I trialled it as apart of the Beauty Crew trial team. I had heard that it removes make up easily and quickly, that it worked even better than their original version and that it was worth the hype. After trialling this, I completely agree!  This helps to get rid of waterproof make up so quickly and easily. It also doesn't feel uncomfortable on and around your eyes like other make up removers can. While you can remove any make up using this, I mostly use it to remove liquid lipsticks and eye make up. It's also great for removing swatches from your arm! If you wear waterproof mascara, then this is a must have as it easily and quickly removes even the toughest formulas. I was worried that the oil might be uncomfortable around my eyes or leave residue, but it doesn't. I can use this and not have to worry about using another cleanser afterwards.  It's also really easy to mix the oil into the formula and I find with just a couple of shakes it's ready to use.  The only thing that I didn't like about this was the packaging. It would be much easier to use with a pump applicator.  I'll be purchasing this in the future as it works better than most of my other make up removers and it's so affordable.  
This product was everything I want from a make up remover: pleasant scent that is not too overpowering, gets everything off without excessive rubbing and doesn't leave heaps of residue. It's definitely better than regular micellar water, which often struggles to get my waterproof mascara off without rubbing so hard I lose a few eyelashes in the process. The bottle is large and is sure to last a long time, the only thing I would change would be the lid - I get worried the cap will come off in my bag. A screw top would be much better!
Effective & generous bottle size! Such a great value for money product and I love the smell of it. Easy to use. A bit afraid of the additional oil in the micellar water. Surprisingly it leaves my skin soft and I can easily remove my make up even with my waterproof mascara which I usually hard to get if off at the end of night with my usual make up remover.  The only problem I had with it's the bottle cover as it's a bit flimsy. Other then that  it my new favorite on my shelves now.
I have tried several different brands of Micellar water from different price range. So I'm quite happy to try this as I can compare among the brands that I've tried and I fell in love with it. The moment i open the bottle as I love! love! love! the smell of it.  Very light fragrance smell of Jasmine/ Camelia scent.  To use it just shake the bottle and pour it on the cotton pad and lightly wipe the make up off.  I feel that it leaves my skin clean and soft without needing to wipe harsh on my skin to totally removes my make up especially mascara. It did not sting my eyes as some make up remover does. Just not happy with the cover as I prefer it to be a pump top or at least a better/ secure cover as I think the current one it's quite flimsy and not suitable to bring when travelling to prevent spills/leakage.
I have used Garnier Micellar water for sensitive skin in the past. I was so excited to try this new product as I have dry skin.   Garnier Micellar Water in Oil comes in a transparent 400 ml bottle with flip top function which is very easy to use. I can see that inside the bottle water is separated from oil, it is only on the top layer of the product, I need to shake it well before use.  It has pleasant smell which I can still feel after few minutes of application.  The consistency is between water and oil, it is not watery neither greasy. I actually like its formula, it looks great for dry skin beauties.   According to the instruction, I dab the cotton pad in the micellar water and then wipe my face with it. Surprisingly all my make up removes in a single attempt. One gentle swipe is enough to remove makeup, even my long lasting eye liner and mascara removes quickly.   Garnier Micellar Water in Oil is very gentle on my skin and eyes, it does not irritate. My skin feels soft and clean after each use.  It leaves a thin greasy layer on my face which is ok for me. In addition this greasy layer prevents my dry skin from stripping and dehydration.  The instructions say that I do not need to wash my face with water after usingthis. Usually I like to wash my face after taking off my makeup. Still at some days when I am so tired, I do not bother to wash, I only use this product and it works great individually. My skin feels clean and hydrated after each use, it does not make my skin dry and tight.   I have used it for the last few weeks and I found that it is great to remove all kind of make up including long lasting foundation, lipstick, water proof mascara, eyeliner etc. Due to its unique formula, I do not need to rube several time, a gentle swipe is enough to remove long lasting makeup.   . Overall, I like Garnier Micellar Water in Oil, it makes my makeup removing activity easy, efficient and quick. It is great for all skin types specially for those who use water proof and long lasting make up. I highly recommend it for time poors too, It really saves time and energy at the end of the day.
L.O.V.E! I have combination skin with mild breakouts and some dry patches thanks to me using retinol products the past few months. Micellar Waters that I usually use tend to be a tad too harsh on my now sensitive skin. But not Garnier micellar water in oil. It was true to its claims and soothed my skin. It was a wonderful substitute to my cleansers that dried out my skin. I used this product both as a makeup remover every evening for the past 3 weeks and in the place of my cleanser in the morning which I just followed up with a splash of water. It was easy to use and smells immaculate! Though concerned about the smell at first the product did not irritate or break me out. Quite the contrast actually. I find it to be the easiest, most non invasive makeup remover I have used so far. Stubborn eye makeup comes off easily with a few pats of a moistened cotton pad.  My skin felt plump and clean and hydrated as if I had moisturised it. I also found it to lessen the peeling caused by my retinol products which is an added bonus. Since using this product my skin care routine has reduced and has become way more convenient as it negates the use of a three step cleansing process. All in all Garnier micellar water in oil is a clear winner for me. It stands out as a value product that isn't stingy when it comes to quality. I've already purchased a backup and would easily recommend it to a friend.
I am huge fan of using both cleansing oils and micellar water as my first cleanse. So when I heard that Garnier was a releasing a new micellar water that was also fused with oil you could say I was just a tad excited to try it for myself. I don't love the original Garnier Micellar water (I use a different brand), as I found it to be a bit soapy and didn't remove all my make-up well so I was interested to see how this would work. I can without a doubt say that I was extremely impressed and quite surprised with how well this performed. It removed every last ounce of make-up, including my pretty much budge proof eyeliner and mascara and left my skin feeling hydrated and smooth and not at all oily or stripped of moisture. The only thing I don't like about this product is the floral scent, it can be a tad overpowering and I did find that it lingered on the skin sometimes but it can be easily overlooked as it is such a great product overall. I will definitely re-purchase this once I run out, I highly recommend this!
I found this product to be surprising pleasant. It has a fresh subtle scent, gentle and moisturising on the skin without the greasy feel and removes my makeup incredibly well. I like to use Micellar Cleansing Water in Oil every day to remove stubborn eye makeup such as mascara and eyeshadow. It will remove your makeup without have to vigorously rub the makeup off your skin. Highly recommend a try!