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Garnier Nutrisse is a nourishing at-home hair dye that delivers radiant colour and total grey coverage. The cream formula contains fruit oil concentrates including grape seed and avocado oils that penetrate the hair fibre and leave hair soft and shiny. 

Available in 25 shades.


Garnier Nutrisse


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Good grey coverage but a bit drying

I've been dying my hair at home a lot since Covid, and this was one one of the permanent hair colour products that I tried. For my long hair I needed two packs. For reference, I have coarse, thick hair and some some some greys. The package contains the usual components of a DIY hair colour kit - disposable gloves, colourant, activator and conditioner. The mixture was the right consistency - not too drippy or thick. However, the smell was quite strong, possibly one of the strongest smelling DIY hair colour I've ever used. I could feel the dryness in my hair when I was rinsing the dye off, but the thick and creamy conditioner helped to offset the initial dryness. I was happy with the grey coverage which was much better than Garnier Olia. I also didn't get any fading over the following weeks after subsequent shampoos. It does the job, but probably isn't my favourite due to the dryness and the strong smell.
Used: 8.13 - Medium Ash Beige Blonde This was the first Garnier colour I tried after moving on from the original LiveColour (remember those?!) and it was one of my favourites for a long time.  I go for some of the newer, slicker formulas these days, but if you're after a budget friendly, gentle colour that smells nice, gives a good colour result  and leaves hair super soft and shiny - this is your winner. Don't expect a huge amount of lift as the pay off for healthier hair is less lightening, but if you already have lightish hair, you'll be able to use any of the colours in the range without any issues. This shade leaves a lovely neutral blonde - I wouldn't say ash in the way most people think of ash these days - but it does look quite natural and is a good winter shade.
I seldom find time to take myself to a hair salon to colour my hair (let alone style it most days) since becoming a mother, so not only is at an home hair dye kit cost effective, it is also convenient in that it only takes a fraction of the time that it would take for me to sit in at the hair salon.  Naturally I have medium brown hair, but I enjoy going darker to accentuate my green eyes and reach for a black hair dye. In the Garnier Nutrisse range I have opted for "Licorice". The formua is easy to mix and the gloves supplied do a reasonable job of keeping your hands functional so that you can effectively apply the hair colour. The dye comes out as a relatively thick cream like consistency and is quite easy to work through hair to ensure even colour distribution. Like most home hair colour DIY kits, it is a little messy, but no more so than most of them.  Once I have allowed time for the colour to take to my hair as described within the instructions supplied, I thoroughly rinse my hair and allow it to air dry. Once my hair has dried, the colour seems to have provided reasonable coverage and remains manageably soft and shiny. Although, only two weeks later the colour seems to have faded significantly, and no longer holds the impressive black, glossy colour. A little disappointing, my Cleopatra days are gone far too soon and I am already nearly back to my boring, dull brown natural colour.  I like so much about this hair colour kit, but unfortunately the staying power has ultimately led me down and I don't think I will be in a hurry to repurchase.
I have used #10 Camomile Extra Light Natural Blonde first time it came out last year to Australian market. Unfortunately can not find it any more in my local Priceline and chemists. This GARNIER Nutrisse 10 Camomile Extra Light Natural Blonde hair colour was new improved formula. The box was different from the classic number 10: The conditioner tube that comes in the box is formulated for anti-brassiness, deep blue/purple in colour. The kit has gloves (non latex, large , perfect fit for me). Also, developer cream and tube and anti-yellow conditioner. This shade in 10 Camomile had slight chemical dye smell. After hair has dried the smell was present for a day then gone. no fruity scent, was surprised.  The results: I have very long hair, fine texture, and medium thickness, would need 2 boxes if doing the whole hair, but I only do highlights or bayalage. Best part, the consistency of the colour was thick enough and this prevents dripping.So the formula is ideal for doing precise application on specific hair bits. = I usually get hair damage from hair bleaching, but not this time. This hair colour is so gentle. The claim: Lightens up to 4, 5 tones. It did. My hair is medium brown, previously colour treated with highlights. But I did colour some of the 'virgin' hair parts. The base shade lifted about 3 to 4 tones up (after about only 20  minutes at those areas). I left the dye on for good 50 minutes on the rest, but the instruction advise 30-35 min max.  Anti brass conditioner is incredible! There were no  yellow/orange tones anywhere! Did not need to use toner.  Hair after was left full of shine and so silky, easy to brush and healthy beautiful new tones trough my hair, golden multi tonal,  no dryness, no frizz, smooth This shade of hair dye is ideal for those with light brown, dark blonde hair and up.
I had tried Garnier Nutrisse Hair Colour years ago and I didn’t like it.  However I think the formula has been vastly improved.   Firstly the included packaged disposable gloves had a perforated edge for easy opening so I didn't have to struggle to open the plastic sealed bag like some brands.  The instructions had a good sized font for easy reading and easy to follow:   Unscrew the cap and then screw back on to break the shipping seal on the tube of colour to open.  Then squeeze the colour into the bottle of Developing Cream, replace the lid and then shake. Snip the tip and it’s ready to use.   The rich creamy, blended formula hasa pleasant scent and no ammonia smell. My scalp did not sting like some hair dyes. I kept the formula on my hair for the extra 10 minutes as recommended for stubborn grey hairs that I normally have difficulty colouring and the grey disappeared.  Once I rinsed off the formula, my hair felt nourished – not dried out like some brands.  I following up with the Nourishing Conditioner included in the box and once my hair was dry it has extremely shiny and silky.  Very impressed.  I would purchase again.  
What is more exciting than being on a hair colour trial? Nothing. When your hair ends up looking and feeling so beautiful, nothing is more exciting. When the trial product arrived in the mail, it was not alone. Along with it was a product that would keep that gorgeous colour in for longer and keep the hair continuously healthy. Garnier products have a beautiful, fruity scent and on opening the trial parcel, the scent was so Garnier! The delightful green packaging of the hair colour had me so excited as I have used this product before in my younger years when I started to see greys. On using hair colours, all companies recommend you do an allergy test first but as I have used every hair colour under the sun I will honestly tell you, I did not do this. I am no stranger to hair colours and I have never had a reaction to any permanent hair colour ever before so I was not going to waste any of my time looking the way I did with my regrowth looking so evident and my overall colour looking so faded. The products within the box of hair colour are labelled very well and are so easy to mix. The tube of colour which will have your chosen colour number is on the front of the tube and this is to be squeezed into the Developer Crème. Make sure to take the grey ring from the tube to allow for the screw cap to pierce inside of the tube to allow the colour to come out. Then squeeze the contents of the tube into the developer, replace the developer lid and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Snap off the plastic bit on top of the developer bottle. I applied colour to all of my regrowth first and allowed that to do its magic for 25 minutes as I have resistant hair. After that I applied what I had left to the rest of my hair and left on for another 10 minutes. If your hair is past your shoulders make sure to have 2 boxes to begin with and if you have really long hair, you’d need 3. Compared to other permanent colours I have used, this doesn’t go as far. Another convenient addition to the packaging is the cut-out hole on the back of the box that allows you to place the developer bottle into it when you need somewhere to place it without making a mess. Pretty smart! The whole colouring process is not unpleasant, the product feels very comfortable, no itching, no redness and no unpleasant scent at all. I did this process on my own and I did make a huge mess (black is the worst for stains of course!) but make sure to wipe away straight away or you will have stains for days and not just on your skin (bathroom walls, floor etc) and you will have to wear a scarf until it wears off! The most exciting step in hair colouring is of course, the nourishing conditioner. So after time is up, with gloves on, I put my head under the tap, using warm water to emulsify and rinse the colour out until the water runs clear. With a generous amount of this glorious crème conditioner I massage my head then allow the crème to do its magic for at least 3 minutes. The tube of crème does go a long way so it will give you 2 more uses, in which I do once weekly like a hair mask. I always allow my hair to dry naturally (you can blow dry of course) and within no time at all I have beautiful, glossy, soft raven locks that smell out of this world! I want this feeling to last forever.
I liked the sound of this product as I love oils on my hair due to their lightweight texture and the unbeatable shine they impart not to mention added manageability for my dry hair.  I chose shade Acorn (Light  Brown with cool tones) as I have natural dark ash blonde hair.  The mix is a little smaller than what I am used to with other brands, it only mixes to a total volume of 100mls (my usual brand is 120mls) and also the thick, almost stringy texture of the cream mix makes it difficult to evenly coat all my hair - I found it sticks to the hair but doesn't easily penetrate it like other wetter gel type mixes do.  I found I also needed 2 bottles of this to evenly coat my hair and had to make sure it was sectioned before beginning.  The colour is lovely, although it was a good 2 shades darker than what I anticipated (more like a medium chocolate brown than a light brown).  I washed several times over the next 2 weeks and gradually the colour has come down to a lighter shade.  The shine and manageability however is superb and I have not had such glossy hair from a home dye pack before.  The included conditioner is very thick and nourishing and easily I get 2 applications per bottle - a very strong fruity-floral scent lingers on the hair for days after using, it's quite nice.  Easily the best home dye for glossy, silky, shiny hair but to begin with the pigmentation is a little strong and does take some washing before it settles into the same shade as the box.
Why is it so expensive to get your hair dyed at a hair salon? Garnier Nutrisse is a fantastic, practical and affordable alternative.  I actually used this product last week - dark brown. If you've got short hair then you're lucky as the application will be much easier. For long hair like mine it can be a little time consuming as you do have to partition each section of hair to ensure a thorough spread. As indicated in the instructions, do make sure you use an old towel over your shoulders when applying it as it will stain and the longer the hair the messier it'll get. Tip: While the product was in doing its magic, I wrapped my hair in glad wrap so I could move around freely and not worry about any drips or stains! It does have a characteristic smell which stays in after the first wash but  it dissipates after the second or third. If like me you need to cover -ahem - a "couple" of grey hairs then it's a great product and the end result is perfect: luscious, conditioned and brought back to life sultry hair!
I have used this product several times and really like the way it works on my hair.  It does a really good job of covering greys, is super easy to use (just mix, shake and massage in - no special applicator needed) and leaves hair in good condition.  It doesn’t smell bad (or even all that strongly - kind of like a heavy floral), and it’s all over in 30 mins, so you can colour your hair pretty quickly and without a lot of fuss.  I haven’t experienced any scalp sensitivity or other issues and the conditioner it comes with lasts for about 6 uses and really helps keep the colour longer (and also is a really good conditioner).  The colour can be a bit tricky to get right, especially if you’ve got greys.  My first time I used chocolate brown and found it came out almost black (though it lightened up after a few shampoos).  The second time I used a light brown, which actually comes out a medium reddish brown (it’s actually pretty chestnut in the lights), and that’s the closes I could find to my natural shade.  It’s not expensive and is so easy and gentle on the hair.  Just a reminder to not stand over the bathmat when you apply!  That neutral looking white cream turns brown very quickly when it gets on anything.  Peroxide cleaned it right up though.  Don’t forget the gloves either.
I love colouring my hair, as it is such an easy way to change up your look, plus home hair colour kits have come a long way. After a few months of having blonde ombré lengths, I wanted an all over colour in a darker blonde or caramel brown, so I picked up this garnier dye in golden caramel blonde, on sale. Firstly, I am a huge long time fan of garnier, I religiously use their grow strong shampoo, conditioner and mask, which really has made my hair stronger and shinier looking, and their micellar water for combination skin is pure genius, I am well into my 4th bottle.  Anyway, one lazy Sunday morning, I put on an old top, wrapped a towel round my shoulders and got to work. It was easy to mix the colour and activator but application was another story, I found it super messy compared to the ombré kits I've used,and it took ages due to my long hair. When I was finally done, I set the timer for 35 minutes as my hair is super long and can be difficult for dye to adhere to. I then rinsed in lukewarm water until the water ran clear then applied the conditioner supplied in the kit, pinned it up for 3 minutes, rinsed thoroughly and wrapped up my hair in a hair turban. After my hair was dry and combed, my hair was now a dark brown colour, definitely not the golden blonde/caramel colour the box promised. I am fairly disappointed as my natural colour is dark, almost black, and dull, so I was after a dye that would make me lighter and blonder, not dark like my natural colour. Maybe I didn't mix it correctly or left it on too long, I'm not sure but I'm not happy. Don't get me wrong, I still love garnier and will continue to buy and use it but it's obvious I need a lot more practice applying dye myself. In fact the next dye I'm using is garnier olia in intense deep red, so wish me luck and look out for my review on it.
This is easy to apply and covers my natural colour and regrowth evenly and perfectly! Great value for money. I mix the color, the developer and the hair mask altogether, and the results are amazing, a great condition and colour in the same box! The creme does drip a bit, very clean and simple to use.
I really love the Garnier hair products especially the hair dye my hairs always bright bouncy and silky smooth after coloring it's a very awesome product i use it and would recommend others too as well!!!
One of the better at home kits. Will lighten darker hair by s few shades. Two bottles for past shoulder length if you have thick hair but one bottle for thing hair will work if your hair is a bit past your shoulders. The smell is very nice and the conditioner that comes with it will last a few washes and is very nourishing. Easy to use and minimal mess. Easy to clean up off my skin. Is a bit hard to spread at the beginning but works into the roots quickly. Already dyed hair came out true to box my roots where slightly off in colour but not noticeable.
I have used this colour for as long as it has been available,and whilst i will admit to having the odd affair with others,this remains my favourite. I have (naturally) very blonde hair (that now has "ash blonde" shall we say,given for free) that is both dry AND fine,so a good colour is one that looks great,lasts AND cares for my hair....which this does and then some. The formula is lovely and rich (no drips),the colour is natural and lasts weeks on end, the creamy colour contains hair loving avocado oil (leaving your post - colour hair super soft and lush) and the subtle shade variations (no simple "blonde / brunette / auburn / raven" shades here),mean that you can tweak your style ever so slightly,and come out looking like a salon has been your home for hours.I will repurchase,and i encourage you to try it as well.
This is my favourite hair colour. I've been buying it since I saw SJP advertise it on tv! It works easily and I have minimal waiting time and I don't have to get my hair wet, then apply and wait to work, then rinse as in other colours. I have bought other colourants on sale but always go back to this one. The results are soft beautifully coloured hair which covers greys. Repurchase? Yes, many times.