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Garnier Olia is an ammonia-free at-home hair dye. The oil-enriched formula includes sunflower, camellia, passion flower and limnanthes alba oils to help deliver radiant colour, cover greys, and protect hair and scalp from damage. 

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Garnier Olia


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I bought this product as I really liked the packaging and that it was ammonia free - they use natural flower oils.  I have light hair, with regrowth, and used the 5.0 BROWN colour as I like a darker look, but still natural.  The instructions on the packet are really easy to follow, and comes with everything you need for colouring, including gloves! The product smells good, not like others that I've used that have a strong chemical smell, and it doesn't linger after washes.  The product is very easy to apply, it glides through my hair and is the perfect consistency.  It comes with a conditioner to use after colouring, which is super generous and lasts more than one wash - it actually smells so good and leaves my hair feeling super soft and shiny.  My hair genuinely feels healthier, looks healthier and the colour is incredibly natural.  Would definitely recommend this product! 
Colour used: 10.0 Very light blonde This is my go-to colour for lightening my medium blonde hair.  I don't need a lot of lift and I love the fact that my hair is always soft and shiny when I've used it.  If you have dark hair, then it definitely won't give the result on the box, but for already medium to light hair, you'll end up with a good colour. The smell is not overpowering or unpleasant (if you're used to hair dye) and the Garnier colours generally do smell quite nice. This colour does have gold tones, so if you prefer a cooler blonde, I would recommend a purple toner afterwards.
It was easy to follow the instructions leaflet with clear pictures and text. The box is designed with a punctured circle in one side of the box to push through and therefore hold the developer bottle upright so that you can easily pour in the developer and colour creams. The mixture was slightly runnier than expected. I do prefer more thicker mixtures as I find they drip less and create less mess as it's easier to control. Nevertheless the mixture was easy to apply with the small nozzle of the bottle (though the round bottle could be tricky to hold at times). The smell of the dye was noticeably less pungent than other dyes which contain the standard ammonia and was almost pleasantly fragranced. After allowing to develop for 30mins, I rinsed the dye out and used the included conditioner for the recommended 3mins. Afterwards, my hair felt very soft and shiny and smelt like the conditioner which was quite strongly perfume fragranced. I do not have much by the way of grey hairs luckily so cannot comment on the coverage however was pleased with the overall result. My hair felt glossy, shiny and soft after using the after care conditioner which will last me for many more days to come!
What do you look for in an at home colour ? A:Ease of use? B:Maximum grey coverage? C:Salon equivalent results? D:No nasty chemical fragrance? E:Value for money? F:All the above? Well,if "F:All the above" is your objective,then read on dear beauties. Now,most salons will say that the worst thing you can do to your hair (bar trying to cut it),is attempt to do a colour at home...and i have had a few shocking experiences in my time to agree somewhat with that.Not only is a box colour pretty easy to spot (lack of shade variation and colour gradients),but it can be a nerve racking / breathless inducing / exxy if it goes wrong scenario...but Garnier has now come to the rescue again. I am a Garnier fan from way back,and this oil enriched (including sunflower, camellia, passion flower and limnanthes alba oils),believable colour is a must try if a little DIY is on the agenda for your hair. As i said,i have used this product previously,and have always loved the results....glowing,cared for colour that covers my (ahem),"ash blonde" (given for free now,not paid for as i did a few years ago.IE:grey) perfectly.As someone who works shiftwork,getting to a salon is impossible for me,but i still want a colour that is believable and pro-looking...this ticks all those boxes. I went with a favourite of mine 10.0 "Very Light Blonde"...a stunning,beach blonde that is me in a nutshell.The ease of application is foolproof (after doing a patch test nasty surprises wanted)...simply mix the tube of colour creme with the bottle of developer,shake,Et Voila...a rich,creamy,surprisingly pleasant fragranced("fruity " describes it best,much more pleasant than many other chemical scents you will find with other brands) creme that truly does wave a magic wand over those pesky greys (even if you are more that "Ash" shade now than the baby blonde..or any other shade, you once were.This does mention that it is not recommended for grey,but i found it covered the ones i do have pretty well,and the colour didn't "grab")....and hair that is left in almost better condition than when you began. After you have waited for development time (varies according to your own shade,but for me,around 30 minutes all up),rinse,shampoo (just don't have to) and apply the beautiful,nourishing,conditioner in the pack. What are you then left with ? STUNNING,lasting (i usually see a 6 week hold on this colour..more if you look after it),true to nature colour that you could have easily paid over $100 for in a salon....and a glossy looking / silky feeling to your locks that just doesn't seem to happen with other brands. All up,i cannot rave enough about the Garnier Olio hair colour....i may not see a salon for colour again. TIP:Keep your blonde as fresh as it is straight after using this by applying a purple toned condition a couple of times a week to maintain that cool look.
I go both the hairdressers, and then in between do some touch ups at home so I have tried a fair few hair dyes. The Garnier Olia hair dye is great.   This hair dye comes with gloves, crème colourant, developer,mixing bottle and conditioner. The conditioner is a decent size so you can use a fair bit on your hair to make it soft after the dying process.   The Garnier Olia hair dye has no ammonia and less harsh chemicals then other hair dye, so I found the scent for the Garnier Olia dye when applying was really pleasant compared to some other brands of hair dyes. I’ma bit sensitive to strong chemicals scent, so if you are as well, this Garnier Olia hair dye is a good one to try.   Applying the dye was really quick and easy. I sectioned off my hair and applied the dye. The consistency of the dye was a little bit more of the watery side (but it didn’t drip off my hair or anything), so that made it easy to apply throughout my hair.   I washed the hair dye out, and whilst in the shower I use some purple shampoo and conditioner, as I find this really make blonde home hair dyes look so much better. I then double conditioned with the conditioner provided with the Garnier Olia hair dye. This conditioner is fantastic, it leaves your hair soft and smooth and has a lovely scent.   When using this hair dye it leaves my hair in a good condition. This hair dye feels gentler on my hair then some other brands. The colour is vibrant and matched the colour shown on the box, and it lasts about 4 weeks before it starts to look a bit dull. When this happen I find using some purple shampoo and conditioner fix this.    Overall I am happy with the Garnier Olia hair dye and I will continue to use it. 
I have tried Garnier Olia in the past, and whilst I love the way it leaves my hair looking and feeling after initially dyeing my hair, sadly the long-term benefits aren't enough for me to regularly buy this product.  What most appealed to me about this hair dye is the fact that it is ammonia-free. The less chemicals and/or nasties a product has, the better, so that was a big plus. I dye my hair as I am in my late 30's and getting more greys, so I look for dyes that cover greys effectively, and for more than a month if possible. But Garnier Olia only lasted about 3 or 4 weeks before my greys started to show through again, and whilst the colour itself is a lovely shade (I use a dark brown shade) it didn't last as long as I would've liked.  But if greys aren't a concern for you and you are just wanting to change your colour, then I would recommend this product for you as it does leave your hair soft and shiny. 
Garnier Olia is a Ammonia free permanent hair colour that I really enjoy using and I'm really pleased with the fabulous colour. I had never dyed my hair before and on the spur of the moment, I purchased Olia Brown 5.0 only because it was Ammonia free and has natural flower oils for intense colour. Girls, I was pleasantly surprised - this is wonderful product and I couldn't believe the quality of the colour. I actually couldn't see any difference from my salon colour. I naturally have a lot of red in my hair, so this is the perfect yellow based colour with no highlights and doesn't turn brassy or orangutan orange! The pack comes with everything you need and is a fairly easy treatment to apply, once you get the hang of it (I only do my roots). Super gentle on your scalp, leaves no marks on your skin and has no strong ammonia smell, just a lovely floral scent. The colour lasts well and covers greys perfectly. All done within 30 minutes! Also,the pack includes a moisturising conditioner that makes your hair soft and silky. I have been using for over a year now and totally recommend this product if you are looking for a home hair dye. There is a lovely selection of colours at an affordable price.
This is my go-to hair dye. I have a very sensitive scalp, so using dyes with ammonia just isn't possible for me. Usually, with other dyes, my skin starts to burn almost immediately, but with this I can sit there feeling nice and relaxed, almost as if I'm just receiving a nice shampoo and conditioning treatment at the hair salon. The oils work absolute wonders. I don't really know what they are or how they work, but my hair is so beautiful and shiny unlike what I can achieve with other brands. The shades are also so much more natural, yet radiant, than any I've used from other brands. Garnier Olia makes me feel like I'm doing something good for my hair, as opposed to burning it or damaging it.  Unfortunately,  I've had a patch of grey hair since I was a little girl, so I dye my hair quite often. I can confirm that several brown-based shades I have tried covered my grey hair successfully (it did look a shade or two lighter, but hey, free highlights- haha). After I wash the dye out and condition my hair, it smells pretty good too. I can't rate a product like this, which leaves me feeling confident and beautiful, any less than 5 stars! I would recommend this to anyone who prefers a more natural feeling product or who worries about damaging their hair. You can often find it on sale and the results are just too shiny and beautiful to resist.
I have only used this hair dye a few time because to be honest my greys are getting a little more obvious than I would like and this colour doesn't last as long as other hair dyes on the market. So if you are requiring good coverage and are unlikely to colour ever 4 weeks (more along the lines of 6-7 like me) this probably isnt the hair dye for you.  However of all the at home hair dyes I have ever used (and that is many - I like to try them all) this left my hair in the best overall condition of any I have used.  It smells and feels like a conditioning treatment more than a colourant and that is why I have continued to use it on and off. If you are looking for a hair dye for changing you hair colour up a little and looking for something that will nourish and care for your hair at the same time this is the best I have found on the market. If you are time poor and have resistant grey hairs this is not going to be your go to hair dye but as an every now and then boost for you hair I would still recommend it. 
Garnier Olia is my number one home hair dye of choice! The packaging stands out on the shelf and I really like that they haven't used hair models on the front of the box to persuade a sale instead they have used facts on what their product is made up of and what it does.  Inside the box are clear step by step instructions with pictures so it's easy to read and follow them. There is even a part of the box you push in to hold your bottle in place as you add the colour in- very handy! Another bonus is there is always more than enough product to cover all of my long dark locks if I'm not just colouring the roots. Upon application there is a pleasant smell as this awesome product is AMMONIA FREE. The product applies well on the hair without being too runny or too thick, a good consistency.  Make sure you leave it in for the specified time to get results as I once made the mistake of rinsing it out 5 minutes earlier and it didn't cover all of my greys. The dye is easy to rinse out and after applying the conditioner provided (a very generous size so you can continue using it numerous times) my hair felt so silky and soft. There is also a slightly sweet fragrance left in your hair too so if you have to dye your hair the day of an event it doesn't leave that chemical smell in your hair like other dyes (that have ammonia in them). Garnier Olia not only made my hair feel good, it made it look great after a natural dry.  My initial thought after using Garnier Olia was that it delivered 100% of what was stated on the box. It made my hair shinier, covered all of my greys, coloured evenly and my hair actually felt healthier.  After a few weeks I did notice my greys start to come back in faster than with other hair dyes. PROS -NO ammonia -Availability of product  -colours evenly -Variety of colour matches available -covers all greys -shinier hair -hair felt healthier after using product CONS -more expensive than the average hair dye -colour doesn't last as long as other dyes
Well, hello again, you faithful brand that is garnier. I am a huge fan, and every time I use their skin and hair care products, I really do feel as if I am in the loyal, trusted hands of a friend. It was time to dye my hair again, as I was fairly unhappy with my last home dye job, so this morning I arose with the sun, ready and excited to change my hair colour yet again, hopefully for the better this time. I chose garnier olia, deep intense red this time. I am getting quite used to the routine now of donning an old top and towel round my shoulders, mixing the colour and activator and then applying to my hair, starting at the roots then working my way down to the mid lengths and ends, massaging it in and clipping it up so I could 'cook' for 30 minutes. Then it's back on with the provided gloves to rinse out the colour thoroughly and apply the gorgeously scented conditioner they also supply, and again rinse thoroughly. The whole process is absolutely fool proof. Garnier make following their simple instructions really easy, I loved that it was ammonia free and was lovely and creamy on my hair, and smelled floral and fruity, a really nice touch.  The results? Why, thanks for asking. Deep, rich, vibrant red, just like the box said. My hair feels soft, glossy and conditioned and protected. I love how the tube of conditioner is a generous size for future use, and this may be my favourite colour yet, after the loreal ombré kit. I will buy this exact colour again, and soon, as red really does fade quickly, or maybe the intense bright red one, and know that when I use this and other garnier products, I am in truly safe, loyal and beautiful hands. Stay tuned for my next review.
Garnier Olia is a standard permanent hair care kit on nearly all levels, except for one important and delightful change - it's ammonia free. This is my favourite part of this formula what a delightful change for my senses. For the first time, I find I'm not turning my nose up when mixing the product or leaving it on for development time, but instead am enjoying the aroma the product produces. After mixing, applying & rinsing, I found my hair was coloured evenly, richly, and was very shiny & healthy. The conditioner in the box is fabulous - it's a great size, and a rich, luscious formula. There's enough there to use a couple of times after colouring to keep hair healthy & shiny. I have deducted one star, as I did notice the colour didn't last quite as long as my other home permanents that have ammonia - but that's a small price to pay for the ammonia free formula, very pleasant aroma & the beautiful results afterwards.
Definitely a diy home colourist and love Garnier hair colour products. My scalp is really quite sensitive so I'm loving the fact this ones ammonia free. No smelly harsh chemicals and fantastic colour every time. A must have purchase if going to the hairdresser isn't your thing
I tried the Garnier Olia for the first time list last boys kept complaining how horrendous my usual hair dye colour smelt. After using another brand for too many years to remember I was pleasantly surprised at how well tnis no amonia dye worked. The colour chart was pretty much spot on with the colour result with full grey coverage. The conditioner supplied with the kit smelled divine, just wish there was more than the small sachet. My hair was left soft and oh so shiny afterwards and will definitely be using Garnier Olia again.
This is my favorite at home hair dye mostly due to the fact it has no amonia and is gentle to hair.  I love dying my hair but it has always worried me what damage inhaling  the harsh chemicals is really doing. This particular dye doesnt give me a headache and actually  smells quite pleasant when applied. The kit comes with a cream developer ,  colorant  ,a tear shaped bottle, a very generous sized conditioner and a pair of gloves. Its so simple to use  and easy to apply. I get the shade Intense Red and find it actually develops  exactly as it shows  on the cover! This rarely happens for me.  My hair feels soft, looks glossy and is evenly colored after use. No brittle dried hair, no patchiness. Just fresh vibrant color like I've just been to a salon. I feel confident with my at home dying job after using this and have received compliments on how great it looks .  This lasts about a month for me before it starts to dull and needs redoing.  Id recommend this for anyone wanting a simple to do at home and gentler hair dye with vibrant  colors. I wouldnt try going lighter  with this though . It doesnt work for that. For thicker or extra long hair I'd  recommend buying two packets to achieve the best color results. This is currently the only dye i will use anymore. Absolutely  love it! 
I've always been a dye at home gal, Olia is one of my favorites. Brilliant color (which actually comes out the same as the color on the box!) which has a healthy, lovely shine which lasts for weeks.
Until recently I was colouring my hair very regularly. Olia was my go-to box dye. Naturally I'm a dark blonde - light ashy brown and my favourite shade in Olia was 8. I find this easy to use, it doesn't stink and the result is soft, shiny hair. Hair stays soft too, as long as you do root touch-ups rather than continuously applying all over. The included conditioner is amazing. I wish I could buy it separately! I always received compliments on my hair from hairdressers so that must say something. This is a great product when used correctly and when you don't stray too many shades from your natural colour. Highly recommended.
I have been using this product for just over a year & a half, to cover greys approximately once every two months. I find the application process incredibly easy, snaps to the product for not smelling too chemical-y, which is always a challenge in a small bathroom space. Two hairdressers have commented on the professional nature of my dye job since using Olia... perhaps they were buttering me up? I choose to believe it's the outstanding nature of the product! Highly recommended. 
Garnier Olia is a fantastic quality hair dye. I used this while I was pregnant due to no ammonia and it quickly became one of my favourites. It is very easy to use and smells suprisingly pleasant (for a hair dye). I love that it comes with a good size conditioning treatment which lasts a few washes too. Colour range is vast and my hair always comes up glossy and shiny! It can be on the expensive side compared to other dyes so I stock up when it's on special. If you don't have the time or extra cash for a trip to the salon but still want a top quality hair dye then Olia is the one for you!
I have been using this product for over 6 months, I use the 2.0 Black or soft black. My hair is always GLOWING after, bouncy, incredible shine with a lovely subtle smell (no strong chemical smells). The colour lasts for so long as well as the shine. I always get comments on how shiney and healthy my hair looks.