Garnier Pure Active Intensive 3 in 1 Charcoal

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Garnier Pure Active Intensive 3 in 1 Charcoal is a daily cleanser, scrub and mask is one. The purifying formula contains vegetal charcoal, blueberry extract and salicylic acid to deeply cleanse skin while ridding it of any excess oil and impurities. The multitasking formula is suitable for oily skin types prone to pimples and blackheads.


Garnier Pure Active Intensive 3 in 1 Charcoal


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First impressions aren’t always right

Not to start off negative, but when I originally used this product my skin went insanely flakey - and I didn’t even have super dry skin. So obviously I tossed it away somewhere and never looked back. Over the period of time where the mask was never to be found I was moisturising daily and just elevating my skin care routine in general. Then one day I stumbled on this again and decided to give it another shot. Genuinely one of the best decisions I’ve made because the scrub is absolutely phenomenal. It’s practically become a staple for me, and I use it every one or two days. Personally, the scrub is the best out of three because it makes your skin feel baby smooth and the tiny granules help exfoliate your skin without tearing or stripping your skin away - which is always a plus. So I highly highly highly recommend this product to anyone who has OILY TO COMBINATION SKIN and also has PAST EXPERIENCE WITH SKINCARE. If you’re looking for a first time scrub or wash maybe this isn’t for you, and you should probably try something lighter. Also make sure you MOISTURISE IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS because it helps retain the moisture your skin needs after exfoliating. The product is rated a 4, only issue being the harshness of it to the skin when it’s being focalised on the T-Zone area.
I bought the Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 on impulse and it sat in my bathroom cupboard for a few weeks until I woke up this morning with super dehydrated skin (thank you peri menopause!). Thinking it was purely a face mask I surprised at the slightly grainy texture, but persevered. It gave my skin a slight tingle but nothing unbearable. After 5-10 mins I washed it off in the shower and my skin looked smooth and felt hydrated & soft.  It's an inexpensive product that really works. I think this will now become part of my weekly beauty routine. 
I used this product as a recommendation and it worked a treat for the stubborn black heads on my nose. I have a combination of dry and oily skin type so i also double it up as a face mask once a week and i find that it really helps balance out my skin. My husband also uses it and loves that he can scrub his face in the shower. We've been buying this product since and only need to invest in 1 between the two of us. Would really recommend if your partner needs a face was as well.
I have been using The Pure Active Intensive 3 in 1 Charcoal Wash/Scrub/Mask for a number of months now and I love it! I have combination skin and I think for my skin type it works best as a daily facial wash. I do also like using it as a scrub, but as a mask I am a little unsold on it.  I have been obsessed with skincare products that contain charcoal as it has amazing cleansing and purifying properties, so that fact that this wash contains charcoal as one of the main ingredients is a huge tick for me. It also contains blueberry extract and in fact that smell of it does remind me of blueberries, which is very pleasant. The colour is not surprisingly a deep charcoal and it does tend to get a bit messy when washing it off, so I recommend using it in the shower to avoid a very messy vanity and sink. Overall, it leaves my skin feeling and looking lean and my pores appearing smaller! Lovely product for daily use.
Would definitely recommend this product if you are after a face wash that will clear up your skin. Pros - tightened skin, reduced imperfections after ~1week of use, didn't irritate my skin,  mask and cleanser in one which is really handy Cons - it does have microbeads in the formula so I wouldn't recommend this for daily use
I always have a problem with white head above my lips.Around my nose around the hairline which is crazy.I used this a face help a lot and FYI it minimise my pores.I used it twice a week.It help with my oily t zone area.
So, I would classify my skin as primarily dry, with the usual difficult to manage combination T-Zone area. I also tend to get those pesky hormonal breakouts around my chin and jawline. Great, so now that this very important background information has been covered, let's get down to the pièce de résistance; Garnier's Pure Active Intensive Charcoal 3-in-1 wash, scrub and mask. First impressions were that the minty scent was a little overpowering for my liking, however, by the fifth or sixth time I used it, it had grown on me. The colour of the product is this really off-putting cement grey that has micro-beads (major sad face here, but I guess we all can't be perfect, right?!) in it. However, on the skin, it actually feels quite nice. The minty-ness is quite cooling, which has been great for summer. As a face wash, I found it a little too thick, and as a scrub a little too thin, and not that exfoliating. However, I have been loving it as a weekly mask. I'll leave it on for about 5 minutes in the shower and then wash it off. It is so refreshing, and my skin feels so clean and clear. This is by far my favourite way to use this product, which has managed to work its way into my weekly routine. Just a little tip: If using it as a quick face wash, probably don't use a light coloured towel/face does tend to stain... I think it would be ideal for acne prone skin...the salicylic acid really helped to keep my hormonal breakouts under control!
Great product for oily skin but had a very intense effect that would leave my skin dry if I used it daily, however, I would recommend it as a mask or for people with intensely oily skin. when used in combination with a softer cleanser and an intensive moisturiser I found it had the best effect for my skin type (combination).
Great product. I love how after use my skin is way less oily my pimples seem reduced and skin looks clear pores are smaller and make up goes on great after using this product. Will continue to use as my all in one mask cleanser and scrub. Love it five stars.
I had a chance to try this review as part of the Beauty Crew and I must admit i loved this one! It comes in a squeeze tube and I used it every day as a face wash and twice a week as a scrub. I only used it once as a mask and I don't tend to use masks a lot. It does leave the face quite fresh and noticed a marked difference in my pore size after using this for a few weeks. The only thing i hated was that if it got onto tiles and u didn't wash hit away straight away it was harder to wash away once it solidified.  Definitely see myself keeping this in the shower for daily use.
One of the best scrub and mask products I have ever used. The charcoal makes the application smooth and feel almost matte, which is soothing for your skin as well as well as purifying and cleansing. So easy to wash off once applied and does not leave any residue like many charcoal masks seem to do. Would recommend to anyone in need of a hydrating and cleansing product.
What a great product! I’m a sucker for multi-purpose products, so once I saw this I knew I have to give it a whirl.  Pros - feels amazing on the skin (the beads are just the right size so you don’t feel like you’re scrapping at your skin), smell is pleasant, helps to bring pimple to the surface Cons - didn’t remove all my blackheads (it may have tightened my pores though!) Overall: great product that I’d definitely use on a weekly basis to exfoliate and draw out my impurities.
This product is OK. I used it as all three options and honestly it did nothing. As a face wash I do not recommend using it nightly as constant exfoliation is bad for your skin. I preferred to use it as a scrub as it was gentle and made my skin feel really nice and clean after. As a mask it was just annoying. It somehow got everywhere as it dries and flaked off my face. In saying that I found that it helped with my oily areas and helped reduce the oiliness. I recommend this product to people with oily skin as it did dry out my nonoily areas.
I have only used this product as a mask so far and i can not fault it at all. i found that it not only made my skin feel super soft but i could see the results after two uses. Everyone has asked me what i have been using since my skin has never looked better
i love the versatility of this product, In my thirties i find it a great once a week mask to strip all impurities and clear away any blackheads that may be forming, however my teenage son is using it daily as a wash and it really has cleared up his acne prone skin, his skin does not look anywhere near as oily as it did prior to him commencing with this product as part of his daily routine.  My sensitive skin has not had a problem with it at all, and my chin which has always been the most blackhead prone place on my face is nearly 100% clear. I am confident recommending this to any age group if they have similar acne concerns.
Such an interesting little product this one as it is able to be used as a wash, a scrub and a mask.... i do personally find it best and easiest to simply use as a scrub but that might be personal preference. the colour of this is a deep charcoal that is quite disconcerting when first used. it seems like it is going to stain everything, the shower floor, your fingers, under your nails, your face.... but it doesn't! The smell is quite subtle and appealing i would describe it as soft and smokey. As a wash i don't think this product really works... i find the scrub particles in this product is a little too harsh to use as an every day wash. as soon as you start to massage it into the face, it becomes a scrub and defeats the purpose of using it as a wash... on the other hand I LOVE IT AS A SCRUB! the charcoal and blueberry extract really helps to purify the skin. it gets deep into the pores and scrubs and rejuvenates the skin well. the scrub is quite harsh on the skin and works well to be used a few times a week. As a mask it was super easy to put on and smoothed over the skin easily and i was able to get a nice even layer with out tugging on the skin. however it was quite difficult to wash off and i had to add another foaming wash onto my skin to be able to wash off the mask. The product did exactly what it intended to do. it helped to unclog my pores and to pull out a lot of my blackheads and makes them look less pronounced. i am also finding, since using it, that my oils are being a little more controlled. I'm excited to see the results continue.
I trialled this product and must say I was impressed! As a mask it left my skin silky and smooth, as a daily wash it is fantastic and very cleansing. I saw big improvements in breakouts, blackheads and blocked pores when used consistently. Only let down for me was as a scrub - I tend to be very dry and flaky at times around my T Zone and need something a little more abrasive as a scrub.
I enjoyed using the Garnier  3 in 1. I only used it as a wash and scrub as it is a little messy to use and so I didn't really feel like this was mask material. As a wash and a scrub, it made my skin feel very smooth and squeaky clean. A little goes a long way. I enjoyed using this product and would definitely recommend.
GOod solid cleanser and mask. Not overly drying while still leaving you with a fresh clean feeling, suitable for men and women and easy to use in the shower if that’s what you prefer. When used as a mask it is quick dryin and effective at clearings skin.  Will repurchase.
I tried this product out as a mask, scrub and face wash. It was so easy to apply and then scent wast too bad. I loved the feeling of my face after every use. It was soft and smooth, although i definitely didn’t notice much of a difference in my blackheads but still a good product.