Garnier Vitamin C Brightening Serum

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Garnier Vitamin C Brightening Serum is a serum with scientifically proven** anti-dark spot efficacy. Concentrated with 3.5% [Vitamin Cg + Niacinamide + Salicylic Acid], as well as lemon extract to reduce the appearance of dark spots from 6 days** and boost skin’s glow. Vitamin Cg – powerful antioxidant, Salicylic Acid – a gentle exfoliator and Niacinamide – a trending derm active known for its soothing properties. The formula has been carefully blended designed to suit all skin types and tone, and to provide dark-spot action without being heavy or greasy on the skin.

**Cosmeto-clinical test, 74 subjects, 8 weeks.


Garnier Vitamin C Brightening Serum


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Clear, bright, refreshed skin!

I was really pleasantly surprised by this serum after using it for about a month. The combination of all 3 ingredients did wonders for my oily, acne prone skin. The fluid is a milky colour and lightweight consistency that easily absorbs into skin. It comes in an almost clear bottle with the dropper providing hygenic application, and has a really nice refreshing citrusy scent which wakes up my skin. The directions say to only use one drop but I found I needed 2-3 drops after cleansing and toning, as my normally oily skin was dehydrated during winter and soaked it right up. Any product with salicylic acid is an absolute godsend for me and really helpful for preventing breakouts, plus the Niacinamide and Vitamin C provided extra brightening benefits. My skin looked and felt clearer and more glowy afterwards and it layered well with my other skincare products. For the price, it's quite a nice serum that absorbs well without leaving any residue. It definitely helped with my breakouts and pores. I've noticed my overall complexion is a lot brighter after continual use. A lot of Garnier products don't really work for me but this is one serum that's definitely staying as part of my skincare routine.

Luminous and Brighter Skin

I have been using the Garnier Vit C Brightening Serum for over a month now and am really happy with the results it’s given my skin. Light in weight the serum is easy to draw out the right amount of serum from the bottle with the pipette that doubles as the lid. It has a very mild citrus scent which is pleasant and does not linger. The serum absorbs really well into my skin and I don’t have to wait long before applying a moisturiser, it doesn’t leave any residue. Overall my skin now has a more healthy luminous glow to it and it appears to have a more even and brighter appearance. Bonus points for the bottle being made from 100% recycled plastic.

Brightens skin, reduces dark spots

This product has really evened out my skin tone. At under $30.00 it’s good value for the results. I had some darker spots and uneven skin tone due to ageing and sun damage and this garnier vitamin c brightening serum has reduced the appearance of spots and pigmentation and my skin looks more even. Containing lemon extract it has also brightened my skin and it looks fresher and not so tired. I only use a little bit for great results and the handy dropper makes it easy to use. I love the garnier vitamin c brightening serum and would recommend it