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Gilded Cage Unleashed Lipstick

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Gilded Cage Unleashed Lipsticks are medium-to-high coverage lip colours that offer a luminous finish.The lipsticks are enriched with wild mango butter to nourish lips and orchid flower extract to hydrate the surface. They are also paraben- and fragrance-free.

Available in eight shades.


Gilded Cage Unleashed Lipstick


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Looking at the price tag I had high hopes for this.  I have tried both singular red and 107 which is a mauve. Singular red was bright and pigmented, while 107 felt a little too sheer for me.Although it was moisturising and felt nice, it is comparable to my other pharmacy brand lipsticks.
A friend gave me this lipstick in shade 105 nude as she hates nudes and know I love them. I had never tried gilded cage before but I'm converted now. This is a super hydrating lipstick with high quality pigment. The colour also lasts really well. I went out for dinner and afterwards still had my lipstick intact, amazing. It feels really nice and light to wear and it's a really lovely creamy consistency. St $40.00 it's well worth the investment for its staying power and quality. The luxe black and gold packaging is also such a treat. This lipstick won't bleed or feather or slide off my lips. I only wish it came in more than 8 shades but that's a minor complaint. I really loved this lipstick and would highly recommend it.
I have always been weary of wearing of lipsticks because a lot of them makes my lips feel and look flaky and dry but not Glided. Before I apply on the lipstick, I do put on a layer of lip balm for moisturise. The lipstick glides on very smoothly and I coat my lips a few times. The colours are amazing on my lip. I’ve got all 8 shades and my favourite is #108 I’m Burnt coral. It’s perfect for my Asian skin tone. Throughout the night, the colour does fade a little with drinking water and eating canapés but the colour is still there. Whilst everyone is reapplying their lippie in the bathrooms, I am just there to wash my hands. And most of all, after 4 hours my lips still feel moisturised and not dry and flaky. I would recommend everyone to give this lipstick a go and its on sale at the moment on their website.
It's not often that I would award a lip product a 5 out of 5, but have you met Gilded Cage? This stuff is one of my favourite hidden Australian brands, and I don't know why it's not more mainstream at this point, so I'm hoping you'd like to give it a go after reading this review! First things first, let's chat about the packaging! This alone is gorgeous -  a luxe tube of copper/gold lettering on a black background.  The cap has a reassuring click, which makes it feel really secure, meaning that you can carry it around in your bag without worrying about the cap coming loose. A firm twist will bring the lipstick to the surface, and you can start applying it! This just glides onto the lips, and it doesn't dry them out. I love that this wears well, and that the Singular Red, my favourite in the range, leaves a beautiful stain on the lips. It's moisturising and Singular Red looks stunning on me. I love Gilded Cage, and this brand is worth getting your hands on! Downside? There are only 8 colours in the range - I wish there were more!
Gilded Cage lip products are a staple in every girl's makeup collection! I got my first Gilded Cage lipstick in The Parcel a while ago, and ever since then I'v been been hooked. The formula is great, goes on smoothly and evenly. There are a lot of colours to choose from, I have 117(True Orange) and 105(Nude). 117 is a gorgeous orangey-red colour, great for an everyday red or even for a casual afternoon date. The colour just give your look an extra oomph, a bold lipstick that will still suit the office. The only con is that orange lipstick does tends to make your teeth look yellower, so beware. 105 is a stunning nude! Perfect for an every makeup look,  the peachiness make your face look brighter and plumper. The lipstick is very creamy, with a shiny finish that can be blotted down to a matte lip. The pigment is great! you don't have to build up layers to get the full colour, one layer is more then enough. It's not a long lasting lipstick, it can survive your coffee break but nothing big like dinner or lunch. But the replication goes on really smoothly and doesn't dry out your lips at all. Overall, they are beautiful lipsticks with great formula in the most stunning packaging(black and gold!), Will definitely repurchase more shades in the future, Highly recommended!
I have shade 117, which is an orange-y red that I credit for kick-starting my love affair with oranges and corals.  I always leaned towards blue-red, but after taking a chance, I found the orange-y red really suits me.  This lipstick also ticks the boxes for comfort and longevity.  I love lip products that are hydrating and moist, and this is moist without being shiny.  It also stays put really well.  The black with gold print packaging is pretty glam too.  I've since added more oranges and corals to my makeup kit after my success with this lipstick and find myself taking more chances with my look in general.  Try this lipstick, but watch out!  It might be the gateway to a bolder, more daring makeup look for you too!
I received this in one of my parcels and I'm not going to lie... I was a tad apprehensive. I have never owned a red lipstick in my life as it tends to make me look a little too "risque" and sometimes odd on my thin lips. However, I was pleasantly surprised! The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, so glam and bold- I loved it! Now the actual colour didn't look horrendous on me- it was quite bold and as I don't often wear bright coloured lipsticks it definitely turned more than a few heads! The feel of the lipstick was luxuriously soft and supple and the colour lasted most of the day. I wear a very thin coat of this with a nude gloss on top to achieve a look I am more comfortable with. Overall I'm very impressed with the packaging and quality of this brand so I will be purchasing a different shade that is better suited to my lips. Bonus points for no parabens or fragrance either!
I LOVE this lipstick. I received it with my parcel and it was amazing. A beautiful and vibrant red/orange colour. The packaging is lovely and makes the lipstick look quite fancy. The lipstick was nice and thick on application and didn't require very many coats. I first wore it to breakfast and even after coffee and food it needed minimal retouching. I highly recommend this product and will be purchasing this lipstick in other shades
I love this lippie! I'm a bit lipstick obsessed and when this one arrived in The Parcel I was super excited to try it out. I love the reddish orange colour. It is hydrating and a solid colour. I was very impressed and once i finish this tube I will be repurchasing :)
I received this beautiful creamy lipstick in my Parcel box. It is a deep red orange colour that applies without the need for a lip balm and it didn't flake off or peel off on my lips. The click shut lipstick tube along with the snazzy design makes it look tre chic in my makeup bag. The colour lasted me for a few hours and I only need to reapply after I had my second coffee. I recommend this not so well known, well to me anyway, lipstick for any lady of any age who wants a long lasting and smooth glossy intense colour and makes you feel va va voom!