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Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation

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Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation is a lightweight liquid foundation. The silky fluid formula glides onto the skin easily, providing buildable coverage that stays put all day with a radiant, airbrushed finish.

Available in 18 shades.

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Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation


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Luminous Silk Foundation

I've heard wonderful things about this foundation and it seems to have been a staple for many people over the years, so was excited to buy a pot for myself. The foundation is contained in a lovely glass container with a plastic pump applicator, which makes life a lot easier when it comes to application. This foundation felt soft and silky on application and blended seamlessly into my skin. It created a lovely, smooth layer over my skin with a slightly dewy look to it. There was a very mild fragrance to the foundation, however it didn't last for long and wasn't overpowering or off-putting in any way. One thing I did find was that I struggled to build coverage with this product and unfortunately, due to my oily skin, it did wear off as the day progressed and I had to experiment with different primer and setting combinations. Despite this, I found that this was a lovely foundation and can see why it's so popular with so many people.


This is definitely the best foundation I have ever used. For $99 it would want to be. Every time I wear this someone tells me my skin looks as smooth as porcelain. Is my skin as smooth as porcelain? No, not even close. I wear shade 5, which is a pretty bang on match for my freckly complexion. It photographs beautifully. That might even be an understatement. It makes me look like a poreless, glowing goddess who's never had a pimple or blackhead in her life. I can guarantee you that as long as this foundation is in production this will be on my face at any and all occasion where they might be flash photography.
BEST, FOUNDATION, EVER! It has such a beautiful coverage, no wonder it is loved by many and is classified as a cult favourite. I have dry skin and it leaves such a beautiful flawless finish. It definitely glides on like silk. A little goes a long way and it's definitely worth investing in.
There is a reason that this foundation is touted as a HG by so many celebrities and makeup artists. Not only is it absolutely beautiful on the skin, providing a natural satin finish, it photographs extremely well. It is expensive, but no matter if my skin feels dry or oily, I know I can depend on this foundation to look beautiful all day long.
I was struggling to find a foundation with not too little coverage and not too much and I found this silk foundation from Giorgio Armani was just right. It glides onto the skin so nicely and is extremely smooth when on. I do really like the dewy look and I think this could be just a bit more dewy/glowy... other than that it is incredible!
There is a reason why this foundation has such a huge cult following. I finally got my hands on this foundation about 6 months ago and OMGeee!! This is heavenly. I absolutely love this foundation. Yes it's a little pricey and yes it doesn't have a huge shade range but it is totally worth the splurge for this dewy medium coverage foundation.
This is hands down the best foundation going around! It is just so beautiful and creates the most glowing, dewy complexion which is definitely in right now! It’s a stunning liquid, not cakey and will absolutely attract commentsfrkm people. The pump applicator is handy too and the liquid can be applied with a foundation brush or your fingers.
I have heard of this Silk foundation for a few years now, but I have always been a bit nervous about paying so much, especially when there are so many other foundations available. However, I was happily proven wrong when I used the product - it is worth the money! Firstly, the formula is simply sensational. It is easy to apply, and gives amazing coverage that can be worn quite sheer for a natural finish, or built up to a medium coverage foundation. I can apply the foundation in layers, and it evens out my complexion, without having a thick or 'cakey' appearance. I think it is so important that a foundation is versatile enough to use for different occasions, and this foundation definitely does the trick! It is perfect for a natural look, or for events requiring flash photography (as it does not contain SPF).   Secondly, the pigmentation is great. I tried a few colour shades in store in order to get matched perfectly, and would highly recommend getting matched before purchasing. The colour appears true to the swatch, and did not oxidise or discolour on my skin at all. Once applied, the foundation feels comfortable and smooth on the skin, even hours later. When applied on top of a primer, I found the foundation lasted several hours without sinking into fine lines or dry patches, or did not 'lift' off the skin.  Thirdly, it is not only luxurious to use, but the attention to detail of the product demonstrates very high quality, from the sleek packaging to the feel and smell of the foundation. It comes in a pump bottle, which is ideal for hygiene and convenience, as well as equally dispersing the same amount every time. The foundation itself smells great, not too much like chemicals or like soaps.  Overall, I would highly recommend this for oily-combination skin like myself. It is definitely worth the investment, as it creates a smooth, flawless canvas for the rest of my makeup products to be applied on top. The perfect choice for a well-rounded foundation!
I have worn this foundation twice now and by the end of the day it still looks great with a slight glow. I am very pale with a pink undertone but somehow shade 4 works for me. I have normal to oily skin and this works perfectly without setting my whole face with foundation. Would definitely recommend!
Armani.When you hear the name,it just oozes luxe and sheer opulence (in a no-nonsense way)....and this is exactly that. This foundation by Giorgio Armani Beauty (Luminous Silk Foundation) is a cult product ...and with good reason.First off,this is a foundation that you can adapt to either a light veil of coverage OR take the "full coverage" road by applying with your fingertips (as opposed to the lighter coverage given with a brush or sponge).A strong second "pro" for this is the wearability...after a good 7 hours,my foundation was still wearing well,showed no sign of fading / oxidising or "settling" into fine lines (that is a huge tick for me).And to make this foundation a true "Holy Grail",covetworthy "must have" it is sooo hydrating and comfortable to wear (not greasy or heavy at all,and it plays well with other products applied after it). Now,one thing you WILL notice about this is the fact that there is NO SPF to be seen...but that's OK.I simply applied a light,gel sunscreen under this,and even with that,this hydrating fluid glided on seamlessly with a silky texture and all-day coverage that remained. A foundation range is only as good as it's colour spectrum,and with a mind blowing 28 shades (mine is 2),you are bound to colour match your skin perfectly.Lastly,if we are going to be honest,the aesthetics of this is is a simple,classic heavy feeling / semi frosted glass bottle with black lettering and a glossy black top and  silver GA insignia,so the beautiful foundation will look just as beautiful on your dresser.Are there any cons you ask ? Well,there is that price around $100 for 30ml,it is by no means a "cheap and cheerful" purchase,BUT,the sheer wearability,the stunning,"satiny" feel on application and the small amount needed to get decent coverage will certainly give you something to ponder when deciding if you should jump on the Armani bandwagon.
I had the opportunity to get shade-matched for a 10 day sample at a Giorgio Armani counter via a facebook offer and took it up.  I have a light skin tone with yellow-undertones, and combination skin. At the counter, the consultant seemed to have a bit of difficulty matching me, but settled on '4'. The shade is not as close a match as I'd like, but it was alright. The foundation does go on silky smooth and is very comfortable to wear all day. However, I found that it settled into my pores and creases after a few hours. I had better results with Lancome Teint Idole Ultrawear, Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-place or Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation, all of them significantly cheaper than the hefty $99 price tag for this one.
This is one of my favourite foundations to use whenever I can get samples of it. It applies very smoothly and is a medium coverage foundation that can be built up if one wants to cover small blemishes. Things like redness can get covered if they are on the lighter side but some people might want to colour correct first. This foundation gives my face a nice glow and doesn't look heavy at all in real life or in photos. I'm not sure this foundation would hold up well in humidity as I've never tried it on a humid day but this does last well during the winter and warmer days. I plan to purchase a bottle once I finish my current foundations.
I love this foundation! Super lightweight and easy to buildup coverage, last well into the day or night. I was a little hesitant at first as during the winter months I have dry spots with overall oily skin. This foundation made my skin look and feel flawless. It did not cake on my dry spots,or separate and crease on the oil sections. It really does have a nice dewy finish (but not too wet looking) – looks and feels like skin with a super healthy glow. I would highly recommend this foundation.
The luminous foundation feels exactly like it's name, lightweight, it smells like it’s good for your skin. The silky fluid formula glides onto the skin easily, provides a light to medium coverage but also a buildable coverage that stays put all day with a radiant, airbrushed finish. In terms of colour match you can definitely find your perfect shade, I was able to find the exact colour that matched my skin-tone but I went a shade slightly darker as this was so easy to blend into the neckline.  After using both during the day and at night I would have to say that it provides silky, flawless coverage that hydrates and stays put all day. I would suggest using a powder to set if like myself you have combination skin (oily t-zone) It made me look like my skin was glowing without looking obvious and caked on. I received compliments’ on my skin as soon as wore this foundation, it would be suitable for those you want the natural airbrushed look and still want their skin to look and feel hydrated.
This foundation is a must have. I’m a makeup artist and I absolutely love using this foundation on most of my clients it’s suits so many skin types and skin tone. It can be a light to heavy coverage without looking cakey or feeling heavy on the skin. Highly recommend this foundation!
I absolutely adore this foundation. It feels super lightweight on your skin – almost like you are wearing no foundation. This no-foundation feeling is also added to by the fact that you can wear this without any setting powder. If you are wanting heavier coverage for an evening look, this formula is also very easy to build up. I would absolutely recommend this foundation and think it is such a versatile base that is perfect for creating both a dewy daytime look, and a more polished nighttime look.
This foundation is perfect for those wanting something that achieves a balance between lightweight and coverage. It glides onto the skin with an airbrush look and as the coverage is buildable, we can all customise the finish to whatever suits our wants and needs. Great product for those wanting to look immaculate without feeling the cake.
The Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation looks & feels amazing!!! It glides onto the skin & has a natural look whilst offering the perfect amount of coverage (no matter what your skin type is). Only down side is that it is a little pricey, but its definite must buy for your special occasion wear.
I have oily/dry combination skin and finding a foundation to suit my skin is quite difficult. I tried Luminous Silk foundation and it applies smoothly and looks so natural leaving skin fresh and dewy. It can be built up easily for medium to full coverage concealing redness. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin which I love. It is perfect for an evening look as there is no horrible flashback.
Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation is definitely one of the MUST things on my list. It gives you a very natural GLOW and look on your face. It doesn't feel like you are wearing any foundation, yet still covers up everything you want to covered up. The texture of it is very thin and smooth, and if you have dry skin then this would be the BEST choice for yourself!