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Giorgio Armani Beauty Skin Master Corrector

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Giorgio Armani Beauty Skin Master Corrector is a colour corrective concealer. Its formula uses colour-correction shades and Micro-fil™ technology to target specific complexion concerns and conceal imperfections. Its light-reflecting pearls also help create a radiant, flawless complexion.

Available in four shades.


Giorgio Armani Beauty Skin Master Corrector


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I adore Giorgio Armani products and have used several with great results. This colour corrective concealer is great for covering skin imperfections, blemished, dark circles and hides redness. I love this product if my skin is looking tired, especially around the eye area as it's light reflecting pearls act to visibly brighten my complexion making it look more youthful and radiant. It's easy to use the twist tube and brush make it hygienic, I just swipe a little and blend with my fingers for a flawless finish, I love that it disguises dark circles if I'm tired or had a late night. Pros Leaves skin brighter radiant and illuminated Easy to use Colour corrects with ease Cons At $56 it is a little on the pricey side, however Giorgio Armani is a good quality brand and after all you get the results you pay for I loved this and would highly recommend it
I’ve had dark circles for as long as I can remember, which are hereditary and also exacerbated by lack of sleep! I’ve tried a huge number of concealers and correctors from high end to budget buys and the Armani corrector is one of the best out there. Why I love it The packaging is practical and makes it quick and easy to apply.The corrector is contained in a sleek twist tube with a small precision brush. It dispenses just the right amount without wasting any product.  All it takes is a gentle swipe underneath each eye and I blend it in with tapping motions with my ring finger. The corrector melds into the skin like a dream and the finish is very natural and brightening. I had never really subscribed to the hype around the colour correcting craze until using this product, and am very glad that I did! It’s definitely a game changer for me. The consistency of the corrector itself is lightweight, blendable and highly pigmented, which is perfect for the under-eye area. It doesn’t cake, crease or settle into fine lines and the finish is undetectable and completely natural. It takes away the discolouration and can be worn by itself or with concealer over the top. Any downsides? The only negative I can think of is that the product is on the pricier side. Nevertheless I have tried countless concealers and correctors and haven’t found a product that works as well as this. Particularly if you struggle with dark circles like I do, this counteracts the darkness underneath my eyes and keeps them concealed throughout the day. I found with regular concealers that after a few hours, the dark shadows seem to peak through, and you have to pack on a lot more product which becomes a creasy mess! Tips To ensure that the product works for you it is best to try it out in store so you can select the right colour for your complexion. After reading the reviews for this product, I had initially set out to purchase the peachy-orange corrector. However when I tried it on, it was too dark for my NC20-25 skin tone. I ended up purchasing the pink shade corrector which worked perfectly for me.