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Giorgio Armani La Collection Pierre de Lune

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Giorgio Armani La Collection Pierre de Lune is a soft floral fragrance inspired by the sumptuous iris of Florence. It features notes of iris, mimosa and violet.


Giorgio Armani La Collection Pierre de Lune


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This has been a favourite for many years. I've hesitated to review it, because I'm not sure I can capture it's beauty in a few words. First of all, yes, it's expensive, and yes, the bottle is stunningly beautiful in my opinion. But it's the magic inside that captured my heart and keeps me coming back for more. This is a perfect balance of reality and fantasy. The woody notes and the warm cassia (and it is is cassia, not cassis), a subtle spicy base, holding up delicate iris and violets but never overpowers. The violets and iris hold a central powdery stage, but never too airy or gone in a puff. The blending of the hard and the soft make for a lasting unisex scent. It's an all season beauty and it never fails to make me smile. It makes me feel feminine and warm at the same time. Sexy, nuzzly and unlike anything else I've ever worn. It's something I wish I could spray with abandon, but my wallet will not allow. I wear it when I want to feel pretty and pampered, or need a bit of fragrant courage to face a harsh world.