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Giorgio Armani Si Body Lotion

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Giorgio Armani Si Body Lotion is a rich moisturising cream scented with Giorgio Armani’s Si. It leaves skin hydrated, soft and lightly scented.


Giorgio Armani Si Body Lotion


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Like the other reviews, I simply LOVE this cream! I have never been a fan of perfumed moisturizers that come with the fragrance as a gift, but as I adore SI, I thought I would give it a whirl. This luxurious cream glides onto your skin like a silky dream and the fragrance is released immediately. I used it every morning with a small spray of the perfume but on the weekend or at events, I layer the cream and fragrance and am constantly getting compliments!
I love Giorgio Armani frangrances and after using my sister in law’s Si Perfume, I asked my husband to buy me the pack for Christmas which came with this and it smells amazing.  I usually moisturise with this in the morning and the smell is still there when I go to bed, i love the sweet scent 
I adore the Giorgio Armani so fragrance so I was really delighted to receive this matching body lotion as a gift, so beautiful. The lotion itself of course is the same as the matching fragrance only more subtle, it is sweet and famine and I always receive comments when wearing this. The lotion is super silky, easy to use and a little goes a long way so it really lasts. This lotion leaves my skin really soft and deeply moisturised, it feels silky smooth, not greasy after use which is a huge bonus. The only downside is it is a little pricey for an everyday body lotion but lovely to receive as a gift if you wouldn't normally treat yourself to a high end product. This is a truly luxurious decadent cream, a real treat, I absolutely love it and would totally recommend it
I have the perfume of this and when i finished my first bottle i thought that i may as well buy the body lotion and shower gel pack and let me tell you that it was so worth it! Especially as the perfume is quite a heavy bottle and it is not feasible to carry it everywhere, the body lotion definitely solves the problem (not that you need a lot of touch ups for the perfume though). The lotion itself is quite nice and has a hydrating formula which is usually use on my hands as they tend to get dry during the day.
I absolutely love this cream, I have the Sì Georgio Armani perfume and I am in awe of its beautifully scented fragrance. This cream is perfect for using after the shower in the morning and I always receive lovely compliments whenever I wear it in town.  The subtle but sweet scent is lightweight and non-greasy compared to previous lotions. I have quite a number of lotions/moisturizers but this is by far the best one I have ever purchased. I was able to convince my sister to buy the lotion and perfume as well, and she wears the lotion almost every day.