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Giorgio Armani Si EDP is a modern and feminine fragrance combining sultry notes of cassis nectar, chypre and light musky wood.

Price above is for 50 mL. Also available in 30 mL, 100 mL and 150 mL.


Giorgio Armani Si EDP


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I first tried Si while walking through the duty free section of the airport on my way onto a long haul flight and fell in love with it instantly. I manages to balance that beautiful floral element with the strong and empowered women scent. Needless to say that even after wearing it for over 15 hours on a flight, I remained in love with the scent and now wear it every day. Absolutely beautiful.
Si is an amazing fragrance, I only wear it and one other perfume. The staying power is much longer than most other perfumes, easily lasts all day without any top ups. Si is fruity, spicy and sultry, I feel sexy every time I wear it. A little goes a long way making the price tag much more bearable. It’s one of those must try products.
If I were ever to have a signature fragrance then this beautiful perfume would be it. A quick spray of this is for me mood altering; warm, cosy, deliciously uplifting. I am sensitive to fragrance and many leave me with a horrid headache but this is such a beautiful, refined and subtly layered fragrance that is more like a softly enveloping cloud than a sudden fright to the senses. I am usually not a fan of vanilla in fragrance as it can be really sweet but the mix of green cassis and patchouli give it depth and mystery. The perfumer behind this fragrance also is the nose behind many Jo Malone fragrances, many of which are gorgeous as well.
This fragrance is quite sweet when initially put on but softens to a musk scent. Not usually what I go for but my husband bought it for me and I’m in love. More a night time fragrance but last all day so depends on how strong and which smell you desire.
This fragrance was love at first spray.  I still remember the first time I tested it out I was amazed! The bottle was simple, feminine and elegant and the notes were exactly what I liked.  The major note that I got when I first smelled it was vanilla which is my favourite scent so I knew it was going to be a favourite.  It also contained Rose, patchouli and Cassis for a floral and earthy scent.  It was sweet but in a mature way.  Once the fragrance started to develop it became very warm which is why I love to wear it during the colder months.  My family knew how much I loved this fragrance that I got it as a birthday gift and I wear it all the time.  I cant tell you how many people have come up to me asking what I'm wearing.  Even after spraying it several hours before, they could still smell the fragrance.  It's a fragrance that will never date and works well for all ages!
This perfume is opulence in a bottle. It sits on the right side of lavish - grand rather than extravagant. On the right wearer, like my mother, it's heavenly and elegant. This is by no means an older woman's perfume, though. Cassis is the top note, and I do get that currant whiff early on, but not as much as patchouli and vanilla and roses and specks of gold. The effect is straight up beautiful, without any provocative notes, which makes it so easy to fall for, but not necessarily the easiest to wear. This is an intense, strong fragrance. It's one of those scents that I need to feel confident and powerful before wearing it, rather than expecting the perfume to make me feel those emotions. Definitely an aspirational perfume in a way that makes me want to be the person who wears this proudly. The longevity is around seven hours on skin, days on clothes! The projection is maybe a small circle rather than an entire room, thankfully. 
This has to be one of my favourite perfumes! I've been wearing it for several years now and it still never gets old! Every time I wear it I always get complimented on it and asked what scent I am wearing.  It's an elegant, sophisticated yet feminine scent that I wear just about anywhere.  It' sweet but not overly sweet and it's done in a very mature way.  I think the reason why I love it so much is because it's sweet, fruity and floral but all of the notes go so well together and they balance each other out so you're not getting one scent more than the other.  The main notes are vanilla, patchouli, may rose, and Freesia.  As the scent develops it becomes more woody, fruity and spicy.  It's an eau de parfum which means it's more concentrated and I find that the scent lasts for hours! I would spray it in the morning and in the afternoon I would still have people asking me what I was wearing.  I like to wear it all year round and it's my go to fragrance!
This fragrance is lovely and light without being overpowering.  It's lightly floral but not at all too sweet.  This is one of my daytime lunching or just going to the shops perfumes.  I find it doesn't last particularly long on me, but that could be me or my skin.
I feel this perfume has the intensity to be a woman's fragrance rather than a girl's fragrance. It is slightly floral and with a hint of musk. It is definitely an elegant and sophisticated perfume. I wear it on days when I want to feel like I can accomplish anything I want. It is also a confidence enhancing perfume. It is a brilliant choice for Giorgio Armani to have the beautiful and talented Cate Blanchett for their advertising for this fragrance. This scent is rich, chic and impressive. It is not sugary sweet or too strong.  This perfume is intense but not overpowering or suffocating. It is just rich and inviting and so classy. Pros: Sophisticated and alluring scent Lasts for several hours Cons: Slightly expensive  Tip: Spray onto pulse points and allow your body's own heat to assist in intensifying the fragrance 
This is my latest love, it is such a sweet, mysterious and alluring scent and I always receive compliments when I wear it.  It is suitable for day and night use and can be fun and flirty or sexy and seductive.  It lasts so well on the skin, many hours later it is still becoming me to smell it but it’s not overpowering and following you around like a cloud.  Highly recommend this fragrance. I’ve not met anyone who is not immediately captivated by it.
Si is a worthy investment to your perfume collection. A gorgeous, sensuous fragrance. Lasts for ever on the skin. Only need a little bit so the beautifully designed bottle lasts for ages. When you are constantly asked what perfume are you wearing, you know you're on a winner! As a side note I have never bought the same perfume twice, for over twenty years now,  but I almost broke my rule on this one. I pinch my daughters bottle when she saw not looking! Wear it for special occasions or just to make you feel special ..
This fragrance is gorgeous and easily takes the wearer from day to night! Captivating and sultry, a little bit goes a long way and lasts all day.  Love the musky notes throughout this fragrance. I'd recommend it for anyone looking for a 'grown up' perfume. Sophistication in a bottle
Beauty is many layers and categories and products and steps, each one coming together to make up a truly unique and personal routine for every different person. Time and time again, I find that one of the most beautiful and powerful categories of all is definitely perfume. I find it so powerful and confidence inducing because, with just one spritz of any perfume out there, I am instantly overcome with a different feeling, emotion and memory, completely different and unique to me and everyone out there who loves beauty as much as I do. I am very proud of my big and ever growing collection of fragrances by different brands, and consisting of floral, oriental, woody, citrusy and dark, seductive scents, and what I lovingly call my perfume army, because the glass bottles lined up neatly next to each other really do look like little soldiers, ready to go into battle and serve my fragrance beauty needs. I am definitely not picky when it comes to the perfume I choose to buy, as long as the bottle is pretty in colour and shape, smells heavenly and lingers and lasts all day and night long, and will also suit any casual or formal occasion, I am happy. This Giorgio Armani Si fragrance is particularly lovely in the shape and colour of the bottle, and the fragrance it houses, which is floral, feminine and always makes me say si whoever I wear it, add to that the brilliant advertisement starring the gorgeous Cate Blanchett, and I knew I was onto a real perfume winner. I decided to go completely girly and pink in my next makeup look which I thought would suit this perfume perfectly. So after double cleansing, serum, moisturiser and primer, and a light layer of sheer, glow inducing foundation, plus defined brows, mascara, flushed, coral cheeks and lolly pink lipstick, I was ready for my new perfume. I squirted a couple of sprays on my wrists, neck and other pulse points, and felt like I was smacked around the head with the heady scent of sweet floral and seductive musk notes. It is totally in the category of pretty, girly and feminine, all pink, glittery rainbows and unicorns and pixie dust. I love it, I wear it anytime I feel transforming into a pink, shimmery and completely feminine princess character, day or night, it doesn't matter, it always works. As you only need a small amount each use, it goes a very long way and is total value for money, quality and quantity and very much worth the price tag of $140, believe me. Perfume is its very own, and most powerful, beauty category, the best one out there for giving you that totally power, confidence and happiness boosting feeling, making you say Si to life and beauty.
This perfume has become my signature fragrance in days! It is long lasting and smell strong through out the day, which I find can be a let down with other perfumes. Although its reasonably expensive it comes with that expensive sophisticated scent. I have struggled to find a perfume that smells great throughout the whole day without being overpowering and strong, and this is the one! I love the vanilla scent of the perfume and the sultry cassis nectar, whilst not being still sickly sweet, creates a harmonious scent, especially when coupled with chypre and musky wood. I recommend this to the highest extend and it is definitely worth the price!
I adored this perfume from the first time I wore it – it is elegant and classy, long-lasting without being overpowering. I feel absolutely  more  sophisticated wearing this perfume, and even better it is subtle enough to wear any time of the day or night. So many perfumes are fine for a night out but I could not imagine having them lingering on me all day. Not so with Si – somehow it manages to be intense but soft at the  same time. A combination of cassis nectar, chypre and musky wood, like all chypres it avoids the potential overly sweet scent of a floral or the heavy  spiciness of an oriental. For this reason my favourite perfumes have usually been chypres, and I find myself lifting my wrist to enjoy the scent throughout the day. As a high quality  eau de parfum it has great long-lasting properties, well into the next day as an elegant after-note. For this reason I would recommend a sparing application to maintain the  subtlety. I have found that if over-applied it can become over-powering, and even cause a headache. A little really does go a long way! Pros: Elegant, expensive scent. Would suit those people who prefer chypres or aren’t strongly attracted to florals or orientals. Long-lasting. Cons:   May not suit those who are used to eau de toilettes. Needs to be used sparingly.
absolutely love this fragrance, so pretty, sophisticated and feminine. I love a vanilla scented fragrance, its my favourite scent, the musky notes come through beautifully, another favourite scent of mine so this is a perfect combination for me. This is not a sickly scent however, it is elegant and refined and does not overpower. I always feel beautiful wearing it and the classic bottle looks lovely on my dressing table. The fragrance lasts really well even though its not overpowering. I highly recommend this fragrance as its so beautiful
This fragrance is stunning! It's my 'grown up' fragrance and I feel like a proper, fully grown woman when I wear it! It is a sweet, elegant, vanilla scented fragrance that doesn't have that saccharine, sickly sweet element that some 'sweet' fragrances have. It's fruity and spicy and musky but in a refined way. The bottle is stunning and as elegant as the fragrance. The longevity is impressive. It lasts all day and goes through many changes until it settles into a lovely, soft, spicy musk scent. Definitely recommend!