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Giorgio Armani Si EDT

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Giorgio Armani Si EDT is a romantic and feminine fragrance, which combines notes of blackcurrant, green pear, Italian bergamot, mandarin, neroli oil, amber wood, vanilla, patchouli, freesia and rose.

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Giorgio Armani Si EDT


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Love this product, has such a feminine, classic and most importantly lasting scent. I'm so glad I got gifted it and will definitely buy it for myself once I finish my bottle!
The fragrance is a 'yes' for me and is a scent that makes me feel elegant, feminine and luxurious. The fragrance has a rather sweet scent but not too overpowering which I'm comfortable to use on weekends or special occasions. This fragrance is on the expensive side but 1 -2 pumps will last you all day so one bottle will last for very long time.
I love wearing my Si perfume because I always feel  extra special whenever I wear it.  It's character is feminine, independent and bold.  It's sophisticated like the bottle it's packaged in.  I love that I can put it on in the morning and still catch tantalising little wafts of it as the day progresses.   It always puts a smile on my face.
While perfume is subjective, I can tell you that the “Si” EDP is the perfume that my very elegant 29 year old sister purchased to wear on her wedding day. We sprayed it in a mist over her at 1pm and it was still able to be gently smelt on her at 11pm after a warm (not hot) Melbourne day.  I’m totally unqualified to be able to describe a fragrance to someone (it subjective, again) but I consider it a ‘special occasion fragrance’. It is not overwhelming yet it has the longevity to last hours. I would describe it as classy, elegant, delicate, sweet and luxurious.  PS: in Italian “Si” means “yes”, so you can see that it could be considered the perfect wedding fragrance selection.
I heard so many great things about this fragrance so I was so excited when I received a bottle for Christmas. This was not the scent for it. It's something more suited to mature women. It isn't fresh, more like an evening fragrance. I wanted to love it, but it just didn't do it for me unfortunately. They also did great marketing campaigns. Maybe I will enjoy the scent as the years go on. The bottle is simple and elegant. Available to purchase at David Jones and Myer.
I would describe this perfume as a floral/earthy perfume and i freaking love this so much so that i've almost finished my second bottle of this, there's not enough stars for this! It is literally my signature scent.One pump of this on my wrists and on the nape of my neck will last all day, so this is definitely a worthwhile investment.
I'm going to make a huge call and say this is the best perfume I've ever purchased! You don't need to apply a lot for the scent to last all day! I get compliments 8+ hours later after applying! Worth every dollar I have spent on this product! Love love love