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Giorgio Armani Si Intense EDP

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Giorgio Armani Si Intense EDP is a more fragrant version of Giorgio Armani’s Si, which combines top notes of blackcurrant, cassis, mandarin, bergamot and freesia, heart notes of rose, neroli, davana and osmanthus and base notes of patchouli, vanilla and woods.

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Giorgio Armani Si Intense EDP


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From the bottle design, performance, to the scent....impressed. For a mainstream designer fragrance, this one stands out and it is not one of the regular crowd pleasers targeted to women (like sweet vanilla, sweet something or other, boring rose stuff etc). Pricing listed above is wrong. 50mL/100mL - A$ 189/A$ 249 Modern chypre , opens with a burst of juicy and tart blackcurrant, made a bit creamy with sweet vanilla and rose accord, then made sharp again with blend of citruses , dry and grounded with woods, patchouli.... It is deeper and denser than original. Also stronger and less sweet. And a bit dark. The woods, citruses , patchouli, smokiness... almost...can make this perfume unisex. My fave from the line for sure! It lasts on the skin for at least 5ish hours with projection enough for people near me to feel it, then it becomes skin scent for a few hours more. On clothing it lasted more than a day (then I washed the top). Overall , tart fruit, hint of sweetness and creaminess and dry, dark and sharp overall. Confusing, but great! Unique.
When i first smelt this, I knew I needed it instantly. I love that it doesn't smell too floral and it honestly just makes me feel so empowered whenever I wear it. I feel as though its more appropriate to wear during the cooler months rather than during summer but because I love the scent so much, I don't even care. I think it's appropriate for all ages too! A perfect compliment to your outfit.