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Giorgio Armani Smooth Silk Eyeliner Pencil

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Giorgio Armani Smooth Silk Eyeliner Pencil is a soft eyeliner pencil that can be used to create a strong, striking eye makeup look with the silky applicator, or can be smudged and blended to subtly define the eye.

Available in nine shades.


Giorgio Armani Smooth Silk Eyeliner Pencil


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I must say that it was my first ever high end eye pencil and when I think of it I feel a bit emotional. It was probably more than ten years ago, I was lucky to have some friends who knew Giorgio Armani make up artist and I had the make up done by her. It was immaculate ( but also I had no idea one can wear that much make up and still look good). One of the products she used on me was that pencil. The next day I went to but it as I loved the way it worked. A long time ago, eye pencil were not as soft as they are now, they wouldn't have the sponge applicator and to be honest they reminded me of normal drawing pencil. When I got Armani eye pencil it was like the clash of two worlds. The pencil is soft, it doesn't scratch the eye, it glides on the lid effortlessly. We can blend it out with the sponge applicator provided  ( the other end of the pencil) and we have got a ready smokey eye done. It makes a great base for some powder shadows too. I must say that although it was more than my weekly allowance, I did repurchase this pencil a few times in my life and always was impressed. It might not have been the most long lasting eye pencil and from the perspective now it had a tendency to smudge a bit but I still think this is a very good eye pencil.