GROW Thicker Fuller Volumising Styling Powder

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GROW Thicker Fuller Volumising Styling Powder is a dry shampoo formulated with silica to provide amped up volume and texture. The combination of ingredients including rice starch interacts to absorb moisture and excess oil, contributing to the volumising effect. For all hair types, especially fine hair. Adds both volume and texture with a matte finish. Easy application: the pump provides targeted and even distribution of the volumising dry shampoo. It can be used for general application or to target a specific area. Simply apply to the roots of dry hair for an instant lift. Sulfate, silicone and paraben free. Cruelty free and vegan friendly.


GROW Thicker Fuller Volumising Styling Powder


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Top Notch!

I love this because it doesn't stay white in the hair - it's very easily rubbed in and blends very quickly in a second or two so that I can't see it at all. The other reason I love it because it doesn't have any sticky chunky feel in the hair after I've applied it - instead it feels light and my hair strands separate easily, unlike with other brands that I've found it to be not so. So it leaves my hair not only looking clean and grease-free but also feeling that way too. I'm in no rush to wash my hair with real shampoo after applying this. With other brands I do find that I want to wash my hair as soon as possible, but this one leaves my hair feeling so clean that I forget that I've only used dry shampoo to deal with the greasies. I do tend to get very oily roots very quickly - within 24 hours my hair gets oily roots and I feel I need to wash it again but when I use this product I find that I don't need to wash my hair. It has an easy air pump top that releases a 'just right' amount into my hair roots. This powder also helps to style my hair and give it body and fullness - I have naturally fine hair and I welcome that effect! If I'm going somewhere where I want my hair to look good I use this at the roots and then stroke the formula down my strands to give my hair the volume just where I want it.