Guerlain Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum Florale

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Guerlain Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum Florale is a fragrance inspired by femininity. It is a fresh floral fragrance with a top note of Carla lavender, heart notes of Sambac jasmine and peony, and base notes of vanilla.

Price above is for 50mL. Also available in 30mL and 100mL.


Guerlain Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum Florale


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Gorgeous. gorgeous fragrance! I'd like to find a flaw in it, but I can't and it drives me crazy :) Expensive smelling? Check. Easy to wear all year round? Check. Classy and elegant for women over the age of ...? Check. Trendy and youthful enough for very young women (or young at heart)? Check it too. It's a bit of everything and it's very well done. Sweet, but not cloying at all because of the lavender note which feels like a breath of fresh air in this perfume. The patchouli stays clean and feminine. while sandalwood and iris add depth and substance. I think this is Guerlain's best creation of the last decade.
Guerlain is a fragrance house that I love.  They're as consistent for me as Chanel in that I can be certain I will enjoy something about every single one of their fragrances.  This is a really lovely, sweet, feminine scent.  While I enjoy it tremendously, I do find it lacks a bit of sophistication and can't help but think this one is better suited to my teenage daughter - quite possibly because it reminds me of something I wore when I was her age.  It's beautiful though and guess what my daughter is getting for Christmas...
Sweet floral punch with super long lasting base notes. Vanilla, flowers....hint of lavender? I have no idea, always changes for me depending on the day. Only one two short spritzes are enough , as the scent is strong....and last for days on my clothing, until washed. Never had problems with longevity of Guerlain perfumes EDP, same with this one. For some may be a bit heavy. Very feminine, so I wear it when want to accentuate this side of me that is quite subdued. Lite cocktail lunch meeting in a pretty blue dress, and elegance and femininity comes out strong, even though I have not much of either. I find this perfume suitable for younger and more 'mature' souls.
I purchased the Mon Guerlain Florale parfum last week as a special treat and wow it is truly a magnifique fragrance that transports you straight to Paris. It has such a perfect combination of notes from Sambac jasmine to peony to vanilla to create a fresh, feminine and sensual smell that will make you feel blissful all day long. The bottle needs a special mention, it is pure luxury that you could easily see in an expensive jewellery store and will add that special touch to anywhere it is displayed. If you are on the lookout for a new perfume or to enhance your perfume collection I would strongly recommend this gem from Guerlain, it is simply tres chic.
One of a kind especially tailored for feeling fresh and stand out of a crowd. Guarantee to make a statement and turn heads. Perfect for day and night. Makes you feel special and that feeing of youth is always there. It’s one of the top frangarnces out there. Xoxo
I only just received this perfume from my gorgeous husband for our wedding anniversary and already adore it. I am a huge fan of guerlain fragrances, samsara is always on high rotation. This fragrance is floral and elegant, a gorgeous scent, the vanilla notes are clear, one of my personal favourite scents. Along with jasmine and peony, the floral tones are pretty and sophisticated, I feel really beautiful wearing this fragrance. The scent really lasts which is a huge bonus, and I have received compliments wearing it. I love the pretty crystal bottle, it looks lovely on my dressing table, really classy and makes a lovely gift. I think the price is well worth it as some other similar scents are a lot more expensive. I highly recommend this divine fragrance