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Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp Care Shampoo is a shampoo with a new formula that’s extra gentle on the scalp and hair. It delivers 100% dandruff free (and itch protection) and is designed for everyday use. Dermatologists recommend using Head & Shoulders with every wash, at least three times a week for best results. Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp Care is infused with coconut oil to deeply nourish a dry, irritated scalp and moisturise the hair. pH balanced and now with 0% parabens, phosphates and paraffins​.

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Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp Care Shampoo


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I have seen an improvement in my scalp

I really enjoyed trying out the new formula, and I am very impressed the formula is paraben, phosphate and paraffin free which I think is a game changer for this brand. I have been switching between Pantene and Head & Shoulders, and I had noticed it was time to try something new as my scalp needed some extra TLC. Dandruff has always been an issue for me, so this range came at the right time. The shampoo lathered well, leaving a very refreshing smell. The range has been very gentle on my scalp, and have not only noticed an improvement in the feel of my scalp and hair, but also how soft the range has left my hair feeling. There is no feeling of the product stripping my hair of essential oils, and I feel like the coconut oil has really helped in nourishing and healing my scalp. Big thumbs up for me!
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Great product

Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp Care Shampoo Is light, smells lovely and is rich but not heavy. I have fine hair with dry ends and depending on the weather I get dry scalp. It is a rich, luscious shampoo, and lathers well, a little goes a long way. It felt like it did a deep clean of both the scalp and the hair, and felt super clean but not dry. I followed this shampoo with the Conditioner, which made my hair feel silky and once it was  dried, it looked  shiny, and felt soft and  really well conditioned. I would recommend this product to anyone that needs a good shampoo and conditioner combo at an affordable price.
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love it!

loved this shampoo! worked wonders for me. no more dandruff made my hair feel very light and soft also, smelt so good. highly recommend. i suffer from a really dry scalp and this has really helped. Not only has it made my hair no longer dry but it doesn't go oily either. This smells so good. i only need a 5cent coin worth of shampoo and it is enough. My hair has felt so healthy and so good after using head and shoulders. I have already recommended this to so many of my friends and family. highly recommend for anyone
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Great for dandruff

I like it! It smells clean and fresh - I find it very similar to the other head & shoulders shampoos! It works really well with dandruff, I can't spot any in my hair after using this. I wash my hair every 3-4 days so it works well with my washing schedule - however the downfall is how it makes my curly hair dry after - it leaves it really frizzy and fuzzy. I like the fact you don't have to use a lot of product and the price point is good for how much you get. I think the ideal candidate for this product would be someone with straight, thick hair that has dandruff.
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Cleaner and fresher scalp

My scalp is typically quite dry, itchy and gets the occasional dandruff. I used the shampoo together with the matching conditioner 2-3 times per week and I noticed a general reduction in the amount of flakiness from my scalp. In the shower, I was lather up the shampoo and leave it on my scalp for a few minutes before rinsing off. My scalp felt clearer, cleaner and more fresh after using the shampoo. Additionally, between washes my scalp did not get as oily as it typically would. I can recommend this to any one suffering a dry flaky scalp. You might just be pleasantly surprised like I was.
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Great for the family

Loving the shampoo and conditioner. Having used Head and Shoulder in the past, the added coconut oil gives it a great new scent whilst moisturising at the same time. Not only does it get rid of stubborn dandruff and an itchy scalp after a couple of washes, the shampoo leaves my hair feeling clean and fresh and the conditioner doesn't weigh down my fine hair. My husband also enjoyed the squeaky clean feeling of the shampoo and found the conditioner leaves his hair silkier than before. Great combination for the family to use!
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Better than some super exxy shampoos I’ve tried!

Firstly, not only does this smell great (like fruity coconut, not synthetic at all) but it also does an incredible job! First use this was able to wash three days worth of dry shampoo without stripping my hair and making it feel squeaky clean. My hair was still manageable, not super knotty and felt clean enough while also nourishing my scalp which can get irritated from dry shampoo. I was able to effectively wash my hair and get that foamy effect without the sulphates which was amazing. I appreciate that I only needed to use a small amount as well. 100% would recommend and buy again :)
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Not too stripping of the scalp

I’ve been using Heads and Shoulders on and off for a few years now so was excited to try the Dry Scalp Shampoo with the Conditioner. I really enjoyed using both products and found them to be effective without being too stripping of my already dry scalp. The shampoo lathers nicely and rinses out easily. It has kept my dandruff/flakes at bay even only using this a couple of times a week. Only negative is I’m not a huge fan of coconut so the scent was not my favourite. Would recommend to someone who has dandruff but needs something gentle to help manage it.
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Clean with no itch

The head and shoulders dry scalp care shampoo has been something I have enjoyed using on my hair. It’s left my hair feeling clean and soft and my scalp was much less itchy than usual. My hair is usually quite oily but I noticed that it took a fair bit longer to get oily after using this shampoo and the matching conditioner. It is also helping with dandruff a lot. It smells nice and fresh but is not overpowering at all. My partner has also used it and has enjoyed it and it now using it regularly.
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Did its job and I like it

I have used this shampoo for 2 and a half weeks now. It made my scalp clean and kept my dandruff at bay. Didn’t feel like it stopped my dandruff altogether but at least it did not make it worse. I didn’t mind its fragrance. It was not overwhelming. It was just the right amount to have its presence noticed. Its formulation did not interfere with the other hair products I used to achieve the style I sported after my hair got dry. I have a medium length course wavy hair. Sometimes I have problems to make my hair comply to styling but this shampoo seemed to be friendly. I am quite happy of its performance so far. I will repurchase this product.
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Head and Shoulders- always reliable!

I loved the Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp Care Shampoo. It smells great, and the scent lingers on my hair in a beautiful way- it not over powering. The shampoo is super gentle and has not only not irritated my scalp, it has stopped my itchy scalp and reduced my dandruff dramatically after one was and continued to improve it to the point of no dandruff after two weeks of use . I am not a daily hair washer- I usually wash my hair 1-2 times a week, but I’ve been using this every 2-3 days as the product recommends (you can use it daily if that’s your thing).
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Always reliable

Head & Shoulders have always been a staple for my hair routine. I’ve had dry scalp and eczema since I can remember and this one has been one of the best formulas yet. It’s nourishing and moisturising without feeling like my scalp has been stripped of its natural oils. The combination with coconut oil is an added benefit as it not only leaves a lush scent but also a lasting moisturised sensation. Would highly recommend along with its conditioner or even using the shampoo on its own, depending if you like that glossy feel after a conditioner!
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I used this for about 2 weeks and in that time I have noticed that my scalp is less itchy and I haven't been getting much dandruff. I love the scent of this too, its not too overpowering. The creamy formula makes a little go a long way too. I only need a 50 cent size bit to get through my thick hair and with less creamier shampoos, I sometimes need to go back for more. I tried this with the matching conditioner and while the conditioner wasn't really compatible with my curly hair, this shampoo will be included in my hair care from this point forward. I highly recommend this shampoo to anyone whose scalp just needs a little extra care!
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My new holy grail

As someone who has an itchy, flaky, sensitive and oily scalp and thick black hair, I can assure you finding a shampoo that can tackle all of the above a difficult task. With that being said, my experience with Head & Shoulders’ new Dry Scalp Care formulation has definitely done the trick. I’ve seen a definite reduction on flakes and my scalp hasn’t had an itch that needed to be scratched. Mind you, I used to love H&S back in the day, but either the formulation changed or my sensitivity levels changed, I couldn’t use H&S anymore, until now. I am glad to say that I’m converted over to their new Dry Scalp formulation. While it still has SLS, it’s not over drying and it doesn’t strip the hair of its natural oils. With that being said, my hair still feels soft and clean after every rinse. My scalp doesn’t feel irritated nor does it tingle when it comes into contact with broken skin from unconsciously scratching a little too much and a little too hard. Accompanied with the Conditioner, my hair feels soft, nourished after every wash and my scalp is better off. Though my scalp is loving it now, who knows how it’ll react later down the track and with winter around the corner, my scalp’s condition could be worse... regardless, I’m grateful to have been a part of the REVIEWCREW and get the opportunity to try Head & Shoulders’ new Dry Scalp Care range, because I definitely wouldn’t have taken the plunge if I saw it at the shops. Please note that everyone’s scalp condition is completely different and how it’ll react will depend on your environment, how you maintain your hair, how you style/treat your hair, and whether it’s coloured or not. While I say this word of insight, the formulation is definitely much more gentle on my scalp and hair than any other formulation I’ve used, and I’ve used A LOT.
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No more snowy hair!!

This shampoo helps my flaky scalp! My scalp gets very dry when the season changes and starts flaking heaps! It really shows when I wear darker clothings towards winter and it's super embarrassing! I haven't successfully found a shampoo that helps the dryness but without a lot ingredients in the shampoo until I receive this shampoo. I have used this for 2 weeks now and I can already feel the flakes have reduced. It did not completely cure my dandruff but I can definitely see it is improving. I recommend to use it with the correspondent conditioner so it helps to moisturise your scalp after using the shampoo. I would recommend to try this for people who have flaky scalps like I do! It might help you too!
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No more itching

I really liked this product- I have really thick hair and it gets sooo itchy. I found the shampoo a lot thicker than I expected and didn’t have a bad odour - not like Coal Tar shampoo. Lathered well but I find it a bit hard to work it down to my scalp - when I got to my scalp I found it worked best to really work it over my whole scalp and not to rush washing it put. No problems washing it out and my hair felt clean, but not ‘stripped’ clean if that makes sense. I only had to wash my hair once to get it clean which was nice as I hate having a long shower I wash my hair most every day as I exercise a lot but I found that I didn’t have to use this shampoo/conditioner every day as they kept the itchiness at bay for a few days. Would I recommend this? Yes. I have paid $30 for a salon shampoo to stop itchy scalp and while this shampoo/conditioner wasn’t as good as that one, for the price I would definitely be happy to use it again.
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Non-drying shampoo

I have a dry, flaky scalp with curly, frizzy hair and was keen to try this Heads & Shoulders Shampoo. The product comes in a generous sized bottle that should last me a while. The shampoo itself has a creamy texture that creates a rich lather to provide a deep clean. I was pleased that it doesn’t dry out my hair and actually left it feeling surprisingly soft and smooth. This shampoo has a great vanilla coconut scent that’s not too strong. After I rinse my hair I follow with the Heads & Shoulders Dry Scalp Care Conditioner, which leaves my hair extra soft and bouncy. Since using these products I have noticed I have less visible flakes and dry, irritated scalp. This shampoo is also affordable and great value. It works well after a few washes to noticeably minimise dryness and flakiness.
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Awesome for my Sensitive Scalp

My scalp can be very sensitive and will react swiftly if it doesn't like whatever product I may be using at the time. Sometimes it simply reacts and there is no rhyme or reason. I seem to find products that work wonderfully for my scalp, but they leave my hair looking limp and uncared for, or my hair looks amazing but my scalp is itchy and driving me crazy. I was very excited to trial the Dry Scalp Care Shampoo. I was pleased that it has a lovely coconut scent that lingers on the hair. This was a delight as often one of the things that's removed in dandruff shampoos is the scent, and you are left with a product that can smell rather medical and that is certainly not what you want. The shampoo is lovely and creamy and lathers really well. It left my hair feeling clean, looking lovely, soft, with no tangles, and my scalp was super happy. No flaking or itching. I am very impressed and would happily suggest this product to anyone that might be having issues with a dry scalp.
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Gentle but efficient!

Was happy to get this as a sample product to trial as I suffer from a dry and irritated scalp. Head and Shoulders seems to be the only brand that seems to last longer and keeps my scalp from getting itchy. The shampoo lathers nicely with only a small amount. I use about a 50cent size piece on my shoulder length hair. I concentrate the lathering mostly in the itchy part of my scalp along the neckline. The smell is also pleasant and I feel like its hydrating and relieving the irritated skin. I gently lather and massage through my hair and it feels soothing and makes the process enjoyable. My hair smells fresh and feels clean afterwards and my scalp seems fine until the next hair wash. Recommended for anyone that suffers itchy and dry scalp.
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Works Great & smells delcious

I don't normally go for Head & Shoulders as it can do the opposite of fixing your dry scalp when you use it TOO much. However I thought I'd give this one a go as I'm a sucker for coconut. After 2 washes I found my dandruff was almost completely gone! The shampoo is creamy but when you use it the product doesn't feel greasy or heavy. It lathers up really well so I would recommend only using a small amount depending on the length of your hair. It does not leave any residue behind, my hair doesn't feel heavy nor does it look or feel greasy. However I have been warned by my hairdresser to stop using Head & Shoulders once I notice the dandruff has cleared up, she has advised it will slowly start to strip your scalp if you use it too frequently. Besides that its great for a drandruff flair-up!