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Herbal Essences bio:renew Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo

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Herbal Essences bio:renew Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo is a shampoo formulated to repair damaged hair. It is enriched with histidine, sea kelp and aloe to help remove the build up of free radicals and revive dull, lifeless hair after every wash. Hair is left touchably smooth and full of life. The shampoo is free of colourants, parabens and gluten.

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Herbal Essences bio:renew Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo


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Amazing smell

Since I was little I used to love the smell of herbal essence and I still do. I recently bought the Herbal Essences bio:renew Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo simply because I love the scent of these shampoos. I was so happy I bought it because after the very first wash not only my hair smelled amazing and it continued to smell so great through out the day. Even my mum asked me what I was wearing and o told her it’s just my shampoo. Ending up buying a bottle for her too. Now my hair felt super soft and I used it with the conditioner, the combo made my hair look more healthier and less frizzy and was more manageable.
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Delicious smelling shampoo

The Herbal Essences bio: renew Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo has a unique scent that can only be described as “hot man smell” and I’m obsessed. I always shampoo twice and find that some shampoos overly strip my hair, this shampoo did not. It provided a great deep clean while keeping my fine, bleached blonde hair in tact. It paired well with my hair-care routine and left my hair looking clean and shiny as well as provided a yummy long lasting scent. My hair responded well to the product and I found I only needed to wash it twice within the week, which means it stayed cleaner for longer without stripping too much of it’s natural oils. As far as drugstore shampoos go I would definitely recommend this to friends.
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Repairs damaged hair in just a few washes

I was lucky enough to be one of the crew members to have recieved this trial for review and i couldn't be glad enough, luckily it came in time before my Christmas travels so i carried them along with me, usually whenever i travel my hair tends to break, fall and dry, it all because of the change of climate and dust, but Herbal Essences bio:renew Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo came to my rescue. The scent is so good, made my hair smell so good all the time, it made my hair look so healthy and shiny, stopped my hair fall and moisturized it at there same time. intact my hair became even more healthy than what it is while I'm home. Every one complimented my hair, and because the shampoo made it look so healthy and shiny it was easy to style or sometimes i just left it to air dry and still looked like i just came out of a salon i love this product so much and i am so lucky to have received it from the beauty crew team, right in time before my holiday travels, I love how it makes me feel so confident and i look forward to my hair washing days which i used to dread so bad, it really goes well with its matching conditioner which equally makes the hair smooth and easy to comb with no tangles whatsoever. I highly recommend this product for damaged hair, and i would always go for my replacement now, this is my go to shampoo. the fact that it is herbal makes me love the shampoo even more, as i know there are no chemicals that would damage my hair in the future.
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Greta product

My first time using the Herbal Essence shampoo. The fragrance is subtle and not overbearing. Although, I didn't quite enjoy the texture against my skin when rinsing off, where it gives off a squeaky sensation rather than smooth. But that's about all I can fault. The conditioner is a bit of thicker consistency. After drying my hair I did notice it was particularly soft and smooth. I'm not sure I felt the full effects of the argan oil. But, overall the duo did great leaving my hair feeling healthy and fresh.
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Nice shampoo

I have dry, thick and very frizzy hair. I am always on the hunt for products to help put some moisture back into my hair and calm the frizz! I'm a sucker for argan oil products. I was excited to try this shampoo and conditioner set. I always loved Herbal Essence shampoo's and conditioner's as a child, I can still smell the reknowned fruity scent of their products! I tried this shampoo in conjuction with the conditioner. The shampoo is a great, thick but not too thick consistency, and has a pleasant smell that isn't overpowering. The shampoo leathered quite nicely in my hair, I used it as the second shampoo clean after using a cleansing + purifying shampoo as the first. I followed with the matching conditioner and continued my usual post shower hair treatment. My hair was left soft and silky, and I definitely saw a reduction in frizz. It's nice to know that supermarket products can still be a great option, especially for those on a budget. I'll definitely be recommending this to friends and family.
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Works well

This is the first time I've used this brand in many years, so was keen to see how the products worked on my coloured hair. I found the shampoo to have a nice consistency, and it lathered efficiently, without being over the top suds. My hair felt, and smelt very clean afterwards, and combined with the conditioner, it was very soft. I still feel my usual salon branded products do a better job, but for an affordable alternative that's readily available, this duo work very well together, and tick all the boxes. Recommended.
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Smooth and Fresh

This shampoo is another great Herbal Essences range. Herbal Essences is generally my favourite go-to hair product because it smells incredibly amazing but also gives you the results you want for great looking hair. This shampoo lathers well, leaves hair feeling soft, smooth, fresh AND renewed with the smell of coconut lingering throughout the day, night AND the next day. This shampoo doesn't make your hair feel oily and doesn't come off as too strong (unlike other shampoos). Love this range and will definitely buy again!
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Great lightweight shampoo

This is an excellent argan oil shampoo. I have quite dry and frizzy hair so was hoping for the best with this one. It doesn't foam a lot like other shampoos and I was worried my hair wouldn't feel as clean however it felt lovely after use. The smell is also amazing - I would definitely recommend to finish with the conditioner afterward. I like that it's endorsed by the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew and as an interesting addition on the packaging they have added the ingredients and a small comment on their role in the shampoo. It's a nice touch to a good quality shampoo.
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Smells beautiful

I've bee using the Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo for damaged hair in the past few weeks as part if a beauty crew member.  The shampoo smells beautiful and is is endorsed by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. It's free from parabens, colourants, and paraffin, Cruelty-Free & Vegan, pH-balanced and safe for colour-treated hair. I like that  the bottles are made from recycled materials and is environmental friendly. It has a pleasant scent to it. My hair feels soft, silky and nourished after its use. A great product to try.
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New hair who dis

The Argan oil of Morocco shampoo is a really nice shampoo. I had actually purchased it unknowingly before I received the products and I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for around a month now. The number one thing I’ve noticed is how good my hair smells and how long the smell stays! It’s a real clean smell but think perfume for your hair. My hair has been feeling much softer and is is more shiny too. Herbal Essences have come a long way in time time I’ve known the brand and I’m excited to be part of their journey. I would highly
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Beautiful shampoo to use !

One of my favourite products to use ! So glad I got the chance to review this product. I love the size bottle of this shampoo such a generous size. Leaves my hair feeling fresh and clean with a really nice shine. I will be using this product again for sure. It has great coverage when applying this shampoo, I love the smell and the feel once hair is dry and unlike some other shampoos that leave my sensitive scalp dry and itchy this shampoo does the opposite it feels hydrated and leaves me with no irritation.
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Super great for dry hair!

I’ll start with how amazing the scent for this shampoo is, it’s very very strong and smells like a floral smell, it’s divine! I have an oily scalp but the hair on my scalp is dry, I’m not shore if that makes scenes but it’s quite damaged from heat and thinning scissors, this shampoo made my hair shiny and it got rid of the dryness on the roots of my hair which I was so happy about because it was one of my pet hates. It foams up very well in the hair, a little goes a long way. After washing my hair, it feels clean and not crispy and dry like other shampoos leave your hair like. It’s a white liquid that is very runny but easy to apply. The packaging is different, but a good different it looks super cute on my shower shelf. It’s also amazing details on the packaging. It’s super affordable and easy to come by, this was the first product I have tried by herbal essences and I just brought a couple more things which I love so thank you Beauty crew for giving me the chance to trial this!!!!!
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Luxury in an environmentally friendly bottle

Gorgeous right from when you flip the bottle cap. Both the shampoo and conditioner are luscious and creamy, but not too thick or too runny. The smell of the shampoo is divine and really creates the illusion of being on holiday somewhere tropical and luxurious. I really liked the size of the bottles and can appreciate the environmental impact the company is trying to make. My husband also really liked the product; for him to mention it is high praise in itself. I found that the Herbal Essence bio:renew Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo made my hair feel very soft and healthy after multiple uses. The fragrance was certainly not overwhelming for regular use also. It was simply lovely to use, and felt like a treat for the senses. I would definitely recommend to my friends.
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Clean and Fresh

I generally love the Herbal Essences Range because it is single handedly the best smelling range out of all hair products. It’s no surprise that this product also smells great!!! The Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo leaves my hair feeling fresh, soft and clean with a waft of coconut which stays and doesn’t go away. My friends have also commented my hair smells great! Hair does not feel oily at all after using this product (even after two days noting my hair gets oily very fast) and lathers super well!
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Beautiful smelling products

I have been using the Herbal Essences bio:renew Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner for a couple of weeks and I love the scent, it left my hair smelling amazing. The shampoo did a good job of lathering well and left my hair and scalp feeling clean. The conditioner was nice and thick meaning you don’t have to use much and these products will go a long way. Overall the Herbal Essences bio:renew Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner are good products, provide value for money and left my hair feeling and smelling beautiful. I also found the packaging is very eye catching.
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Great shampoo

I have very thick hair so I usually don’t buy these smaller shampoo and conditioner bottles but I am pleasantly surprised with how it has made my hair feel. I have to use a lot of product to coat my hair evenly which makes wash day a mission in its self haha. So this bottle lasted 3 wash days so unless they have bigger 1 litre bottles I probably wouldn’t purchase again but onto the results. The formula consistency is not too thick but not too thin. It does have quite a strong scent which is abit over powering but not too bad. When combined with the conditioner it leaves my hair very soft, hydrated and smooth. I have a sensitive scalp and this does not irritate my scalp at all which is great! I am a bargain hunter so when herbal essences are on sale especially the 700 ml bottles
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Hits all the marks

Top marks for this shampoo! I was a bit hesitant with this range as it has oils in it - which always sounds nourishing, but often leaves your hair feeling weighed down! Not the issue here! My hair felt nourished and rejuvenated, without being heavy and falling flat. The shampoo and conditioner set work well together and have a great scent which isn't too over powering. Love that it's a product trying to reduce the additives that aren't the best for your hair, and scalp. Would recommend it to anyone.
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The Perfect Shampoo!

Herbal Essences products have always been a favourite of mine! I have dry, thick hair - so some shampoos and conditioners can be hit and miss. This Argan Oil of Morocco Repair shampoo leaves my hair feeling luscious and smooth ... like I just stepped out of a salon! Over time I noticed my hair start to repair itself and get stronger, which is always great for someone who uses a lot of heat on their hair. I feel like my hair is getting protection! The scent that the shampoo has is so yummy, and not over powering in any way! I'm very sensitive to smells, so if I truly didn't like it, I'd be the first to tell you! The bottles that the product comes in is easy to use, and you don't have to squeeze too hard either to get the product to come out. I would recommend to my family and friends, and I will be using this product in the future!
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Nice and Natural

Smell - delicate creamy almond milk fragrance. Not at all overpowering like some other hair products. Texture - silky and smooth. As it is quite natural, it does not irritate the psoriasis on my scalp though it does not lather as easily as ones with more chemicals. Effects - My longer hair and after using it, it feels stronger, smoother and shinier. My friends and family comments that my hair looks so healthy and so easy to comb. Packaging - nature with an elegant feminine touch. I like how at the back, it explains the ingredients in simple layman terms.
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Nice affordable shampoo..

This is a nice affordable shampoo by Herbal Essences. It lathers nicely and cleans the hair well, without drying it out. I was a little nervous that the argan oil may leave my hair looking oily, but thankfully this isn't the case. The scent is rather pleasant, and not too overpowering as they sometimes can be. I've been using this in conjunction with the conditioner from the same range, and I've been pleased with the results. Although it isn't my favourite range, for the price I think it is a great affordable option.