Impulse Luxe Body Spray Crystal Waterfall

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Impulse Luxe Body Spray Crystal Waterfall is an aerosol deodorant with long-lasting freshness and fragrance. It features a handy design with a widely recyclable can, as well as a twist-lock cap to hold in the scent. How to: First twist the top cap to unlock, then press down on the head of the product. Lastly, spray it anywhere, any time. For optimal results, hold can 15 cm from body and spray. Fragrance: You're on an exotic trip, standing near the shore, with a light breeze flowing through your hair as you breathe in the clear, refreshing air. You've got the whole future to think about the future. Right now, it's all about you. Get lost in the excitement of the moment. In that sweet summer aroma. Wear it. Express it. Trust your senses and femininity.

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Impulse Luxe Body Spray Crystal Waterfall


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Love it

I keep this Impulse Luxe Body Spray Crystal Waterfall in my handbag, I actually use it for everything sometimes at work I use it as a room scent. I love the smell of this and it doesn’t weigh much at all so you can easy add it to your hand bag. Smells really good and I love how affordable it is. It’s a must have to keep in your bag so you can use it on the go. Great product and great price. I recommend this Impulse Luxe Body Spray Crystal Waterfall to anyone. Love it. I bought it on sale so I paid very little for this bottle.
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Battle of the smell

When I first got this can I had nostalgia. I use to love the green and black can when I was in highschool. I loved the colour of the tin and the cute pattern. The twist lid new but average . I don't have a handbag but this would be perfect sizing for it . I feel really bad for saying this but it smells terrible . Like hair spray. I may have different smell to others but for me I don't recommend this . As for price point I'm not sure but I'm a woman of value so if the value for a bigger can was the same price or not much more I would be disappointed
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Great Body Spray

The new Impulse Luxe Crystal Waterfall body spray is an effective and long lasting deodourant. The size of the can is very convenient, as it can very easily slip into your hand bag and be carried around all day. The scent is quite pleasant but not overpowering. No marks were left on my clothing after using this great product. Also convenient was the easy twist lock on the top of the can. It is definitely worth giving this product as go. Well done to Unilever for creating such a quality product. I will definitely continue to use it every day and thoroughly recommend it to others.
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Smells great

Beautifully packaged, nice size that fits comfortably in your hand bag, easy to use design with a twist top instead of a cap, the smell is amazing, I really like it, I can see the scent wouldn't be for everyone but for me its amazing, scent is also lasting, I can spray it on in the morning and still smell it during the day, I would definitely buy this product again. Price point instore has definitely increased as everything has but I think it is affordable and does last, I have had many of these sprays and this one is by far my favourite one
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Room for improvement

I like the size of it. It is perfect to throw in your bag, but not small enough to get lost. The twist top is my favourite part. As someone who loses lids often, l loved the way they designed this to close without one. However, the scent was quite disappointing. It didn't smell terrible, but it didn't smell lovely either. I guess it's good if you want something unassuming. But my biggest issue with it was that I found that it didn't last very long. I prefer the ones that l don't have to reapply often.
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Toilet spray

I was give the Impulse Luxe Body Spray Crystal Waterfall as part of the trial team. I was very excited to trybb by this product as it reminded me of my teens as I loved their vanilla and berry products and was so sad when they were discontinued. The sizing of the spray is perfect as it fits in your desk drawer and hand bag. The top screws so it won’t go off or spray in your bag. I love how it’s small . The scent though was a bit disappointing. I wasn’t a fan. It reminded me of toilet spray. The scent lingered for a while. It was easy to use had nice packaging but the scent just wasn’t for me.
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Floral like smell, not for me.

Impulse has been around for so long and the scents are usually quite nice and have surprisingly good staying power but I agree with another reviewer that said this one reminded them of an air freshener as I thought exactly the same. Did not appeal me at all. Holding power was still good but just not for me and I’m not sure what demographic this would appeal to as I feel it would be more for an older person, even though Impulse is typically targeted at a younger person. I guess this would be ok to throw in your gym bag or if you just wanted to use a spray to freshen up without wasting your better or more expensive perfume . I think Impulse should stick to the originals and maybe reinvent them with a twist rather than a new range like this.
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Lovely scent - it reminds me of a particular perfume but I can't figure out which one. It is definitely a lot more concentrated compared to the regular Impulse body sprays, so the scent tends to stay on for quite a while. The bottle is sleek and a good size to carry around in your bag or purse. I also like the twist nozzle as it means there's no chance it will accidentally spray in my bag, but I also don't have to worry about the hassle of a cap. Overall I think this is a pretty decent body spray and definitely good value considering the price. I would buy from this range again.
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Convenient for a quick all over spray on the go

The Impulse Luxe body spray Crystal Waterfall can is the perfect size for your gym or handbag. The unique twist top is super easy and convenient (no cap to remove and replace each time). It's a pretty and elegant can to have on display. I found the scent pretty but pungent when it first goes on, though I didn't feel it had a lot of staying power. No one has commented on my scent like many do when I wear a perfume for example. I like it for a quick all over spray for everyday wear but probably wouldn't buy it on repeat.
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Perfect Summer Scent

The Impulse Luxe Body Spray in Crystal Waterfall is the perfect way to freshen up this Summer. The scent is light and fresh, reminiscent of the beach making it perfect for Summer. The scent however, does not last very long so you definitely need to reapply throughout the day. The design makes it very easy to take it with you on the go and to reapply throughout the day. It is a good price point, making it accessible to everyone and the brand is always reliable. I found it it did not irritate my skin, like some other sprays can do. I would definitely recommend this product, especially coming into Summer. It would make a great Christmas stocking stuffer.
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Great for teenagers

Impulse have been a trusted name for over 30 years, and I did use it in my teens but now that I’m in my 50’s, this is not a product for me. I am lucky that I can afford to wear high end perfume daily and while I went in with an open mind, this definitely does not compare. The scent is more like an air freshener than a perfume. It’s sickly sweet and I didn’t like it. The spray bottle and design is very modern and attractive and it is easily located at most major supermarkets and Chemist warehouse for $5-$8 a can which is quite cheap. This would definitely suit pre and teenage girls.
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Body spray review

This deodorant by Impulse Luxe is a special product to have on hand. I was really looking forward to trying it out and it met my expectations totally. Not only is the compact nice to spray and beautifully decorated it has the most beautiful fragrance. The body spray Crystal Waterfall is just as it seems to be, a fragrance infused with the beauty of pure delicate and refreshing scent! The twist lock cap is very good and ensures the product is protected until you are ready to use it again and again. It is important to follow directions and use it 15cm from the body. It is the perfect spray to take anywhere and use at any time. Crystal Waterfall is a beautiful deodorant.
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15 year customer of impulse

I received this impulse as a review crew member for free however I've been using impulse since I was 16 I love how easy they are to pop into your bag on a night out and I love how all the scents are different depending on your mood. I like how the lids have evolved to the twist top instead of the cap they used to have. This scent actually reminded me of an impulse I used to buy as a teenager so the nostalgia is definitely a factor. The only thing about impulse is the scent does not last too long on your clothes/body. I may have gotten older but impulse is still part of my regular routine and I love picking up a new fragrance every now and then. It's a yes from me
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Scent is comparable at expensive perfume brands

The scent was comparable to any of the expensive branded perfumes. Because of the dark packaging, I thought it was going to be heavy and woody but I was pleasantly surprised. It was fresh, fruity with light floral tones. I will definitely be using it and buying it in the future! Far more convenient to carry in your handbag as it’s not going to break and it doesn’t leak! It’s also lightweight so great for work and everyday use. The smell isn’t overpowering but I need to use it 4 times a day as it fades quickly. But I’m a convert and highly recommend it!
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A must have! Get yourself one!

I had some doubt when it came on my doorstep but oh boy was a wrong! Package was delivered safely after only 3 days so props to reviewcrew to be prompt on that. Amazing perfume in a small can. Very practical and long lasting. Even after a long day at work, i could still smell it clearly. A life saver before meetings. Everyone thought i was wearing a luxury perfume. I shared what i was wearing and everyone was totally mindblown! So yes quality product and would purchase when current can is done. Just put it in your bag and you are sorted the day! Total bang for bucks!
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No surprises

I think this product sets out exactly what it intended to do, its lightweight and easy to store however, storing it in a handbag without the lid (it doesn't come with one) can mean if your bag gets a knock, you'll have a purse full of Impulse. Its a fresh scent and a little bit goes a long way, I wouldn't use it in replacement of a perfume but rather as a quick freshen up if I'm on the run and need to feel fresh. It made me feel a bit nostalgic mostly, I wore Impulse a lot as a teenager so it reminded me of sunkissed days on the beach as a kid - all the girls had Impulse on!
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Great packaging, not so great scent

I really thought that the size of the Impulse Luxe Body Spray was great and perfect for the handbag. The twist top idea is clever and convenient, so you don't have to deal with caps coming off in your bag. I found that the scent was longlasting but not overbearing. Unfortunately the actual Crystal Waterfall perfume wasn't to my liking and while I think, it was meant to be exotic, it smelled a bit cheap and "toilet-cleaner"y to me. I wouldn't buy this product myself as it just wasn't the right fragrance for me.
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90's nostalgia

I have used Implulse since I was a teen in the late 90's. So there is quite a bit of nostalgia associated with receiving this. I really liked this fragrance as it was a nice crisp and fresh scent. I am not sure I would repurchase this particular fragrance as it's not really suited to me. But it lasted all day for me while sitting in an office setting. I will be exploring the other Luxe scents hoping I can find one that better suits my personal preference. The canister was compact enough to pop in my handbag and I love the lock feature.
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Great travel size

Talk about blast from the past, I remember using impulse in my teenage days. However, the only thing I felt that has improved over 20 years would be the size of the can (great travel size and fits into you bag) and I also enjoyed the adjustable nozzle which allows you to open and close the can. Even though the fragrance was pleasant, I didn’t feel it provided me with the sweat protection and staying power I now need as a working busy mum. Overall I feel this just wasn’t the product for me. It may be better suited to teens and young adults who aren’t as active. It did however feel fresh and cold on my skin so may be a great addition to the gym bag to cool you down after a workout.
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Takes me back! Being in primary school keeping a sneaky impulse in my bag, giving myself a little spritz before each class. Ohh the mems! Love the packaging still kept it cute after all these years, smell obviously wont last as long as a perfume of Vicki’s secret body spray but honey it still slaps. I will say, I did end up keeping it in my car as an air freshener which might not be the best thing. Is it the first thing I reach for at the start of my day? No but it’s just so nostalgic I think I’ll keep it around.