Impulse Merely Musk

RRP $6.00


Impulse Merely Musk is a body spray aerosol deodorant with notes of pink grapefruit and warm woods, resulting in a sweet yet sexy fragrance. Romantic in its intention and purely feminine, it is lovable, flirty and appealing. Inspired by the desire to fall truly in love.


Impulse Merely Musk


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Musky fresh spray to refresh

Love this body spray. It has a warm sexy woody scent with notes of grapefruit to keep it fresh and zingy. It smells musky and woody and is quite romantic. I love to spray this all over after a shower to feel fresh and pretty and I love that the scent is not overpowering yet it lasts for quite a long time. The impulse body spray range is great, at $6.00 it’s great value, won’t break the bank but still give a lasting pretty scent. I love the gold canister, it’s classy and pretty and I can just throw it in my bag for a quick spritz throughout the day and it’s especially great for the gym to feel fresh after a workout. Love this merely musk spray from impulse, it’s a winner for me

Pretty musky scent

This has a beautiful scent, it’s light, a little bit wordy and smells musky, sexy and romantic. I use this if I don’t feel like a heavier perfume and it’s perfect for day with a nice fragrance without being overpowering. It’s easy to use, just spray all over after a shower and applying deodorant. It’s perfect for summer and it gets compliments. It’s a great bargain at only $6.00 and the gold packaging is pretty. It’s a great size for throwing in my handbag if I want to reapply throughout the day. Great bargain product I can pick up at the supermarket