INIKA Certified Organic Vegan Lipstick

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INIKA Certified Organic Vegan Lipstick is an award winning creamy lipstick that contains organic natural Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil to moisturise and hydrate the lips without compromising on colour.
Certified Organic. Certified Vegan. Certified Cruelty Free. Certified Halal.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, Free from synthetic irritants, Certified Organic, cruelty-free, vegan and Certified Halal.

Available in 12 shades.


INIKA Certified Organic Vegan Lipstick


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I've been actively trying to swap most of my makeup for more organic and natural products because all the makeup we put on our skin gets absorbed which means we end up ingesting hundreds and thousands of chemicals a day.  In an effort to limit my intake of chemicals I decided to start trying different brands that were more "healthy" so to speak.  I had tried several of Inika's products before and was very pleased so I decided to purchase a lipstick for myself.  I went with "Auburn Ambition" which is a universally flattering dark red that matches my olive skin tone perfectly and is just the right colour for the fall and winter.  The lipstick was super creamy and had a low shine finish that provided long lasting, pigmented colour!  The lipstick was nourishing as it contained both shea butter, and several different types of oils including argan, jojoba and avocado oil to keep my pout moisturised and my lipstick looking even better.  My lips are normally on the dry side so I prefer my lip products to be extra hydrating because nothing looks worse than lipstick that starts cracking, fading and flaking off because the formula is drying.  I did not have any problems with the lipstick and was surprised by how long it lasted.  Because it is a creamy formula it can transfer but it still managed to look great for several hours. There was no fading, it didn't feather and didn't need to reapply!  They have a huge range of colours suitable for all skin tones which I am eager to try out.  Just like with the rest of the Inika range, they are cruelty free and vegan which means it contains no animal derived products! So you can look good AND feel good about using their products, not to mention it's 100% Australian owned (I like to support Australian branded products as much as I can).   Tip: If your lips are very dry or you need extra hydration use a lip balm first then follow up with the lipstick
as an organic obsessive , I definitely love this lipstick product.  I've been using this for weeks and I can't stop loving it and it's an everyday use 24hours.