INIKA Vegan Fan Brush

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INIKA Vegan Fan Brush is a makeup brush for achieving precise makeup application. The fanned, non-irritating bristles provide a sheer coverage and is great for touch-ups or removing any shadow fallout. 

Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, Free from synthetic irritants, Certified Organic, cruelty-free, vegan and Certified Halal.


INIKA Vegan Fan Brush


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A unique makeup brush which I use daily to apply a light wash of highlighter to my cheekbones, this Inika brush is a staple in my kit. It is a vegan and cruelty free brand and the brush is well made and of high quality. The bristles don't shed or go out of shape when washed and are gentle and soft on the skin. The fan brush shape is perfect for applying a natural looking highlight to the face and makes application a breeze. It distributes product very well and it is easy to achieve a professional result, even if you tend to be a bit heavy handed! One of the most-used brushes in my collection.
Highlighter is one of important finishing make up for me, so using the correct and good brush is also important. I love using this highlighter fan brush, it glides easily and caress my cheek on the right spots. It's also easy to clean too. The bristles doesn't easily deteriorated, so it's a plus point. This natural brush is one of a kind.
I adore inika makeup brushes and have several in my collection. I highly recommend them. This vegan fan brush is all natural with great quality bristles and it’s super easy to use. The fan shape means it distributes product easily for a natural finish with soft quality bristles that don’t shed. I use this for my highlighter, I find it highlights cheekbones perfectly with a wide sweeping motion, it’s also great for a was of sheer powder or even blush. The design is great, easy to use and the handle is good quality and comfortable to hold. I love the price as it does as good a job as much more expensive brands and it’s cruelty free, so great for animal lovers. I wouldn’t be without this brush and highly recommend it.
I am a great "FAN" of this brush. I use it daily to apply highlighter near my cheekbones as well apply a light dusting of highlighter underneath my eyebrows.  It gives a precise application and blends the highlighter to perfection. It is soft and fluttery just like a butterfly's wings and I enjoy using this brush in my daily makeup routine because it feels so soft on my cheeks and gives me the perfect highlight. The bristles are fine , thin and soft therefore it does not give you a dense application even if you are heavy handed. It applies the highlighter ever so subtly on my cheeks. I have washed this brush several times , the bristles stay in shape and does not shed. It dries so fast because the bristles are kind of wispy and feathery soft. It has a long thin handle therefore very comfortable to use.  I have also sometimes used it to dust off any eye-shadow fallouts from my cheeks as well as blend out my blush evenly particularly if i have been heavy handed. This brush disperses the product so well and creates a perfect finish. I enjoy using products from Inika because it is a vegan and cruelty free brand .  It is a pleasure to use this brush , every-time I use it I think of butterflies somehow and this makes me smile.