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Innoxa Save Our Skin SOS NoTox is a hydrating under-eye patch enriched with hyaluronic acid to smooth expression lines for refreshed and younger looking skin after just one application.

Price above is for 4 patches. Also available in a 10 patch pack.


Innoxa Save Our Skin SOS NoTox


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Incredible product. Temporary results.  I got a big box on Pl sale so it was not that dear for one or two times per week use. I have fine expression lines under eyes to tackle and prevent wrinkles. Love masks of all kinds and these are no different.  They are pure Hyaluronic acid that is somehow placed into the eye patches with some spikey texture on the side you place on the skin. Not painful, zero, just has that texture.  I used them overnight, more is better. In the morning peeling them off and revealing this lightened and zero puffiness under eye area was bliss! Plus ironed fine lines and plumped elastic skin. Just amazing! Wish though that they are a bit more affordable. If paying full price , botox works for longer term and you would pay same. But no invasive stuff and no sideeffects! So I do not know. If I had lots of $$ to splurge, than I would opt for the patches.  The results do last only for a day or two at start. Then if used more often, it is obviously better. But I was too lazy to fiddle with them. They come in sleeves protected and placed in plastic case inside these pockets. One side is to be peeled off at the edges and applied under the eye.  I definitely recommend wearing them all night. And in the morning peeling gently off from the inner corner of the eye where the skin is more delicate. Or if easier under the morning shower.
INNOXA NOTOX claims to be able to smooth fine lines, particularly crows feet in a non-invasive way via topical application. The active ingredient is Hyaluronic acid. The box comes in a package of 8 individual patches in a red and white box. Each set/pairs of patches are then packed individually in a metallic type envelope with plastic covering. The patch is made of semilunar shaped silicon which is a little tricky to get off the plastic sleeve initially. It is clear/transparent and fragrance-free. Each patch has a smooth side and rough, prickly side. Users are instructed to apply the patch with the rough side of the skin, and the prickly microstructure helps to deliver the active ingredients onto the skin. The patch does not feel comfortable to put on. It is strongly adhesive and difficult to peel off the skin if you decided you want to change the area of application. However, it is suggested to be applied on for at least 2 hours, and then it becomes very easy to peel off. I use the patches every 4-5 days (the instruction manuals suggests every 2-3 days gives the best results). I put it on for at least 3 hours, and on some occasions leave it overnight. It is slightly uncomfortable to sleep through the night with the patches on and i did not notice any significant difference using it for 2-3 hours versus overnight. So the verdict, i don't quite think it works. I did not notice any difference to my fine lines and crows feet around the eyes. Also, because the instruction is to apply the patch on clean skin without any other skin products, i actually feel my skin quite dry after use. But then i am in my mid 30's with mild fine lines. Maybe the effect is not as observable.
What an incredibly clever little thing, is how I would like to start off this review! This particular little helper comes in a box of 10, and while the price tag may be hefty at $100 for 10 pairs of patches, I can honestly say that this is worth it! These are designed to stay on the skin for prolonged periods of time, going from a minimum of 2 hours, up to overnight, which, in most cases, would be at least 6 to 8 hours. These have a sticky circumference, which means that they adhere very nicely to the skin, so please be careful when initially sticking them to the skin, so that you're not left with any sort of creasing.  What you'll notice when you first remove them from the pack is that each patch has rows of microneedles to get them to penetrate the skin, so there is a little bit of prickly discomfort when you first put it on, but it does go away. I love that these work for me while I'm sleeping, and that when I wake up in the morning, my undereye area is smooth and line-free.  While pricey, I do believe that this product works really well, so I'd definitely fork extra money over in the near future for more patches!
Make way for one of the best eye treatments around without surgical intervention! At first these can seem gimmicky - but I promise you, they are anything but! They are unlike anything I've ever used before, they are such a unique and interesting product to use and a refreshing alternative to the traditional eye cream. They come packaged individually in either a 4 pack or 10 pack - yay for hygiene, and are an adhesive eye patch for your under eye area. The instruction booklet included is written clearly and succinctly so there is no confusion with applying these patches. Once removing the patches from the foil wrapping, you peel the backing film off and stick the patch on your under-eye area, being careful to avoid air bubbles. You then sleep with the patches on overnight and remove them in the morning. However, the minimum time to wear these does state 2 hours - but I wanted to get the most out of these patches so I used them overnight (completely safe to do so). Enriched with hyaluronic acid which is widely known as one of the best skin saviours on the market for it's hydrating, tissue repairing and plumping effects, these patches are designed with microstructures to slowly infuse your skin with hyaluronic acid through tiny channels thereby making your skin more plump. This leads to a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. The adhesive is quite strong - the patches don't budge overnight and being the tossing and turning kind of sleeper I am I was initially worried they would fall off but was surprised when they were still stuck on my eye area when I woke up. Peeling them off is a strange but satisfying process. You have to pay particular attention to this step because as the adhesive is strong, and our eye is especially delicate, it's important to peel them off really slowly and carefully in order to avoid any excessive pulling or potential damage to the skin. I hold my skin taught with one hand and remove the patch slowly with my other. What I saw underneath were results that were initially pleasing but gradually even more and more impressive! There is a blatantly obvious increase in plumpness and skin elasticity after using these patches, it was incredible to see. Almost as if someone pumped an injection full of hyaluronic acid straight into my eye area! Because my eye area was so plump, this made my skin more taught and thereby reduced the appearance of my fine lines. They hadn't disappeared, but I didn't expect them too. It was the depth of the fine lines in my skin that I saw an improvement in and for me that was enough to get me hooked after the first go. As I kept using the patches (every 2 or 3 days according to manufacturer's instructions), I noticed a gradual improvement in my eye area that got more pronounced each morning after use. My under eye area also appeared brighter and more awake and youthful. My dark circles were less obvious, and generally the overall health and appearance of my eye area was greatly improved. Can these substitute for botox though? I think this is a hard comparison to make seeing as they are distributed in different ways and deliver different results, not to mention have different purposes! Botox injections have a much longer lasting effect and eliminates fine lines by relaxing the muscles - also preventing lines from forming as well. Whereas these patches infuse the skin with hyaluronic acid to make it more plump and brighter. Because of the plumpness, fine lines are reduced in appearance but are not eliminated. Also, the effects of the patches are short lived - every few days you need to undergo another treatment with the eye patches to maintain the effects of the patches. However the effects of the eye patches were still startling and so impressive that I'd gladly go another round of using them, At first I thought these eye patches were too expensive - but I understand that these patches use a really high percentage of pure hyaluronic acid so is it any wonder they are more expensive than your average eye cream? Nonetheless this may deter consumers from purchasing which is why I've taken a star off my rating. However it could be used just for special occasions. I would genuinely recommend people who are prone to dark circles, puffiness and fine lines to give this a go. It may not be as long lasting as botox but its certainly a more pleasant experience using these than jabbing your face with needles! The effects I experienced are definitely desirable among many women!
The Innoxia SOS line has been designed to help us with out skin woes without resorting to cosmetic injection procedures. The 'No tox', referrers to say no to Botox.  The patches are unlike anything I've used before. The side that sticks onto the skin is textured and 'spiky' to help the ingredients penetrate the skin I'm assuming.  The first night I used the eye patches, while it wasn’t a massive difference, I could tell under my eyes looked tighter and smoother and the skin didn’t feel as delicate. I’ve also noticed on the second, third and fourth night the results get more and more noticeable. The pros of this product is that it actually works. And how rare is that! The con is that it is very expensive. Either $99.95 or 199.95 means that it will be out of budgeting reach for a lot of people, which is the only reason it lost a star in rating.  I would recommend this to anyone who wants to see an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around their eyes.