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IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Angled Radiance #10

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IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Angled Radiance #10 is an angled powder brush designed for highlighting and sculpting with contouring makeup. The brush has a dense angled head that helps to create a smooth and even airbrushed finish. The brush contains 72,000 synthetic hair bristles and is pro-hygienic and cruelty-free. 


IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Angled Radiance #10


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I have been looking for a good quality contouring brush that is not overly pricey and this angled brush is definitely the one. The brush doesn’t make my contouring look patchy at all, instead it picks up the right amount of bronzer and spread nicely and evenly. The bristles are super soft on face. The only con is that it can’t be stored away like single brushes which can be annoying.
I’m that girl, the one who is always thinking about beauty, writing about beauty, talking about beauty and of course, playing and experimenting with beauty, every single day, and I’m not ashamed in saying that beauty is my life, my passion and soon hopefully my career. It is everything that makes up who I am in terms of personality and identity and I’m so proud of who I am today, thanks to the power of beauty. My bedroom and bathroom vanity looks like a bomb hit it but in the best, prettiest, shiny and beautiful way possible. Every brand, colour and product as far as your eye can see. A brush here, a palette there and foundations and lipsticks everywhere else . So much pretty. Speaking of brushes, one of the best ones I own, my absolute favourite one that I use every single day is this lovely It cosmetics angled radiance brush. A good brush or sponge is vital, it is what you need the most out of everything else, to not just apply your makeup but apply it beautifully and flawlessly every single time. Your fingers definitely have a place in applying makeup and having it melt into your skin seamlessly but if you want a beautiful, professional looking finish, you need this angled radiance brush. This brush and the It cosmetics cc+ your skin but better illumination cream are a match made in heaven and the combination I use every day for smooth, even, radiant, natural looking skin with the added bonus of SPF 50+ sun protection. When I’ve prepared my skin so it’s the best possible blank makeup canvas, by double cleansing, serum, moisturiser and primer, I simply apply a couple of small dots of the cc cream to my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and blend and buff like mad until it sinks into my skin seamlessly and in less than two minutes I have a full yet natural and radiant base of makeup. This brush is so fluffy and soft yet densely packed with bristles that buff any bb, cc cream or liquid foundation product perfectly into skin in just minutes and looks like a professional makeup artist has worked their magic on your skin. I’ve never used a brush like this and I will never use any other brush from any other brand again. I have found my bae of makeup brushes and once you do, you can’t ever go back. Plus it’s affordable, so pretty to look at and use and very easy to clean and dry. I am that beauty obsessed girl and I’m proud of it. It makes me so happy and excited every single day, especially when I find beauty gems such as this It cosmetics angled radiance brush that makes applying my base every day so much more fun and luxurious and there’s nothing better or more powerful or beautiful than that.