JERGENS® Natural Glow® + FIRMING Daily Moisturiser

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JERGENS® Natural Glow® + FIRMING Daily Moisturiser is a hydrating body moisturiser and self-tanner in one. It is formulated with a skin-darkening complex that gradually develops to create a subtle and natural tan. The gradual tanning lotion has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite within seven days, leaving skin looking visibly firmer.

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JERGENS® Natural Glow® + FIRMING Daily Moisturiser


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I bought this jergen moisturiser to take away with me to keep my tan/glow. I found I woke up the next morning and the tan worked really well throughout the night, it's definitely the most effective build-on tan moisturiser I've used. However, I did find that it came off quite patchy as if I had been wearing fake tan for a week.
If you want a nice glow and don’t want to hit the beach, this is the perfect product. It’s a beautiful texture that goes on smoothly and feels light. The scent isn’t too strong which is a winner! Cheap and easy to get from your pharmacy. Win!
I have used this tan lotion for a while now and have mixed opinions about it. Initially i liked the way it looked and is good for winter when you need a subtle bronze. It is easy to apply and feels moisturizing and refreshing on the skin. However the formula is clear and can be hard to see where you have applied the product and where you haven't. Also I find that it can be quite patchy and sometimes when I use it the colour varies, sometimes being orange or it is hard to notice. I love the smell though and does help with cellulite when used over a period of time. I would recommend to people who are already partially tan as then if the Jergens comes out patchy it's not as obvious.
Tan I love this tan, because it’s the most natural that have used. Being pale I’m always on the market for a good fake tan that looks natural. I generally turn out to be some kind of Ompa Lompa, but I’m always willing to give news tans a go. I was initially drawn to this tan because of the fact that it improved cellulite because I struggle with this problem and therefore jumped at a chance to experience this two-in-one. After trying it I found that I loved the coverage, smell, color and every aspect of this tan. I put it on before bed and I woke up with glossy tan legs, with minimal streaking. Throughout the day I found that the tan only increased and by doing so gave me more confidence. I found the color measurement sale on the back really helpful, because it shows you the starting, and then progressive colors that the tan will be. Overall, I am very satisfied with this product and the gorgeous legs it gives me, I highly recommend it!
As someone who suffers with dry skin, I am skeptical about gradual tanners as they often don’t give my skin enough moisture. The Jergens Natural Glow gradual tanner was super hydrating to my dry skin & slowly gave an even tan all over, with results seen in just a few days. It did have a distinct ‘fake tan’ smell, however it wasn’t overpowering & the benefits certainly outweighed the negatives
I loved this product! So perfect coming into Summer as it leaves my skin feeling really well hydrated while also bronzed and glowing. I've been using it daily and really notice the colour after a few applications. It's really easy to use, and the scent wasn't at all overpowering like some fake tans can be. Overall would definitely continue to use this product and would recommend it to anyone.
Sceptical of self tanning products.  Always been a spray tan gal. But did give this product a chance and it is great.  Lovely scent.  Easily applied and absorbed.  Beautiful natural looking colour.  I'm definitely a fan. However.... there was absolutely no change to my cellulite situation.  I'm thinking that might require a miracle!
Smell was light tropical,  subtle and not overpowering. I applied it to cover tan marks and it blended into my natural skin colour really well. I haven't been a fake tan person as I tan easily, I don't sun bath, and always stay under the shade but I still get a tan despite using SPF 50. The moisturiser was easy to rub in. I did however get an itchy rash on my arms. I'm not sure if it was caused by the scrub or the moisturiser? So if you have sensitive skin would pay to do a test before applying all over.
It was really hydrating and i was impressed with the low low level of streaks. I noticed after 7 days an improvement with my skintone and loved the natural colour it provided. It was easy to apply and left no mess on my hands. The fragrance was mild but sweet!
I received this product as part of a trial. I was very excited as I had a wedding and needed to get a nice glow quickly. I followed all instructions and could see a difference within 3 days. I had to be carful to apply the cream to a different spot before rubbing in each day as I did develop a dark patch. I liked the colour but do not rub dry with a white towel after your shower!!! Pat dry only or you will rub all your hard work off.
The moisturizer had a mild smell which was great for me. I loved the gradual sun kissed glow it gave to me after few days of use. Has been part of my daily routine since couple of weeks now. I would anyday prefer this over a "natural" sun burned skin.
I have been using this Jergens firming lotin from last week and I can say it’s does it’s job quite well ! The colour I tried is medium to tan and I have used it on my freashly shaved legs and I can say that after using this my confidence was certainly up and my legs were nicely and evenly tanned , colour was shown quickly and didn’t looked patchy but I couldn’t see any change in my skin texture other than that it’s a really nice and quick tan lotion to use without any stress at all!
This product is the perfect combination of moisturiser and gradual tanner. It gives the perfect slight glow without going over the top and doesn’t smell like a self tanner. The fragrance is beautiful and it left my skin feeling really soft and  subtle.withiut feeling greasy. Definitely a product I would recommend.
As a gradual tanning moisturiser, I love this. It leaves a healthy glow to the skin and applies evenly. The scent I don't mind. However, I'm yet to see any firming or reduction in cellulite. I'll keep using this for gradual tanning purposes but I'll be looking for something else for to help with cellulite.
An excellent product! I have used the fair to medium one and did not notice any difference but with this one, after couple of applications it really gave a nice tanned glow and my pale legs looked so nice. It moisturises really well and does not leave a greasy feeling. Would definitely recommend it!
I love a gradual Tan and this product ticks all the boxes. It smells amazing leaves your skin feeling super soft, gives and incredible color that is really natural and is great for topping up your color and giving a gorgeous glow,  I definitely will be keeping this product on my list.
I quite liked this product but the smell can be bothersome, I don't like that the 'I have put fake tan on' smell! The product itself is fantastic at building a wonderful tan that is quite natural looking. I think its important to mention that it does make your bed sheets smell as well! Would I buy this product again, probably not.
I’m naturally tan although in the winter months can be lighter than usual. This product may be helpful to even out my skin colour for my legs. I have yet to see the results as it may take a while to catch up with my darker coloured arms. This is my first time to try a self tanning product so I am hoping for positive results with regular use.
This product wasn't too bad. It wasn't the best gradual tanner I've used but also wasn't the worst. I have medium tanned skinned naturally so it didn't take too long to see the slightly deeper colour to appear, maybe around 3 days worth of applying it once a day. The product comes in a stand up tube which is handy and doesn't smell too bad in the tub. As with other tanners, you put it on and rub it into the skin and wait a few minutes to dry. I would recommend at least 10 mins if possible. Then must always wash your hands to ensure you don't get the patchy colour. I did notice the smell after a while wasn't as pleasing as it was before in the bottle. The great thing about gradual tanners is that you can control how dark you want it through the number of applications and perfect for going into summer!
I got to try this along with the body scrub, the fragrance of this scrub smells like a fake tan product. I don't really like this fragrance. I would also recommend letting the product dry completely before putting on your clothes, because the product can transfer. There is gradual tan after a week. But I can't stand the smell. People I work with asked if I have been applying fake that's no good.