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JERGENS Natural Glow Daily Moisturiser is a gradual tanner that adds a subtle and natural hint of colour to the skin with continued use. The moisturiser creates a bronzed glow without streaking and doesn’t have a tell-tale self-tan scent.


JERGENS Natural Glow Daily Moisturiser


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Moisturising but too light

Unfortunately I think I chose the wrong colour with this moisturiser. It comes in light/medium and medium/dark. I have a medium warm skin tone and chose the light/medium as I didn't want a dramatic tan (just wanted to even out some tan lines), but I didn't see a difference after using this for a few weeks. Firstly, it has quite a strong fragrance. It's not unpleasant, but it lingers and day after day I felt like the scent really stuck with me. However, it's a thick lotion which applies well and doesn't leave you too sticky. However, as it's a gradual tanner, I just didn't get the results I was hoping for.
Jergens gradual tanner is really great. Comes in a squeeze tube that delivers a small white lotion. The lotion smooths over skin easily and absorbs instantly. There is no colour and it absorbs instantly not leaving a greasy residue. Instantly skin is soft and smooth. This moisturiser leaves skin tight toned and smooth. Within a day there is a light colour and within three days there is a nice tan that looks natural and olive- no orange fake tan look. This is also great for maintaining the look of a spray tan and fades gradually. I find there is still a fake tan smell that can tend to linger, after washing this fades. The moisture from this gradual tanner lasts and leaves my skin soft smooth and hydrated. With a natural tan look.  I love this one and its the best gradual tanner on the market. The price and bottle size is brilliant value.
I have tried a few self tanners and have to say that this isn’t one of my favorites.  I bought this last summer when I had a social event to attend.  I exfoliated really good and used the self-tanner every day for a week.  Right off the bat, I didn’t care for the smell.  It definitely has that self tanner odor even though it claims that it doesn’t.  The color wasn’t all that bad but I found it to be streaky.  Although the price was good, I don’t believe it is good quality.  I know there are better self tanners that are a little bit pricier but give you a much higher quality product!
The cream is on the thicker side, when you rub it into the skin it absorbs well and smells pleasant. It’s moisterising, which is good but the purpose of this product is a gradual tanner. I used it everyday for 5 days and I wasn’t impressed with the colour pay off, for the amount of product I used I would have preferred to just fake tan once a week and get on with it. I kept trying with it, and used it after I applied fake tan but I didn’t intensify the tan at all. Once the product dries and you leave it on for a few hours it will have that fake tan smell to it. I mostly used it as a moisterising agent during the winter months as I found it to be too balmy in texture for summer. It took me around a month to get through it with regular use during the week.
This product is my go to whenever the sun starts to shine,I want to look and feel Ive already been on holiday and a soft glow tan does it for me. The scent although advertised as not your typical self tan smell is still not natural, it does dissipate but its part and parcel of self tanners. The tube is great, easy to grip and squeeze out the desired amount and so easy to pack for travel. As always exfoliating before you start your self tan regime is essential. Go lightly around the knees and ankles and allow time to dry properly. I found with daily application it took 5 days before I looked softly tanned. Take your time with this product and you will get a natural result at a really good price.
I adore moisturisers that contain gradual tanners as they give a gorgeous natural glow while hydrating. This is exactly what this jergens moisturiser does, it delivers a gorgeous healthy bronze glow, no streaking and beautiful subtle colour. this moisturiser builds a tan gradually and is super hydrating and nourishing. It sinks into skin immediately and glides on with ease. I love the price, so economical for such a beautiful moisturiser. this feels light to wear, non greasy and leaves my skin looking healthy. This is a great product for those who do not like to use fake tan, its more subtle and so easy to use. it dries quickly and looks amazing. I highly recommend this product
I think I’m one of the few people who isn’t particularly impressed by this product! It has received so much hype over the years, but I don’t think it’s warranted. It is marketed as a hassle-free daily moisturiser that develops into a tan, however the combination of the two doesn’t work great for me. As a moisturiser, it’s a nice enough option. It’s quite thick (and not what I prefer in the warmer months), but it does spread easily and leaves the skin feeling moisturised. Given the thickness of the product,the 221ml tube last about a month. As a gradual tan, I don’t love it. You have to be particularly careful around the knees, ankles and elbows as they can get patchy and streaky very easily, which isn’t a great look. In my experience, the best results are achieved by using a tanning mitt, but this defeats the purpose of it being fuss-free moisturiser. Once it develops (after 2-3 applications), the colour is quite nice and provides a sun-kissed look to the skin, however it does have the potential to turn orange if you use too much too often. Once you have achieved your desired colour, I would reduce usage to maintain the colour without turning it orange. It doesn’t transfer, which is great (especially for my beloved white t-shirts!). Lastly, I don’t love the scent. It’s smells quite strongly of fake tan and it does linger on the skin. Honestly, I would prefer to apply a designated fake tan once a week and use a regular moisturiser, rather than this product.
The Jergens natural glow daily moisturiser has all the benefits of a moisturiser with the added perk of giving your skin a beautiful (and very natural looking) tan.  The effects of the tan are very subtle so don't expect it to be like your regular self tanner.  I personally have never used tanning products and this is about as close as I'll get to it.  I have light coloured skin and the moisturiser gradually gave my skin a healthy glow without that fake orange look that I so desperately despise.  The moisturiser I used was "fair to medium" and pouring out the cream I realised that it was white so you couldn't even see any colour in it.  I rubbed it all over my legs, arms and body and within a minute the product was fully absorbed.  It wasn't streaky and it didn't leave any residue behind.  If I hadn't known I would've thought it was an ordinary body cream.    After two days I noticed that my legs looked a bit more tan.  It had that golden colour as if you had been out in the sun for a bit.  I used it consistently and found that the colour would develop but only to a certain point.  It wouldn't get too dark and you wouldn't have to worry about it coming off or leaving any marks or stains on your clothes.  If you're scared (or not a fan) of fake tan, too lazy or just want a hint of colour then I would definitely recommend this.  You're not committing to a full on tan but you still get that sun kissed glow. The price is affordable and I use it all year round to give my pasty skin some colour. The moisturising benefits are just as good.  My skin stays soft, it doesn't feel greasy and it won't leave any residue.   Pros: -Moisturising and lightweight -Gradually gives your skin colour -Easy to use -Colour won't streak or transfer
Nice and easy cream to slather on after a shower to top up a tan during a busy week. It has a slight tan smell, but not too strong. It doesn't feel greasy and you can dress quickly. Its good value for money to remember summer for a little longer.
I was first introduced to the Jergens brand when I received the Jergens Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Moisturiser in my first ever Marie Claire Parcel- which I fell in love with from the very first use.  I am a very busy mother of one, juggling the demands of work, study and family life on the day to day. I simply don't have the time to perfect the self tanner, and the one time I tried, it turned out to be such a disaster that I am still bitter about the $30 bottle that almost ruined my life (possibly a little exaggerated).  The Jergens Daily Glow Natural Moisturiser promises a natural , gradual tan, without the stress of streaks or unpleasant stink - could it be too good to be true? Definitely not! Oh how I love a product that serves more than one purpose. The light lotion is wonderfully scented, without being overbearing and very quickly absorbs into the skin quickly, allowing you to get dressed and get on with your day in no time.  On the first application I noticed that my skin felt lightly moisturised and it's texture was improved. By the third day, my skin had this beautiful, natural looking glow all over, and yet my white bed sheets hadn't suffered. Now that I have used this product for a couple of weeks, I am still enjoying the no fuss, quick and easy part of my routine of applying this product every second night and enjoying the beautiful, natural looking glow. The little effort had certainly given me some big pay offs. Pros: -Quick and easy to apply, with a light lotion that is easily absorbed without the need for downtime.  - Delivers on its promises and leaves skin feeling moisturised from the first application, and gradually builds a much envied natural looking tan in just a couple of days. - Very affordable. - Doesn't ruin your very expensive white Sheridan sheets. Cons: - It doesn't fix cellulite?  Recommendations: Highly recommended for all time poor people or people who are as fearful of applying fake self tan as I am, but still wish to enjoy a gorgeous, natural looking tan year-round.
Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturiser is the perfect tanning moisturiser for those who have not mastered how to do self tan!!! Yes I am talking about myself. The product is a lovely body moisturiser, which feels and smells wonderful..  It does not smell like a self tanner and doesn't stink for days afterwards.  The texture is light and soaks quickly into the skin. The moisturiser soaks in quickly and makes your skin feel lovely, it has a smooth feeling and your skin glows.  It soaks in very fast so you can dress or pop your pyjama's on.  The smell is very pleasant. I used this moisturiser once a day. and over a few days you will notice your skin gradually getting a little more tanned with each application.  The great news is there will be no orange streaks, blotchy areas or awful smell.  The result looks very natural.  My initial thoughts were how wonderful does this feel and smell, it's not like a self tanner at all.  It is with great pleasure that I use this everyday and my skin looks tanned, healthy and is much smoother in texture. After a few days, the colour was still rich and golden, with no streaks.  I got the best colour after 4 applications, so then I stopped using it for a few days, and then you can simply start again, and build up the colour each day until you are happy with the results. PRO's A gorgeous tanning moisturiser, that you can use daily until you are happy with depth of colour A fabulous price No streaks or blotches No orange colour CON's Like any tanning produict, please remember to wash your hands thoroughly as the product would colour your hands I recommend this to anyone who wants to look gorgeous, all year round.  It's an excellent product if you have had problems with self tanners in the past, as it is easy to use, the colour builds gradually and you get no streaks!!
I'm currently using this moisturising lotion on my legs and it gives my skin a natural looking glow and makes my legs look smooth and sleek. It is non greasy and has a gentle cocoa butter and vanilla scent. It is a mild and inviting fragrance that is perfect for using as a daily moisturiser. My legs look like they have a natural light tan to them and it looks like I've been out in the sun, pure and natural! I have been using this lotion daily for about 2 weeks and now notice the slight sheen and glow to my skin. It is an easy and economical way to have a good nourished appearance to the skin. Pros: -easy to apply, non greasy, non sticky, low priced  Cons: -slight tan isn't immediately noticed, so it takes a few days to notice any change Tips: -us on your arms and especially shoulders to look extra sleek and pretty Recommendation: -this everyday moisturising lotion is great for anyone who wants to build up a gradual sunkissed look to their body while keeping their skin soft and dewy 
This daily self tanner is a moisturising lotion formula that advertises it's 'great scent'. I wouldn't go as far as to say great, but it's pretty good for a self tanner. I've tried some terrible smelling lotions, so this fragrance is a plus. It's is really lovely and emollient and does a great job at moisturising. It makes my skin feel really soft and hydrated.  I've found that it takes about 3 days of daily use to build up a tint, and it gets deeper the with continued daily use.  Initially I was worried that I would not apply the lotion evenly enough and get a streaky result, but each time I have found that the colour is even. I also was wondering if it would stain my hands, but I've found that by washing them after application that they haven't marked, which is also a pro.  I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in a daily self tanner, as they are notorious for their odour, however this Jergens product has much less of the classic DHA tanner smell than others. 
I love having that faux summer tan look but honestly I do not enjoy the process: Having to use a tanning mousse, applying the products to hard to reach areas, making sure it blends well, waiting for it to dry and making sure it doesn't stain my clothes or my white sheets.  I'm a quick and easy, no patience type of girl so I don't like to commit to products that are time consuming.  The next best thing I found was to use a moisturiser that contained a gradual tanner.  It's a two in one so whenever I moisturise, morning and night, I am keeping my skin hydrated while also adding a nice, natural looking glow at the same time.  I used it on my arms and legs and within two days I saw a difference in my skin tone.  Overtime the colour would become a bit deeper but not too dark.  It didn't streak, the colour wouldn't rub off on my clothes or bed sheets and it had the nicest smell.  It's perfect for those who have never used a tanning product before and want to slowly introduce some colour.  Or for those, like myself, who are too lazy to use fake tan and dont' want to change their routine around too much!  Pros: -Natural looking tan -Doesn't streak -Affordable -Hydrates the skin -Builds colour gradually -No wait time for drying -Doesn't transfer onto clothing -Suitable for all skin types -Works well for fair to medium skin tones