Jeunesse Instantly Ageless

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Smooth fine lines and tighten skin with the Jeunesse Instantly Ageless, a facial cream that de-puffs under-eye bags and gives skin a firmer look, with results that last up to nine hours. This anti-wrinkle cream works in less than two minutes and can also be used to lift hooded eyes and minimise pores.


Jeunesse Instantly Ageless


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I have puffiness under my eyes,some days worse than others,so I have tried a lot of this type of product. This would be the best that I have tried,but it isn't a product you can just slap on. It takes a deft touch,small feathering strokes of the product from your fingers,& patience as dries. Best under moisturiser or a moisturising foundation,don't wear on its own. Probably best used for special occasions,or when you need to look good in photos,it wouldn't be comfortable to wear on a daily basis. Understandably,rubbing the area or being overly expressive,can make flaking appear,but if you remember not to it's fine. Absolutely works,lines & puffiness are temporarily gone,but replaced with a slight tightening,which for me,is a fair price to pay for great eyes.
I received a box of the Jeunesse Instantly Ageless as part of my Marie Claire 'The Parcel' subscription, and it is a miracle worker! Each box comes with 50 sachets, to use - you just lightly pat on the product and don't make any expressions for about 2-3 minutes! Word of caution, don't put too much on as the product will end up feeling chalky on your skin. The smallest amount under each eye refreshes and tightens the bags under my eyes within a few seconds. I have also used this product all over my face and love the tightening sensation and results. Definitely recommend as a quick fix for wrinkles, sagging skin or bags under your eyes - it's like a quick, painless facelift! Who can resist that?!
This really does have a great effect on wrinkles, making them smooth out and I felt like it made a big difference on me. I did have trouble with it when I put on my foundation over it, I really had to be careful to dab on my foundation rather than smooth it on so as to not rub off the cream. You can feel it on your face the whole time and I don't like being able to feel any make up or products it makes me want to scrub my face clean but that is just me (I also hate the feel of false eyelashes). It is worth a try as I think it certainly does as it says and whether it works really well for anyone is a very individual thing. I believe how well this works is very dependent on your skin, how many/deep your wrinkles are and what make up and moisturisers you use
This product did give genuine, fast results but to me, felt like misplaced Botox. Is also not good for use under lighter coverage foundations. Look, the product does work however I felt like I had used sticky tape under my eyes and then had forgotten to remove the tape. I will use the sample (which was very generously sized) but will not repurchase. If prone to a lot of eye wrinkles then you might actually enjoy the instant results - I'd try to score a sample before you buy it though.
Love the outcome of this product!! I tried this formula under my eyes as they can look quite tired and droopy. Once I applied, I could feel the product working instantly. My bags under my eyes were gone and my fine crows feet were vanished. Its just a pity it only lasts temporarily! Can be used under any moisturiser and foundation. Invisible to the eye, no one will know you have a magic formula hiding your imperfections :) The packaging is great, you receive 50 individual sachets with about a teaspoon in each. This is plenty per sachet. I used about a quarter to half a teaspoon for around my eyes. The down side of the product is the extremely tight sensation. I felt like I was constantly stretching my face to feel comfortable again. I would only use this product if I were going out socially.
Strange stuff!! The first time I used it...just to test it out, it was the oddest feeling. i didn't read the instructions properly and put it on dry skin. I could feel it tightening my whole face, but when I tried to put makeup on after, it was peeling off and made me look like I had some sort of skin issue! Then I read the instructions and tried again....all good this time. I do note that you have to be careful not to rub your face at all or it might start to peel. But a fun product that I will have to play with a little more. Definitely works in the tightening and smoothing department though.