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John Frieda Hydrate & Recharge Conditioner quenches thirsty,  lifeless strands with a surge of powerful moisture. Infused with nutrient rich drops containing monoi oil and keratin, this conditioner for dry hair nourishes dry, brittle strands for touchably soft, silky hair that moves with you.

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John Frieda Hydrate & Recharge Conditioner


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Softens my hair

I received a sample of this Conditioner and I really like it because it softened my hair. It's thick and white in colour and has a divine fruity sweet smell. I applied through my mid-lengths and ends, combed it through and left it on for a few minutes then rinsed. It left my hair ever so soft and manageable. Once my hair dried naturally it was still soft and not as frizzy at it sometime can be. I would recommend to leave this in your hair for a few minutes before rinsing and I would recommend this to anyone with dry, frizzy or damaged hair. I would purchase this myself.

John Frieda Hydrate and Recharge Conditioner

I had the opportunity to try a sample of the John Frieda Hydrate and Recharge Conditioner. I have dry, bleach damaged hair so was looking forward to hair wash day to give this conditioner a try. As the name suggests, this conditioner hydrates the hair, being formulated with monoi oil and keratin, known for their moisturising properties. The conditioner came in a one use foil sachet. It has quite a thick cream consistency which I prefer in a conditioner. I love the fragrance which is sweet, fruity and delicious. I was concerned that there wouldn't be enough conditioner for my long hair, but there was plenty to coat my strands. I concentrated on the lengths then proceeded to massage the remaining into my scalp. The conditioner rinsed out easily and I loved just how soft my hair felt. Upon first impressions, I am in need of a full size because using once wasn't enough. Definitely a win for me!
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A conditioner that my hair loves

I really liked this conditioner, after using the shampoo I then put a dollop of the conditioner between the mid-length to the ends of my hair. I left it on for about 3 minutes before washing off and straight away my hair felt super smooth with little to no tangles. Like the shampoo it smells super fresh with the great salon quality smell that isn't overpowering. I like the blue bottles, very fitting since its all about hydration and looks great in the shower. From the first wash to now, my hair continues to improve with minimal hairloss which is fantastic!
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Ok produft

I was super excited to try this John Frieda conditioner to give my hair a much needed boost from its usual dryness. The product looked enticing with a lovely bottle and claims to assist moisture lacking hair. I used a reasonable amount and it felt great in my hair and really felt it was conditioning well. It was reasonably easy to wash out and smelt nice and clean. Once dry, infelt it was a little lack lustre and a tad oily. Perhaps it was not washed out completely. I will continue to try this product to see if there are some ling term improvements on my dry hair.
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Try it - you'll love it

I trialled this conditioner along with the John Frieda Hydrate & Recharge Shampoo. It's such a nice product and here's why - Great packaging. Good shape to the bottle - packs well for travel and looks great in the shower. Really cute blue colour. And simplistic lid. Really lovely smell. I am generous with my conditioner but it washes in and washes out so nicely. You know how some conditioners don't even feel like you've used one once you've rinsed your hair? This isn't like that! I think both bottles will probably run out around the same time as I'm a 2 shampoo / 1 conditioner per wash. My hair feels and looks healthier - it really does!
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perfect conditioner for dry damaged locks!

This conditioner won me over! I love to use (probably) too much conditioner to keep my locks hydrated and smooth and concentrate it mainly on my ends. This conditioner smells the same as the others in the range, which I loved the scent of all together.. The blue bottle is definitely something that stands out to me as it isn't like any other shampoo or conditioner packaging I have seen before (the typical tube and bottle duo etc). The size also makes it very travel friendly. I found it kept my locks hydrated and bouncy for longer. The use of the trio made me love my hair again and I was able to put off a cut I thought I desperately needed, for a little longer. This non greasy thick conditioner is my new favourite and I would definitely suggest it for others with dry/damaged hair looking to bring it back to life.
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Sweet smelling

I have tried this conditioner as apart of the beauty review crew along with the other products in the range. I’m super happy with all products but in particular the conditioner, I firstly love the sweet smell which is obviously always a bonus when hair racer smells delish. I absolutely adore the way it made my hair feel, so super soft and fluffy, detangled my knots easily in the shower and was overall so easy to work with. Didn’t leave my hair feeling greasy either, nice light consistency of product too which didn’t feel heavy in the hair. Love this product and would definitely recommend and continue to use again.
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Hydrating conditioner

I used the conditioner after shampooing with the John Frieda shampoo, and I liked the texture of this conditioner as it is nice and thick. Not much is needed to condition the hair, and the fragrance is fruity and sweet. My hair felt a little softer after using this, but I have to be honest and say that I have used other conditioners that are better suited to my hair type. I also prefer to use products that are Australian made where possible, so that may deter me from buying this conditioner in the future.
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I love this one so much!

First of all, I like the different look on the packaging of the conditioner and the entire range. The size is perfect to carry when you’re going out of town or a vacation. It has a very light texture so it is very easy to apply on wet hair. I am blown away as I rinse it off my hair, as if my hair is already bouncing soft under water. It really feels different than other conditioner that I have used before. It also has a great sweet scent as the shampoo. Hair feels soft and bouncy when dry. It works perfectly with the shampoo and hair does not feel greasy even after a few days without wash.
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So softening

My hair felt amazingly smooth, soft and silky and looked even better than it felt. I found that my hair was easier to straighten and style, which made the process quicker than usual, resulting in less heat on my hair which is always beneficial! My bleached ends looked much smoother and less brittle and I had minimal flyaways in comparison to usual. The packaging is appealing and easy to use. I love the smell, the whole range is divine. The monoi oil and Keratin give a smooth sheen to the hair and I’ll definitely use this product long term.
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Great for detangling minimal hair loss

I quite like the light blue colour and easy to open/close lid of this bottle. I feel like the bottle somehow seems small but it is indeed 250ml which is standard size for most brands so just a bit deceiving bottle. As I have very dry curly frizzy hair I was very excited to try this product. I find my hair knots veryyyyyy easily in the shower, sometimes I have to physically rip them out with my hands!!! But this conditioner had a lot of slip to it, detangling was not a problem at all! There was minimal amount of hair loss too which was a huge plus for me! My hair did feel really soft afterwards but I think still a decent amount of frizziness and fly aways remained. Unfortunately I only had a few days to trial this product and only had the chance to use it once so I will keep using it for sure and hopefully over time there will be improvement as with most hair products a few times is needed to actually work!
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Small Bottle, Big Results!

Soft and silky waves for days! I'm fond of the sweet smell and my hair happily soaked up the lightweight yet nourishing consistency of this conditioner. I was sceptical that the bottle directed me to apply from roots to tips, as this goes against what I've always thought and done... Rest assured, there is method to the madness and it worked a charm :) A sleek and compact bottle, the packaging is a calming baby blue with a simplistic label. Convenient size for travelling and keeps clutter to a minimum in the shower. I enjoy the design of this flat lid. It opens with ease to reveal a small decanter that pours the product in a controlled manner - precise, no mess or spills :) I always used it following the Hydrate & Recharge Shampoo.
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Conditions Your Hair

I was excited to trial a “John Frieda” product having never used them before and I was not disappointed. It came in a small cute light blue container which was easy to open and use and on opening I was greeted with a lovely fragrance. I used this after washing my hair with the “John Frieda Hydrate & Recharge Shampoo” and found that it was nice and creamy and easily distributed through my hair and it rinsed off easily. Most conditioners recommend leaving on for a few minutes but this one didn’t, so I left on anyway while I was washing my body, etc. After completing, my hair was left soft and able to be easily combed and styled. I have coloured hair and this product has not faded my colour and I am confident with continual use this shampoo will continue to keep my hair in great condition. I would definitely recommend using this product, preferably with the matching shampoo.
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John Frieda Hydrating Conditioner

I recieved the John Frieda Hydrating conditioner as part of th ReviewCrew and have enjoyed using it. I loved the fresh, pleasant scent (I am unable to pinpoint what it is exactly but it's pleasant) and the thick, creamy texture. It has excellent slip and is very easy to work through the lengths and ends of the hair. For referrence my hair is waist length, thick and wavy so I do tend to use a lot of conditioner; this one I had to use abour 4x 20c coin sizes to coat the lengths and ends. I found it to be quite moisturising, it rinsed out easily with no weighed down after feel, film, heaviness or stickiness. Hair was much easier to brush after using and left feeling softer.
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Great conditioner

John Frieda Conditioner comes in really pretty light blue packaging and is easy to use in the squeeze bottle which is a good size. The conditioner washed out quite easily as some thick conditioners take a while longer to remove, this wasn’t the case. When I was blowdrying my hair I instantly noticed that my hair was much more manageable and had a healthy shine to it. My hair instantly felt smooth and had slip, but it didn’t feel weighty. It had natural bounce and moved freely, meaning it took way less time to style with a curling iron. Using the John Frieda hydrate and recharge shampoo first then followed by conditioner works best.
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Mini-keratin treatment

The use of Monoi Oil and Keratin Drops in the John Frieda Hydrate & Recharge Line is a genius and very effective addition to hydrating Haircare. I have dry, frizzy and fine long hair and usually tie it in a bun as I can’t be bothered doing anything for everyday occasions. This product was a mini-keratin treatment (without the high cost of the professional treatments) and reduced the frizz so much that I rocked a pony instead of the bun! It made my hair curly rather than frizzy and I felt far more confident! I we ours definitely recommend this product as it’s a way of maintaining a keratin treatment and therefore delays the need for hairdressing appointments. Massive cost savour!
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Great for blonde hair!

The John Frieda conditioner was great to use. Along with the shampoo, the conditioner smelt great. It almost had immediate effects on my hair, making it smooth and shiny after the first wash. Normally when I dry my hair I get lots of ‘fly aways’ but this conditioner seemed to keep it at a bare minimum! Alike the shampoo, the only thing that could be changed is the size. Although the 250ml bottle would be great for travel purposes. I’ll definitely be recommending this product to other people and will be happy to continue the use.
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Good conditioner for wavy hair

This conditioner (together with the matching shampoo) has been great for my 2A/2B waves and curls. It has nice slip in the shower to detangle my hair, and leaves it lovely and soft afterwards, with nice definition in my curls and less frizz than I usually get. It feels light, and didn't weigh down my hair at all, but still seemed very hydrating, especially on the ends of my hair which have remnants of bleach. It has a similar fragrance to the shampoo (blueberry lollies!) which is a touch sweet for me, but not overpowering.
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Conditioner puts the bounce and softness back.

Great John Frieda Conditioner. I have straight hair that was quite dry and needing a trim. I used the John Frieda Hydrate and Recharge conditioner after the matching shampoo. I was very pleased with the fantastic outcome. My hair certainly felt that it had been given a new shot of life. Soft and moisturized with loads of body! The packaging is compact and would be great for travel. I would appreciate being able to purchase a larger pump style bottle. I would strongly recommend this outstanding product.
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Great smelling, lightweight conditioner

I am so impressed with this range of products, it’s up there with the salon hair products. The product nourished my blonde hair but it didn’t feel weighed down afterwards or become oily quickly which I find many hydrating conditioners do. My hair felt glossy but also clean. I washed my hair twice with the shampoo in the same range and then followed with the conditioner. Although since I only wash my hair once a week I found myself reaching for the mask treatment instead of the conditioner since it’s so easy and quick to use. For the next few days my hair also smelt great! Although the bottle is a little small, I Will definitely be buying again.