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Joop! Homme EDT is a sensual and oriental fragrance for men featuring top notes of mandarin, lemon, bergamot and orange blossom; heart notes of jasmine, lily of the valley, heliotrope and cinnamon; and base notes of vanilla, tonka bean, patchouli and sandalwood.


Joop! Homme EDT


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My husband was given a bottle of Joop! Homme EDT for a gift. Oh boy does it have a wonderful fragrance.  It is quite exotic with bergamot and orange blossom, a touch of vanilla, lily of the valley and patchouli.  A lingering long lasting fragrance that my husband absolutely loves. The packaging is simple as men don't do fancy and the cost is reasonable.  The Joop scent is suitable for the older man like my man or the quite young man who wants to impress the ladies.
I normally prefer more woody, earthy scents which is probably why I am not crazy about this cologne but it's definitely something out of the ordinary for a mens fragrance.  When it comes to packaging and presentation, it seems very ordinary and kind of weird.  A plain glass cologne bottle but with a dark purple colour.  Not something you expect to see.  I remember the first time I smelled it I was surprised by how sweet it was! I wasn't sure if it was mens or women's because it was so sensual, warm and spicy.  It had strong notes of cinnamon, vanilla and Jasmine with some light citrus notes as well. It's a classic that's been around for awhile so If you like your partner to wear something sweet and floral then I say this is it.
I love this cologne. Both my brothers have worn it growing up and it reminds me of home. It is one of those timeless scents which men just keep coming back to. It smells a little sweet while still smelling very masculine. I think it smells so lovely and I would even wear it in a pinch. If you've got a man in your life who is starting to experiment with scents, buy this for him!
This is my hubby's signature scent....he has worn it for years,and he loves it (i try him with other scents,but he always returns to this). When your man asks you to get him two bottles of a fragrance (one for work,one for home) every few months,you know you have a winning scent...and that is this one at my place.The sexy,long,long lasting scent of cinnamon,vanilla,patchouli and sandalwood,freshened with citrus and slight florals (jasmine, lily of the valley) make this a truly sexy scent,that sounds a little more feminine than masculine,but it absolutely works (that even has my husband's workmates asking "what are you wearing' ? ).I love it because it is his smell..calming and familiar.The colour of the liquid is a point of is a dark,pinky purple shade,which looks great on a dresser...and the bottle is a huge 125ml (which doesn't last long in this house,but long enough).Hubby is devotee of this,so it will always be in our home (and maybe in others as well....hubby has put a drop on our nephews as little kids,so they may associate that smell with him and want to emulate that later.Smell is that powerful in evoking a memory).TIP: Spray a little on your pillow at night if your man isn't there,or on your clothes when you miss him and want to sense that he is with you.
I have got a soft spot for this fragrance as my now husband used to wear it when I was getting to know him. Joop home is a classic ( really popular in Australia I’ve noticed, not so much in Europe anymore). It’s a powerful, spicy and warm scent. It’s sweet, very sweet, but at the same time manly and sexy, it’s probably because of that divine sour cherry smell it reminds me of.  Very characteristic ( unlike many nowadays), Joop Homme screams potent, flowery and spicy fragrance, where orange blossom and jasmine rule the formula as well as vanilla and cinnamon. All of it makes the scent extremely warm, hot even. It’s hard to believe I am describing a male fragrance because the notes are typically female I would say. Of course girls can wear it too. According to those who know perfume well, some notes in Joop Homme are faecal, well, who knows, maybe they are. All in all, the fragrance is unique, very characteristic ( maybe a bit overused and therefore considered usual in Australia). Nonetheless, it is a work of art. Worth remembering though- guys,don’t overdo it! It won’t come off the clothes even after the washing.
There is nothing worse then finding that Your Man has decided to use an After Shave that is not at all pleasing on the nose. I suggest that if you are having this problem that you head out and purchase him a bottle of Joop! Homme EDT.  Without a doubt this is my most favorite scent for men.  Its stylish, classy and perfect for every situation.  Its a scent that can easily take your guy from work during the day and on to dinner out with you and im sure you will want to spend the evening snuggled up with him as he is going to smell divine.  This scent smells fantastic the moment its applied and the longer its on the skin the more amazing it becomes.  Unlike some other scents this one ages well on the skin.   I delight in this scent so much that some nights I sprinkle some on my pillow so that my man is with me even when hes not :D  Put Joop! Homme EDT top of your gift shopping list for Your Man and I promise you that you wont be disappointed. I would give this product 10 stars if I could.