Kerastase® Bain Extentioniste

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Kerastase® Bain Extentioniste is a repairing shampoo that works to strengthen slow-growing and damaged hair. The shampoo contains Creatine R™ technology that uses taurine to help protect the hair fibres and enable a healthy scalp; creatine, which penetrates into the hair to reinforce the structure of the hair fibre; and ceramides that help the hair surface to recover for a smooth and soft finish. 


Kerastase® Bain Extentioniste


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As all Kerastase products, this shampoo is also exceptional. I noticed a difference in my damaged hair after one use.There was a change in the texture, shine and strength of my hair. I loved the pleasant fragrance of this shampoo and I liked that it had adequate lather to make you feel like you were giving your hair a good wash. I think that this shampoo made my hair less frizzy as I believe a lot of frizz is caused by damage, so when you treat the damage with this shampoo, it makes a difference. I would recommend this shampoo to anyone with any kind of damage in their hair as it's gentle, and a difference can be seen after using it. The only negative about this shampoo is, its on the expensive side, but I guess you have to pay for quality. 
I love this shampoo, great for damaged hair. This shampoo was recommended by my hairdresser as my coloured hair was lacking shine and strength. After using this product my hair is now stronger, healthier and shinier. The consistency is thick and creamy and smells lovely. Easy to use, it lathers well and rinses clear. The packaging is lovely and the product lasts a long time so great value for money. This shampoo penetrates well for a healthy scalp and to protect hair fibres so it’s great for anyone with damaged hair. This is an awesome shampoo I highly recommend.