Kérastase® Blond Fluide Miracle

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Kérastase® Blond Fluide Miracle is a restorative lightweight conditioner with the nourishing qualities of a mask. The conditioner works to instantly repair and reconstruct hair and deeply moisturise strands without weighing them down. It also creates a shield around the hair fibre to protect it from daily erosion. The formula contains hyaluronic acid to strengthen and repair the hair cuticle and antioxidant-rich Edelweiss flower to help protect hair against daily environmental damage. 


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Kérastase® Blond Fluide Miracle


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Another incredible product from kerastase, just as good as their shampoo. It helped take out the yellowness in my hair and left it feeling hydrated and shiny after washing. I'd highly recommend this conditioner along with the shampoo for any blondes that find their hair goes a bit yellow.
Highly recommend this Conditioner (When used with the Kérastase Blond Absolu Bain Ultra Violet) for those with blonde highlights/foils! I have had so many comments about how bright and blonde my hair looks since using this conditioner. I would almost consider this 'salon quality' in a bottle and strongly recommend using the Kérastase Blond Absolu Cicaplasme on damp hair after the shampoo and conditioner - this will amp up the silkiness and will hold in the fragrance for hours after treatment!
This mask/conditioner did exactly what it says it does. My hair was so much smother and softer, it has been breaking a lot less and just feels lovely. I have long highlighted hair and I find it very hard to keep the ends from getting dry between washes. This has improved the dryness out of sight and there is no build up or heaviness to the hair. Will definitely purchase again.
I tried this product, along with the matching shampoo and leave-in treatment. With a light purple colour, creamy texture and beautiful scent, I had high hopes for this conditioner/mask and how it would work in conjunction with the other products in the line. Unfortunately, I found this conditioner too heavy/rich for my hair, weighing it down and making it feel greasy. In future I will only use a very small amount of this product mixed with my regular conditioner.
The Kérastase Blond Absolu Cicaflash conditioner is a perfect compliment to the purple shampoo, it hydrates my hair far more than I’ve experienced with any other conditioner before! I have naturally blonde hair and this range absolutely enhances the shine and colour of my hair - I would recommend for anyone with natural blonde hair!
What a great product this Kerastase conditioner is. Left my hair feeling soft and silky after leaving it on recommended time and had a lovely smell. The result was lovely blonde soft hair with no brassy tones. Pretty packaging is very eye catching. Very happy with the whole regime of the shampoo, conditioner and leave in treatment. Highly recommend and would definitely buy it. Congratulations Kerastase on a great product.
I was so thrilled to be trialling this range - an exclusive  product that tones down my  brassy blonde tipped mane. This product looks lovely in the bottle, smells and feels luxurious. After only a few uses I noticed my hair felt softer, the tones a lot softer and more “flicky”- great for those selfie moments! Overall I can’t  wait to keep using it and seeing the glow from within. I will definitely be buying this product in the future..
This Kerastase Blond Cicaflash conditioner is divine with the most beautiful silky creme texture and soft lilac colour.    It really feels like I am putting the love back in my hair by using this.   Prior to trialling the Kerastase Blond Absolu range, I had spent a couple of weeks on holiday swimming in chlorinated water, then had used a new colour which was a bit too brassy blonde, so my hair had taken a bit of a beating.    These products came into my life at just the right time as I have noticed an immediate improvement after using them in the colour, texture and overall quality of my hair.    A big bonus is that I am not getting the amount of strands falling out that I was prior to using the products while blow drying.    Love the range and would highly recommend!
This is a wonderful product - the purple conditioner really helped take the brassiness out of my highlighted hair. As directly i left the product on for a while before rinsing and it really did feel like a treatment. I would absolutely buy this product again as it was great to have good color and smoothness. 
A nice product that made my hair feel like silk when applied. I also combed it through while wet to give my hair an extra boost. My hair was tangle free and felt very soft. I would recommend this product for people who would like to have tangle free hair and a fresher blonde look. 
This is my first time using Kerastase products and I was super keen to try them out.  I enjoyed using this conditioner. It has a lovely smell and texture and it did a great job detangling my curly frizzy hair, leaving it soft and light after a quick rinse. I didn't find it super moisturising for my dry curly hair but it does keep the frizz down and smoothes out my curls.
Haven’t used this brand before and used the shampoo and conditioner. Both were brilliant and left my hair shiny and not weighed down with product. Only need to use a small amount even on very long hair. Great product that I will purchase again as my frizzed out hair was much improved after one week of use.
The Cicaflash conditioner is light purple in colour and mid-range in terms of heaviness. I quite liked it but I would recommend leaving it on for the full 5 minutes to get maximum benefit. I believe it helped to counteract the mild brassiness I get sometimes. I have mid-length hair that is fine, although I have a lot of it. My ends can get quite dry and I usually use a heavier conditioner, however using this conditioner with the leave in treatment worked well.
This conditioner is like a hair mask in disguise. It smells beautiful, really floral and girly. As with all Kerastase products it does exactly what it says; it neutralizes brassiness and it refreshes the colour in a matter of minutes. The whole range is amazing and you end up with a salon result at home
I have only had the chance to use this conditioner twice but I really loved the result it gave. The beautiful fragrance gets to you first, very easy to apply as it goes to work instantly detangling my hair. Washed out easily and leaves hair silky smooth and soft. I have not used any of this range before and was a little sceptical as I have used this type of product in other brands without results. My hair naturally is light grey but I colour it a champagne blonde and can become brassy towards the end of each colour ( generally 4 to 5 weeks in). I found that using both the shampoo and conditioner it altered the colour very subtly to ash, gave my hair a beautiful shine also. I will continue to use this product.
I don’t use a lot of conditioners as I have fine hair that tends to get oily, but I don’t have the issue of weight or oiliness with Cicaflash. I use it once a week with the Bain Lumiere shampoo to maintain my blonde hair. It has a lovely light, smooth texture that goes on evenly and rinses out cleanly. It smells divine, unlike many purple conditioners. This is salon quality hair care, that leaves my hair looking smooth, shiny and salon fresh.
I loved using the Cicaflash conditioner in conjunction with the Bain Ultra Violet shampoo. My hair felt so soft and nourished immediately after my first use. I swim multiple times a week so my hair can suffer but the Kerastase range has turned this around. This light weight conditioner has helped restore my hairs health and left it smelling great!
Kérastase is a brand I love. I was excited to see how this product worked. This product compliments Kérastase blond absolu Bain ultra violet. For the first time I used this product I applied all over hair after shampooing. I found it too heavy for my hair and it left the roots very oily even after drying. The second time I only applied to hair ends and was more satisfired with the results. This product leaves your hair feeling soft with no ‘fly aways’ And is easy to style as the hair seems more manageable and nourished. The perfume of the product is subtle and fresh.
The Kerastase Cicaflash left my hair feeling ultra soft and moisturised with a beautiful scent that lingered for days. So many compliments received on the condition of my hair. The shine and texture has noticeably improved and I am impressed with condition of my hair remaining silky and shiny between washes.
This is my first time using Keratase hair products and I would definately use the Cicaflash conditioner again.  It was very nourishing and easy to comb through. I have slightly oily hair and did not find the conditioner too heavy after use. I have just had my hair colour refreshed and did not notice any yellow tones after a week of use but would have to use the products longer to see if I had any yellow tones in between salon visits.  It is definately the most hydrating purple based conditioner I have used.  Great product for blonde highlights.