Kerastase® Nutritive Masquintense Epais

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Kerastase® Nutritive Masquintense Epais is a hydrating hair mask for dry, sensitised and thick hair. The formula is enriched with a high concentration of Irisome to deliver long-lasting moisture and nutrition to strands without weighing down hair.


Kerastase® Nutritive Masquintense Epais


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This is Fabulous beyond belief. It makes your hair feel and look incredible! It hydrates without making the hair oily all while getting rid of frizz. When you put it only your hair it feels instantly better, and if you leave it on for more than 5 minutes it really delivers. It has a pleasant scent and leaves your hair feeling healthy and shiny. I would recommend this product to anyone that wants to give their hair some TLC, especially if you have damaged hair or dry ends. I would definitely purchase this product again. There are no cons from me.
I can not recommend this product more highly.... After an unfortunate incident with a hair dresser doing some serious damage to my hair my new hairdresser (god bless her!) recommended I try a Kerastase mask and I can honestly say it was worth every cent. It's rich, smells beautiful, leaves my hair soft and shiny and helped repair my fried locks. Love.
If you don't own a Kerastase mask then you have to go and get one that suit you hair type right now. It will change your life. Im not kidding, Kerastase products are absolutely amazing. My hair is super long, super thick and super hard to manage. It is also dry, course, coloured and damaged. At least it was before my hair met Kerastase. The Nutritive Masquintense was my first mask from them I bought it along with the shampoo and hair cream. The mask and the rest of the products are just perfect! smooth and buttery, light weigh yet super hydrating. I could see how my hair was  changing in a matter of few months.  Pros:  * Makes my hair super smooth and manageable * Leaves the hair soft and shiny  * A fresh smell  * Hair / Life changing product Cons: *NONE ! I currently use the blue range which is targeted to more damaged hair caused by straightening and colouring rather than just a normal dry hair. Kerastase products are my fighters when my hair is going through a hard time. I could not recommend them enough, I know they are expensive but believe me when I say they are worth every cent, If you are on a tight budget I would suggest you to buy the mask first and then expend your line. You would not regret this. 
Love this product. It really does make a very noticeable difference to my dry, thick hair. It's quite expensive so not something I use too often but gives my hair a real boost when I do use it. I love the soft, silky feeling my hair has after using it. It certainly makes my hair feel healthier.
I have just recently used this product and have thick curly/wavy hair with a mind of it's own.  This has made it feel lighter, softer and far easier to manage.  Love this product and will definitely buy
Love this treatment. I have blonde highlights and my hair can get very dry especially after styling but this treatment leaves my hair soft silky and easy to manage. After leaving it on after shampooing immediately upon rinsing you can feel how beautiful your hair feels. Big price tag but it provides big results.
The perfect hair mask for my dry, chemically treated hair. I put this on in the shower and leave for 5 minutes under a shower cap and my hair is so so soft when I rinse it off. The condition of my hair is much improved since I started using this mask. My hair isn't overly thick but this mask isn't too heavy, so never weighs it down. Just a great moisturising mask.
This product is amazing! As is pretty much everything they sell. Creamy, light yet with a wonderful density this certainly brings back dry and damaged hair from the brink of death. I also have a thyroid condition that makes my skin and hair particularly lacklustre and this product is my saviour. Cannot recommend enough.
Having very thin, long hair - this is the perfect treatment.  It leaves my hair with ultra shine and feels so nourished!