Kérastase® Reflection Masque Chromatique Epais

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Kérastase® Reflection Masque Chromatique Epais is a richly nourishing, colour-protective hair mask for thick hair that has been colour treated or highlighted. The mask helps preserve colour and shine for up to 40 days, and improve hair’s manageability, smoothness and suppleness.


Kérastase® Reflection Masque Chromatique Epais


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Kerastase Reflection Masque Chromatique is a great protecting conditioner for colour treated hair. I felt it Provides a deep nourishment, improves hair manageability, protects and emphasised the colour. I like it and get comments regularly about the condition of my hair so it must be doing the job. Would recommend to others.
As with the shampoo from the same line,the Kérastase Reflection Masque Chromatique Epais is a product especially for colour treated,delicate hair,in need of serious care and deep moisturising.It is a richly nourishing (but in no way heavy),colour-protective hair mask for any hair that has been colour treated / highlighted or just in need of great shine. This mask (a mask is an intensive version of a conditioner,with added ingredients in a thicker,richer texture) helps preserve colour and shine for up to 40 days(i don't know about that claim,but i did find myself reaching for a toning conditioner less....as well as being able to wet comb my hair easier),and improve hair’s manageability, smoothness and suppleness,leaving my hair silky smooth,shining like a mirror AND feeling truly cared for (at about $60 for a 200ml tub,it would want to.Just to be picky,i don't mind a tub,BUT it can be difficult to keep water out from it in the shower,it can be difficult to undo said tub with wet / slippery hands,AND spilling some...or all,of this precious cream is a real possibility,so take care).I also love the rich / creamy texture of this mask....colouring hair leaves it feeling dry / brittle and a pain to brush,the Reflection Masque Chromatique Epais solved these issues brilliantly and for days after use.So,how do you use this i hear you ask ? Well,simply shampoo,towel dry a litttle,then massage this in from mid lengths down and leave it (either for the duration of your shower for a quick fix,OR be really decadent and leave overnight for serious treatment.  But what of the other,more appearance,related stuff (let's face it,a nice aesthetic DOES help) ? Well,the tub (along with the shampoo bottle),is a stunning,deep pink / purple hue with white lettering that looks stunning on the shower bench,and the geometric shape of this tub lends a serious "expensive" quality to it.Oh yes,and the scent is divine (a light,fresh floral fragrance that adds to the whole experience that lasts all day,but not obtrusive at all) So,if you take your hair and colour seriously,give this a try. TIP:Go the decadent route....apply to hair,comb through and wrap hair in cling film.Leave on all night,and rinse in the AM for hair that shines like diamonds.