Kérastase® Resistance Extentioniste Thermique

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Kérastase® Resistance Extentioniste Thermique is a heat protectant and styling cream that protects hair from temperatures up to 230ºC. The cream instantly leaves hair soft, smooth and shiny by sealing and resurfacing the hair fibre, while creatine-R and taurine help promote hair health and growth.


Kérastase® Resistance Extentioniste Thermique


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No huge change

I've always heard rave reviews regarding Kerastase products, and as someone with colour-damaged, frizzy hair I thought this would be worth the splurge. The cream is white and is easily absorbed into towel dried hair prior to blow drying and using your other heat tools. It has a mild, pleasant fragrance, however it doesn't really linger once absorbed into the hair. Unfortunately, I didn't really notice any difference to the overall condition of my hair, or after styling. It remained quite frizzy and still needed a lot of attention with my straightener. As it's the next level up in terms of the price point I was expecting greater things. This was the first product in the Kerastase brand, and so it may just be that for me, I picked the wrong product for my hair type and needs.
I have made a big effort this year to put the same amount of care and investment into my hair as I do to my skin. Kerastase is the one brand that always comes up in searches for the best haircare and for very good reason.  While their products may set you back initially, the vast majority will last you long enough to make the investment worth it. My hair has definitely had a big change happen to it since investing in an all Kerastase regime and this miracle product has been the latest one to blow me away.  The main purpose of this is to protect your hair from the heat damage it gets when you are drying or straightening it. With fine hair like mine, this was something I didn't realise I needed. The product is a light gel/cream consistency that easily distributes through your hair without weighing it down or making it feel greasy and slick.  I have noticed that since using it I have a lot less frizz when I dry and I have even more of a shine to my hair once it is done. The ends do not look as frazzled anymore (a decent success now I have coloured my hair a bit) and I find that it's a lot easier to manage and brush through.  I have been advised that this product is best used for when you feel your hair is in a damaged state and once you use this up, you should move on to the Nutritive version (white and orange bottle). This is exactly what I plan to do once I finish this. Considering I only have a sample/travel size and it has already lasted me 3 ish months with every third day use, I would say you get a lot of product for your money. You really do not need a lot of this product, though, and it's better to start conservative and then add a bit more as you need!