Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado

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Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado is a eye treatment with a unique, concentrated texture that doesn’t migrate into the eyes. The rich and creamy formula delivers moisture to the delicate under-eye area and protects the skin against external aggressors. 


Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado


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Nice thick eye cream

It is a very thick eye cream and it moisturizes your eye area. However, I think it is too thick for my eyes and it was very hard to smooth out the product under my eyes, especially if your fingers are wet. It takes so long to pat the product into your eyes, which I find it a bit annoying. Otherwise, it is a great product.
Have been using this product for years and really ticks all the boxes for a great eye cream. Provides fantastic hydration even with just a small amount. Leaves your eyes feeling refreshed and minimises any fine lines and darkness in that area. This is now a handbag essential for me when travelling on long flights when my eyes feel dehydrated and needs some waking up!
Love this product as its thick and creamy consistency glides on and makes your under eye area feel full and hydrated. I also love that its made with avocado oil - a natural ingredient. No need to use much i just use a small dot for both eyes so this tub will last and its quite affordable. Fantastic for sensitive eyes as it doesn't burn. Would suit all skin types. To use; Use morning and night after cleansing. Dot product under eye area and use ring finger to gently massage around top and bottom of eye until product is dispersed. 
This eye treatment is definitely Kiehl's bestseller product. I have tried many eye products and not many gives me noticeable result or has a very expensive price tag. However, this eye treatment is so creamy that melts onto my under eye areas and keeping my skin hydrated throughout the night. The texture of the cream is on the thicker side so a little amount goes a long way.
I can totally understand why Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado is a cult fav! While on the slightly more pricer side, this product is so great for the delicate under-eye area, delivering a fantastic hit of moisture and hydration.  The product comes in an easy to use twist tube that's light and compact. There's a slight scent (barely noticeable) and the product itself is a yellow-green colour.  The first thing I noticed was how amazing the texture of the product was - very thick and creamy, but so moisturising! It does take a while to absorb into the skin, so I'd recommend not going overboard and only using the tiniest little bit around the under-eye area. It felt very refreshing straight away! Having used this for several nights, I definitely noticed that my under-eye area was a lot plumper and firmer - it's just so fantastic at hydrating! I also noticed that because it moisturised the area, it made applying concealer a lot easier as well!  Would highly recommend this to anyone needing a boost of hydration to their eyes! It's so worth the price tag!     
After trying many different products around my eyes i have never found one as amazing as this!  The product is true to its name and is super creamy and doesn't get into your eyes causing irritation. Once worked into the skin the product is easily applied and a little goes a long way!  is worth the purchase 100 % recommend trying this product  No cons to this product Pro's - Doesn't irritate your eyes , Smooths under eye skin, Rehydrates and removes dark circles 
This is a holy grail product from Kiehls, It makes regular appearances in beauty magazines for good reason. I've never been a huge follower of the brand until I found this product and quickly changed my mind. The lightweight consistency and hydrating properties make this a fantastic product that I will be sure to repurchase and have next to my bed at all times. The jury is still out on whether I believe an eye cream is even necessary, though I cant argue with results which this has proven to give me. My concealer glides on now with ease and gives me that little extra glow when I need it during the colder months. This cream has not decreased my dark circles as that is something that can only be altered with diet and sleep. Though this product does promise to deliver rich and creamy hydration which it delivers on after every pot I use! x  
I recently started using this eye cream after receiving a sample from Kiehls. Honestly the difference is amazing. I really struggle to find an eye cream that targets all my issues, dark circles, fine lines, and a little dehydrated looking. Within 2 weeks of using this product the difference was amazing. Even with sleep deprivation caused by a newborn the dark circles are minimised and the skin is hydrated and soft under my eyes.  The cream is absorbed by skin wonderfully and doesn't irritate the eye. The eye cream also lasts a really long time as you only need a small amount of cream. I use once a day at night before bed. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a hydrating eye cream that diminishes the look of dark circles under the eye.
Kiehl's have long been known for their super effective and nourishing skin care. I was on the hunt for an uber moisturising eye cream, because I suffer from a really dry and dehydrated eye area and I could even feel the roughness of my skin. Even at nearly 24 years of age I have started to notice multiple fine lines around my eye, and could never get concealer to last under my eyes because it would crease so much from my eye area being dehydrated. I became really interested in this eye cream not only for Kiehl's reputation, but also because it includes avocado, which is well known for being an awesome natural ingredient for nourishing and protecting the skin. Since avocado contains antioxidant carotenoids which protect against environmental skin damage, Vitamin C for elastin and collagen production, and Vitamin E for protection against free radical damage I had high expectation for this eye cream and let me tell you, they were definitely met strongly! Just by looking at the ingredients list and the simple yet elegant packaging you know you are in for a treat! The formula for this eye cream is really interesting. Initially, it feels quite thick and heavy, and I attributed this to the inclusion the avocado oil and shea butter. But once it is applied to my skin area it glides on and literally just melts into my skin like water. This formula is also amazing because its not wasteful or it doesn't get used up quickly, because the smallest amount of product delivers a huge amount of silky cream to my eye area once it starts to thin our and melt into my skin. I always look forward to the time when I can next apply this eye cream! Also, the non-migrating formula of this product is essential for preventing any eye irritation. Past eye creams that I have used can sometimes migrate too closely to my eyeball and could cause some serious burning and weeping, but this one doesn't. The biggest winner for me with this product is how insanely moisturising it is! It really feels like a little luxurious whenever I apply it. I could notice the difference in my eye area within about a week. It didn't feel dry or rough anymore, and it pretty much eliminated the creasing underneath my eyes when applying concealer. I have noticed that my concealer applies so smoothly now as well.  Some days when I start to notice a little creasing, I always make sure to add just a little more of the eye cream at night and let it sit in my eye area for about 10 minutes, almost like a mask and it really helps to add even more moisture and prevent this creasing. Even though its main purpose is not designed for reducing the appearance of fine lines, I feel like it has made a difference and filled them out a little. Definitely noticeable. I also don't suffer from dark under eye circles so I cannot comment on its ability to counteract that. Overall, my eye area is left supple, firmed up, moisturised, smoothed out and glowing! The only thing is, I've never been a fan of potted eye creams, it's just one of my uncertainties with eye creams. I would feel better if it was in a tube, so I'll take off one star for that. To me, it seems unhygienic to keep dipping your finger into the product night after night, and then applying the product to your eyes where there could be bacteria manifesting in the cream. I guess if you make sure your fingers are always clean before applying it (like I do) it would be okay. I haven't had any eye infections yet so it seems to be okay. Still though... At $43, it may be expensive for some, but to me it is totally reasonable considering the effect I get from it. And because it lasts for so long, to me it's good value for money and I will definitely consider repurchasing it if I don't find another that beats it.
Don't be fooled by the size of the tub of this eye cream because it can last quite a long while if you pat the formula sparingly which is all you really need as the cream is quite thick and can feel heavy at first upon application but quickly absorbs into the skin and is accompanied by a pleasant cooling sensation. After a month I can already see that my undereye circles appear to be lighter and my undereye area is less puffy and more hydrated.
This is a nice eye cream, very hydrating and a little goes a long way. However, it didn't make much difference to my bags/dark circles and the tub is unhygienic (a tube would be better). If you need a basic, moisturising eye cream then give this a go, but if you want  something that makes a big impact on circles or bags, I'd look elsewhere.
I've been using the Kiehl's avocado eye cream for a while now and it is absolutely fantastic. It ticks all of the boxes - creamy, moisturising, nourishing, hydrating. I apply it liberally using my ring finger to pat it in gently over the top of my moisturiser, normally of an evening so it can soak in overnight. I have found that if I use it during the day if I also wear make up the make up tends to slide from under my eyes, just a tip if this also happens to you.
I have dark eye circles and wrinkles under my eyes and before using this product, every single concealer used to crease to a ridiculous extent under my eyes! Although the consistency of this product is quite thick, it spreads out extremely easily, and you only need to take the tiniest amount on your fingers to cover the whole under eye area. I have noticed a substantial improvement in the moisture under my eyes and my under eye concealer barely creases at all since I started to use this product, but I have seen no improvement in my dark circles. Nevertheless it's still 100% worth the splurge because although the tub itself doesn't give you a lot of product, a little DOES go a long way.
This is my holy grail eye cream! Even though it's more on the expensive side, it's definitely worth it - it has a lovely rich consistency, which hydrates and plumps the skin. Because I wear a lot of concealer under my eyes to hide dark circles, I find the skin around my eyes tends to dry out during the day. A small amount of this product at night really helps to combat this problem! Love!
I just started using this product a few weeks ago. It is a beautiful lime green colour and feels quite thick when you first put it on your finger. Once you warm it up and put it under your eyes it does not budge! It doesn't move around or go in your eyes or onto your cheeks like other eye creams. Its thick and nourishing. I have quite dry skin especially in winter and I really feel that this provides a nice protective, moisturised barrier! It makes my concealer go on much smoother, reduces my dark under eye circles and just generally nourishes and protects. No cons to this eye cream and I would definitely recommend it! Also a great price point and cheaper than many other eye creams I have used.
Just started to use this product a couple of days ago, and I could see that the dark circles under my eyes are less prominent. I love how creamy and thick it is so a little goes a long way. Considering using this cream for only a week and seeing some results, I can say that this eye cream is pretty good.
One of my all time favs! I really noticed a reduction infine lines and dark circles under my eyes. Great consistency and value!