Kiehl’s Grapefruit Liquid Hand Soap

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Kiehl’s Grapefruit Liquid Hand Soap is a liquid hand soap that gently cleanses and soothes skin with a non-drying formula. It helps remove all traces of dirt and oil. 


Kiehl’s Grapefruit Liquid Hand Soap


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I usually adore Kiehl's products, however I found this hand soap a bit drying. It definitely is a strong cleanser and gets rid of sunscreen, oily residue, makeup residue, but my nails and cuticles were especially dry after using this regularly.  The pump bottle is very good quality, but for the price I don't find the actual label very aesthetically appealing.
I love the kheils range and always have liquid soap on hand in wet area so much cleaner than ordinary soap. I bought this as it looked so much nicer than the cheap supermarket brands and it is well worth the investment as it is not drying like cheaper brands. This liquid soap leaves hands super clean, removes all traces of dirt grime and oil and smells divine which is a huge bonus, the grapefruit scent is so fresh and lovely and the container is modern and attractive, easy to use, the pump action eliminates mess. I love this product and will buy it again, it's simply divine and I recommend it
I love to have liquid soap on hand in all the wet rooms of the house. It's so much more hygienic and tidy than having soaps to share. I had previously been buying the cheap liquid soaps from the supermarkets and they are very drying on the skin and I hadn't managed to find a fragrance that didn't smell cheap and fake. Kiehl's is much gentler on the skin, which is great if you're a bit of an obsessive hand washer (I am!). The grapefruit fragrance is also much gentler. The only con is the price. You're looking at four or five times your supermarket variety, so it really depends on your priorities.