Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1

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Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 is a lip balm that relieves chapped or cracked lips while offering protection from the drying effects of wind and cold weather.


Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1


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A very moisturising lip balm that is suitable for all year around. It has a gel texture that melts onto my lips and feels very hydrating and lightweight. However, I don't recommend applying lipstick or coloured lip product on top of this lip balm. I would prep my lip with the lip balm then remove it after few minutes below applying lipstick to give a better result. Also, the applicator could be improved so that it could be applied directly onto the lips.
This is like a cooler version of dry lip medicine. I love Kiehl's products and I'm so familiar with their hair products especially. I went into their store to get a new shampoo and I saw this sitting there and I thought why not? Turns out that was the best why not moment I've ever had. I know it's amazing because the brand delivers brilliant products but also because all year round I seem to get cracked lips and I need a instant soother so I carry this around because I know it's healthy for my lips. Weird tip: you can also use this for minor cuts, rashes, burns etc. and it helps them to a certain extent, but just be wary as everyone's skin is different and this just happens to work for me. Other than that I enjoyed this product so much and I bet you guys will too!
The very first thing I noticed was the rapid relief it gave to my lips. The Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 incorporates a relieving formula that leaves my lips feeling soft and hydrated at an impressive price. Immediately after applying it feels like I have new lips on my face. Very moisturising and  gives my lips a gorgeous sheen, which makes them look naturally more plump and pouted. I find myself constantly going back to this top rated lip balm a sit has an impeccable hydrating repairing formula. Packaging is extremely functional and easy to apply to my lips. It also looks attractive and is small fitting into my handbag easily, so I can have quality hydration for my lips "on the go".  It's hard to find another lip balm that moisturises so well and for so long as this one. A must have for all year round. 
This is a very moisturizing lip balm. I don't need to reapply very long time after my 1st application for a day. However, I do not like the smell of this lip balm, maybe it is natural and the ingredient they use smells a bit to me. But all in all, I still recommend it for the great lip hydration!
Possibly the thickest lip balm formula I've ever tried, but also a real favourite too.  Lip Balm No. 1 is unscented, making it perfectly unisex and is my 'go-to' when I'm going to be outdoors. So many lipbalms I've owned or tried don't have SPF - I really don't understand why, especially as the lip area is so thin and lacking in natural oils, making it especially prone to UVA / UVB damage and sunburn.  So I love that Kiehl's has a SPF15 version of it's Unscented Lipbalm.  It makes it ideal for anytime I'm outdoors, any time of the year.  Soothes and protects together. It's a very thick formula, I mean REALLY thick formula, making it quite different to nearly every other lipbalm I've tried. But that's also another product plus - it really feels as if your lips are nourished & well-protected when using it and afterwards. It also doesn't need to be applied very often - it's so thick, a good swipe & it lasts for hours - even through eating/drinking.  That said, I'd not recommend using it as a pre-lipstick base as it's just too thick for that purpose. It's affordable, a decent size tube, and a firm outdoor staple for me.  Highly recommended for 365 days a year.
As far as lip balms go - Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 wins every time. I bought a two pack during a sale and I'm so glad I did. It is the perfect lip balm to keep in your handbag and/or next to your bed because you'll find you'll always be reaching for it. It's soft and comfortable on the lips, yet also has the flattering appearance that you're wearing a lip gloss - unlike so many other lip balms which are either dry or gluggy in texture. This one is a must have!
This Kiehl's product is a classic - one that I have in just about every bag as it seems to save me in many instances. It glides on easily and works well if you use it a few hours before putting on a highly pigmented lipstick so you don't get those dehydrated cracks in your lips. The only improvement would be that I am not the biggest fan of the vaseline like consistency, but I still rate this 4/5 because it is so effective.
My favourite lip balm by far. I became a loyal convert a few years back - but like every one else, I started to try the PAW PAW ointment because it was cheap and there's been so many great things said about it. Paw paw is great and it certainly works. i don't take care of my lips much and I damage it by peeling it as well so the paw paw certainly helped to heal a lot of it.  However, in comparison to Kiehls - it has a thicker texture and coating on the lips. I find that my lips become dependent on the paw paw and starts to shed skin after awhile of using the product (probably because it is an ointment to heal burns as well!). I don't get the same problem with Kiehls - it just gives the moisture my lips need, is great under a lipstick too (gives it that dewy look) and it's sole purpose is to fix the lips.  So for the ultimate lip care, I still go for Kiehls! 
Absolutely LOVE this Kiehl's Lip balm! Always been one of my favourite lip balms, it is likely the most effective lip balm I have owned. I have bought it many times now and will continue to buy it in the future due to its high effectiveness.  I take it everywhere with is especially useful when travelling - changing seasons can be harsh on lips and this little balm relieves and replenishes them! When I am on an airplane, my lips tend to also get quite dry, but I only have to use this around 3 times throughout the whole flight and my lips will feel fine due to its long-lasting qualities. However, if eating or drinking, it can wear off very easily.  The packaging is very functional and practical, and can fit anywhere - a must when travelling. This lip balm provides excellent protection for my lips against harsh weather such as wind and cold. It feels great on your lips and is very lightweight with a high moisture content. Due to this, be careful not to apply too much as it can congeal ! The lip balm in the tube lasts for ages! I had mine for quite a few months before it finally started to look like it was running out.  This product can be suitable for females or males, of any age at all! The low-shine lustre and scentless quality is very appropriate. I think, since Kiehl's has created this lip balm to be protective against weather conditions, they should make it SPF protectant as well. That would make it even more effective and worth the money!
A cult product that has stood the test of time I have this stashed in my handbag at all times. Especially during the winter months it does a great job in relieving dry and chapped lips. I also prep my lips with this as the first step before I apply my makeup, and find that it helps my lip colour glide on and look a lot smoother (a must when wearing bold  lip colours!) I’ve found that it’s great value in the sense that a little goes a long way, and the tube will last a long time.The only improvement that could be made, would be an applicator so it could be applied directly to the lips.