Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil

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Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil is a lightweight cleansing oil that emulsifies to a cleansing milk. The gentle formula deeply cleans to remove impurities, dirt and makeup in one wash without leaving the skin with an oily residue. The night-time cleanser is enriched with evening primrose oil, lavender essential oil and squalene to leave skin balanced, soothed and replenished.


Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil


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Relaxing Cleansing Ritual

I reserve this beautiful cleanser for night time as the lavender essential oil fills the bathroom with a relaxing scent that gets me ready for a good nights sleep. This oil is thin and light weight but really gets to work to remove any makeup or grime from the day. I like to use a little to remove my makeup and a more generous second application to give myself a relaxing facial massage. This oil emulsifies well in water and rinses clean. My skin feels calm and comfortable after application.
This is a beautiful cleansing oil that I use as the second step in a double cleanse in the evening and love that it leaves my skin feeling clean and nourished providing the perfect base for my nighttime skincare routine. The formula feels rich and I find it is effective at removing any mascara left after the 1st cleanse. The packaging is good and can be locked which is useful when travelling.
This cleanser appears in a striking deep blue bottle and has the consistency of a very thin oil, almost like water. It's an essential oil-based cleanser comprising of lavender, evening primrose and coriander seed oil and smells like sleep if you know what I mean, owing to it's aromatherapy focus. It's incredibly lightweight which can make it difficult to apply since it runs everywhere quickly, but once you get the hang of it, it's a wonderful cleansing oil to use. It's an emulsifying formula which converts to somewhat of a cleansing milk once exposed to water on your skin. Just apply a few pumps and massage into the skin and around the eyes carefully to remove makeup and surface dirt. If you're paranoid, you can pump it onto a cotton pad to wipe over the eyes for removal of eye makeup. Because of it's consistency, one pump doesn't really do much especially if you're wearing a good amount of makeup - I need about three pumps each go to cleanse to my satisfaction. Surprisingly though, it's laughing much longer than I expected! This oil leaves a very slight, thin layer of residue and doesn't dry the skin at all. In fact, I find it quite hydrating. I think this would be a choice cleanser for someone with aggravated and inflamed skin as it does feel very soothing too.
I love a good cleansing oil. I've tried a lot on the market, and this offering by Kiehl's is one of my favourites. Firstly, it has a beautiful, light-weight texture that glides across the skin. It's not heavy or sticky, so you only need a small amount. Secondly, it's great at dissolving makeup- even the most stubborn mascara!. I always do a second cleanse, however this oil does such a good job, i probably don't need to.  Thirdly, the lavender scent is amazing! It has the same scent as the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, which i adore.  I use cleansing oils at night, so this scent is nice and calming, especially combined with other products in the Midnight Recovery line. Lastly, I love the practical plastic, pump-top packaging- when you're using oily products in the bathroom it needs to be as simple and safe as possible.  Love, love this oil and would recommend!
With normal skin that can sometimes be a bit oily or dry, who knows how it’s going to act discovering cleansing oils has been fabulous. I am converted.   To start with the Kiehls botanical cleansing has some nourishing ingredients like evening primrose oil and lavender, which act to keep the skin hydrated and cleansed. There are lots of other natural ingredients also and it’s mineral free.   For an oil the consistency of the oil is thinner than other cleansing oils I use. The scent is a lavender one, and it smells nice on the skin. To use you apply a couple of drops to your hands and then massage into the skin, add a bit of water to help emulsify, then rinse off and you are finished. It’s a quick and easy to do cleanser.                                                    This Kiehls cleansing oil removed all of my makeup and does not strip my skin. No more dry and tight feeling skin, just a fresh and clear face.   My fave thing about this product is that even when my skin is being annoying (too oily or too dry) it doesn’t matter, this cleansing oil works well and really cleans and hydrates my skin.   The only reason I haven’t given it 5 stars is because it little expensive.  
This is a beautiful, high quality product. I have dry skin, yet this leaves my face feeling slightly hydrated / moisturised, and doesn't make it feel stripped at all. Very nice texture to apply, and easy to remove. I wear physical / mineral zinc oxide based sunscreen every day, and this product did take it all off plus makeup.  Some people with sensitive skin might want to test this first as it does contain essential oil which can be irritating.
I LOVE this cleansing oil. I have oily skin and find it incredibly oil balancing and hydrating leaving the skin feeling supple and renewed afterwards. It's pricey but a little goes a long way, I use 1 pump and get good coverage, removing the last dregs of my makeup!
Cleansing oils are not a new category of cleanser, and while there are many cleansing oils to choose from, there are not as many emulsifying cleansing oils currently available on the market. I was recently gifted a sample of this cleansing oil and I have fallen in love! The oil texture is thin, slippery, has a faint lavender fragrance, and emulsifies upon contact with water into a lovely milk. I don’t wear a lot of makeup so I can’t comment on whether it would effectively remove heavy makeup but it definitely not only cleaned off my minimal amount of makeup but left my skin feeling clean and soft.   The formulation is also wonderfully natural and contains pure botanic oil blends: squalane, evening primrose oil, and lavender essential oil. In this formula, squalene is used a solubilising ingredient to break up makeup/impurities and also helps to soften and hydrate skin.