Kiehl’s Musk Oil

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Kiehl’s Musk Oil is a light, clean fragrance scented with musk. 


Kiehl’s Musk Oil


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This is a very classic, clean musk scent that any musk lover would appreciate.  My mother loved musk scents so this has a very comforting, nostalgic feel for me.  It’s also great as a layering scent.  A spray of Kiehl’s musk over a floral scented body cream is really beautiful (I like it with Kai body cream).
I love a musk fragrance and oil is good for me in summer as I have sensitive skin and sometimes in the heat perfume can irritate. This comes at a great price point so great value for money as you dont need to use a lot (it is a little strong).  I dont often buy kiehls products but i couldnt go past the price. This is musky and sweet, smelling of predominately musk but also lilly, rose and patchouli. This is not for the faint hearted but i quite liked it, a great summer oil
"Musk" by Kiehl`s is a sexy,earthy,unisex Floral Woody Musk fragrance, launched in 2004. Top notes are orange blossom and bergamot; middle notes are lily, neroli, ylang-ylang and rose; base notes are tonka bean, musk and patchouli..making for one "summer of love" reminiscent fragrance. It was everything I hoped the EDT (the lighter,less "in your face" varient) would be when I first bought it: rich, attractive, interesting and almost savory musk that  is incredibly attractive and versatile...old, dirty, sensual (the whole "summer of love" reference there), but somehow refined, classy and clean all at the same time. It feels very vintage while still feeling relevant today (as great in the 60's as it is now) The florals are still present,(as in the EDP version),but they're definitely intertwined to, and almost embedded in, the dominant musk. Like the other scents in this line, it has excellent longevity (10 hours and counting),BUT A LITTLE CAN be offensive to some so i would not use in the office setting. I love it on days off,when i want to embrace my inner bohemian..and hubby has been known to dabble with it too. I dont know (and don't want to) what genuine natural musk was like but if i had to guess, this would be similar to it. At a big 50ml size,and with the sheer long wear of this (and tiny amount needed to get that),this cheap (under $40) and cheerful scent may just become your "go to" for those summer music fests. A must try if musk is your thing. TIP:Want to wear this,but find it a little much ? Mix with something a little more aquatic or citrus to give a fresher,more appealing lift to it's edginess.