Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque

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Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque is a deep cleansing clay mask that absorbs excess oil and can be used on blemished areas to leave skin more balanced. After use, the complexion appears fresher and more refined with visibly minimised pores. 


Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque


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Good for clogged pores.

What a face mask! First of all, it lasts for more than a year and therefore it is an awesome value for money. I applied it after having a shower (pores are open then) and had it on my skin for approximately 10 minutes. The mask itself was really easy to apply, only mess it made was on my hands which I had to thoroughly wash after because the clay got stuck but that meant that it also stayed on my face really well. I used a warm water to rinse it off, no hard rubbing was needed. Afterwards I could feel that my skin was definitely cleaner, the dead skin was gone and pores clearer. What I didn´t see was the promise of minimized pores, but every other thing promised was delivered.

Great mask for combination skin

I got a sample size for this product and I enjoyed it. I really cleaned out my pores and my skin felt very smooth after using it. It doesn't dry out your skin like some other cleansing mask. I highly recommend it!
Mixed feelings about this face masque... I have combination skin but i would say more on the oily side so a masque that dries/cleans pores on my problem areas is very important to me. On the description it says it's good for oily skin but I haven't had that feeling you get when it is really cleaning your pores and getting rid of all the oil.  I usually use pore strips for this reason because it seems to get rid of any oils and cleans all my pores and blackheads BUT.... This product does have many benefits as well. I love how easy this is to apply evenly to the skin. The formula isn't too thick and isn't runny. It's the perfect consistency so it doesn't feel heavy on the skin.  A hidden pro for me is the smell! It's very sutle, smells earthy and fresh, not overpowering like many other masques which is a bonus for me.  I also love how fast it dries so you don't have to wait hours till you can take it off.  It's fairly easy to take off as well, i use warm water on a face towel to scrub off and it makes my skin feel so fresh and clean afterwards.  I haven't been using this product consistently or weekly as I have another masque that i use so i haven't been able to track the full effects but i will continue to see if it makes any difference to my oily skin and if it helps in any way. 
Being a person with combination oily skin that is sensitive and acne-prone, I have used so many clay/ mud masques before and I can say this is certainly one of the best clay masques on the market. The masque has a soft texture, making it very easy to spread out. It does give a slight tingly sensation when first applied on the skin. When it dries, it does not turn rock hard and make my face feel stiff liked any other masks.  When using this, I feel my skin is brighter and less clogged pores. If my skin is having some pimples, I would mix few drops of tea tree oil with this mask and the pimples would be gone in no time.  I would highly recommend this product. 
This is by far the best mud masque I have used. Usually mud masques leave my skin feeling tight and dry, but not this one.  In fact, it leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth and looking a lot more brighter and refined. I generally use this masque every week, and it can also be used as a spot treatment on breakouts. While this is primarily a purifying masque, it is also does a great job and hydrating and soothing the skin, thanks to the inclusion of oatmeal and aloe vera. You only need to apply a thin layer, and it’s easy to remove with warm water. I would recommend this masque for all skin types- it’s such a good all-rounder! 
Now this is a product worth getting! I have combination skin, and use this product twice a week which has helped to both cleanse and brighten my skin. It clears my pores, and gets rid of oiliness, without any irritation or dryness of my skin.  The product comes in a pot, and is opaque grey and thick in texture. It smells really pleasant and is easy to use. I apply a thin layer onto my damp skin, and leave it for about 10 minutes to dry before washing it off with water. After I remove the mask, my skin feels more refreshed and I can see the difference right away, especially the pores across my nose. I only use a small amount at a time, and the pot is quite large, so I'm expecting it to last a while. I would suggest that if you're unsure about the product or have more sensitive skin, get a sample packet in-store (Kiehl's, Myer, or David Jones) and try it at home first before committing to buying the product. It has been a welcome addition to my skincare routine, and I would definitely recommend it! 
I combine this with their oil-free cleanser and ultra face moisturiser after. And it truly is the greatest mask I have ever used. Incredibly cleansing, and does suck out all impurities leaving a squeaky clean feeling. I use a paddle makeup brush to paint it on, I can never see myself running out of this because you only need a very thin layer. For sensitive skin I would maybe not recommend as it did leave a slight tingly feeling on application, but because its so so amazing maybe just bear it its not too harsh and just on the t-zone. I use this after I exfoliate and it doesn't leave my skin feeling raw but rather soft and supple and just amazing.
Like a facial spa in a jar, this mask provides a deep clean for pores and I have incorporated it into my skincare routine once a week. I’ve noticed a difference since using it. I’ve found that it helps with preventing/helping to clear blemishes and is effective on the t-zone for clarifying blocked pores and oily skin. I apply a thin layer after cleansing and wait 10 mins for it to take effect. It is easily removed with warm water. I love that the mask is effective in providing a deep clean yet is gentle on my skin.
I find some clay masques can be very drying and can irritate my sensitive skin however I found this product to work great with my skin. I have quite large and blocked pores through my T zone and I found this masque to leave my skin and pores looking and feeling clear and reduced in size. A lovely weekly treat for my face
This masque is great. When initially applied to face, it gave a tingly sensation and made my face quite heated. This sensation lasted about a couple of minutes then my face started to feel cool as the masque dries. I'm assuming the initial tingly sensation indicated it's doing the deep cleansing because once wipe off after 10min I could see a the difference in my skin tone and how bright and clear my face looked. I was very surprise and happy with the result.  A product that I would recommend to my families and friends.