Kiehl’s Rosa Artica

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Kiehl’s Rosa Artica is a youth regenerating cream that helps skin look younger while restoring radiance. Skin is hydrated, feels firmer and the appearance of line and wrinkles are reduced.


Kiehl’s Rosa Artica


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After having used Rosa Arctica for a few months now my dry and flaky skin is already starting to reap the benefits from the miracle cream inside the jar. A recent addition to Kiehl's skincare line, Rosa Arctica is a hydrating moisturiser designed to repair dry and sensitive skin. Formulated with Haberlea Rhodopensis, a form of the African Violet plant which can survive up to 31 months of extreme dehydration. Rosa Arctica reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while making skin firmer. UsingRosa Arctica daily, the product has transformed my skin from dry and irritated to soft, smooth and plump. Being in my twenties I do not tend to experience fine lines just yet and whilst using Rosa Arctica, I have not discovered the emergence of any new wrinkles. The scent is floral - a little too strong for my liking - with an artificial cosmetic twist. The thick cream/balm consistency is a little too rich to absorb straight in to the skin but if it is warmed up between the fingertips first, the formula softens and melts down with ease. Although the price tag is not an affordable option for everyone, Rosa Arctica is a fabulous moisturiser ideal for day and evening use.