Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative Argan Dry Oil

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Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative Argan Dry Oil is a multi-purpose, restorative dry oil for face, body, and hair. It protects and smooths the skin, improving the appearance of skin tone and texture. It also helps smooth split-ends and adds a healthy sheen to hair.


Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative Argan Dry Oil


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I really love this multi purpose product. I particularly like this for my hair, I apply and leave it in, especially if I'm wearing a bun and it leaves my hair super soft after shampooing. I find this great to wear to the beach as it protects hair from sun and salt and helps prevent drying and split ends. It's also great for applying to dry skin, especially extra dry spots like elbows. I also use this for my face and neck with great results, it sinks in beautifully and leaves no oily residue leaving my skin silky soft. I loved the fragrance of this, it's really pretty, though the packaging is a little plain for the price of the product. I really loved this Kiehls argen oil, especially for gorgeous hair with a nice sheen. I would recommend it
Argan ingredient that has taken over the beauty world for years now,and left a trail of "nano peptides this" and " microspheres that" in it's wake.A return to natural,"grass roots" beauty has found it's rightful home in our bathrooms. This famed oil,extracted (labouriously) by the hands of Morrocan natives,promises to deliver nourishing,hydrated skin and hair,with no greasy residue....and yes,this DOES deliver..BUT,the term "Argan" here is thrown around a bit wildly (and a lot of people are taking the bait).Argan is the is the 7th ingredient listed here (after apricot oil and olive oil-amongst others),and i feel that ,if something is touting itself as an "Argan" oil,that ingredient should be a little more "star of the show" rather than " unknown extra". This is a decent oil,don't get me wrong (yes,it feels lovely,yes,it does leave a pleasant "dry oil" finish that looks lovely,and yes,it will be a Godsend for dry,damaged hair after the winter cold and during the upcoming summer,and yes,it leave a nice,glow-y sheen to the bod and hairyout),BUT,at nearly $50 a bottle (just under 250ml),there are other options that will deliver just as good (if not better) results at a fraction of the price.PLUS,there's the fragrance...a not so pleasant "earthy / lavender / musky / patchouli " hybrid that is reminiscent of what i imagine Woodstock smelled like...and i don't hate a "boho chic" scent at all,but damn....this is just "NOOO". The bottle is typical Kiehl's...very apothecary style,unobtrusive and unisex (no girly florals or pink..just plain white and brownish lettering) in a plain plastic bottle.All in all,if you want a very basic,moisturing oil that is going to "do the job" (and not much else) then give it a try...but this crew member will recommend another over this any day.Sorry Kiehl's...but a miss for me. TIP:Give a product it's dues,and perhaps a least try this in your hair as a sleek styling product or leave in treatment overnight.