Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

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Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve is a rich hand cream. The formula contains a blend of botanical oils to soothe, condition and moisturise the skin. The thick, rich and non-greasy formula is instantly absorbed to form a glove-like protective barrier against moisture loss.


Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve


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A Kiehls Classic

I would probably describe this as the perfect hand cream – and believe me, I have tried many of them! Kiehl’s Hand Salve occupies a happy medium between a too-thin lotion that doesn’t absorb well, and a too-greasy balm that sticks to everything. It is thick and creamy but massages in really well to moisturize and protect my hands, without leaving any residue. I don’t feel that I need to keep reapplying to keep my hands moist, which is great for me as I have quite dry hands, and constantly remoisturizing can be really annoying. Like many of Kiehls products it has a fresh botanical scent – in this case eucalyptus – and a mixture of other nourishing oils, like avocado, sesame seed and olive. This is a hand cream I can turn to again and again and gets a definite 5 stars from me.

It's so good my brother stole it

I was on holiday in Japan during winter and my hands became so dry, so I bought this hoping it would help. It helped so much that I bragged to my brother about how soft my hands had become within days that he stole it from me towards the end of the trip and he still has it to this day. It's quite thick so I usually only applied it first thing in the morning and then at night before bed, but it definitely helped the dry hand situation.
This is the holy grail of all hand creams! I wash and sanitise my hands multiple times daily and this hand cream manages to make my hands silky smooth and delicious. The cream itself feels nice and thick on application but is absorbed instantly into skin. It doesn't leave a slimy residue or leave hands feeling slippery or oily. It also has next to no scent which I really like. I carry this with me everywhere 365 days a year. Love it. It's one of those finds that will be a repeat buy forever. I highly recommend to anyone who suffers moderate to severe dry hands. Thus product is all aces.
I can’t live without this hand cream especially during the winter months. It is such an intensely moisturising treatment that my hands feel instantly better on application. I love the convenient squeeze tube as it can be stashed in a handbag and used on the go. I’ve found that the tube does last a very long time as only the tiniest amount is needed. I’ve found this to be one of the best for treating hands ravaged from the cold winter months or harsh soaps! Such a great moisturising treatment that also helps prevent premature ageing of my hands. It can also be used on other dry spots i.e elbows, feet, and it works a treat!