Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

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Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream is a 24-hour, light-textured moisturiser. The cream reduces moisture loss by continuously providing water replenishment throughout the day. 


Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream


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No nonsense, hydrating skin care

I have a set of these Ultra Facial products – the cleanser, the toner and this moisturizer as well. They are no-nonsense, no fragrance – such a bonus for sensitive skin. I find the cleanser a little too strong and drying for my skin. The moisturizer, however is a nice and light hydrating cream that blends very well for day time use. I don’t feel the need to apply a lot which is sometimes the case with a cream that doesn’t absorb well. This one makes my skin feel very comfortable during the day, though not rich enough for the evening. It is a good basic choice, although quite expensive like most Kiehl creams. I have my set in a travel size however which is perfect and very convenient. This is a “Goldilocks” type cream – not too thick, not too light, but just right – so it would suit most skin-types.

So moisturiser

I received this moisturiser as a present. Lucky me!

Does everything it says it does

Great everyday moisturizer. Does everything it claims to do. It’s light enough to wear duding the day and I find it great as a base under my make up. This product is a cult fav and it’s not hard to understand why. Love it!
This product was easy to apply once you got it out of the tub! I'm not a fan of tubs as it's always hard to get the product out and I feel like you are putting germs etc in when you are sticking yo finger in the tub. You didn't need to use a lot which was nice and it covered my face well. I felt a little bit greasy after but that did reduce after a while. It would be nice if there was added sunscreen as I always forget to apply. It was a reasonable price and did last which was nice.
This face cream is a god-send for dry skin. I first tried it when my psoriasis flared up badly one winter. Kiehl’s ultra face cream rehydrated my skin on the first application. I noticed a visible improvement in my skin within a day and my skin continued to improve in the weeks following. It soaks quickly without leaving any oily residue, which was great for me as I sometimes suffer from acne. I gave this cream 6 stars because it is honestly so effective at hydrating, it’s light weight, great for sensitive skin and so affordable!
Beauty is me in every single way, every single day and as impossible as it seems, I just fall in love with it more and more every day. There is always something new on the market, whether it’s a new product or a new brand, which means there’s always a new and good excuse for me to experiment and play to my hearts desire. Lucky for me, not always so lucky for my bank account but hey I’m a beauty loving female and damn proud of it. What’s even more important to me than my makeup is having good skin, a clean blank canvas, to apply it. This means that over the years I’ve had to work really hard at establishing a decent twice daily routine that works for me with products that work for my sensitive, acne prone, dry and red skin type. It’s not always been very easy but because I kept working at it, I am now finally being rewarded with skin that looks the best it has in years, which is a win for my confidence and a win for flawless makeup application. My routine consists of double cleansing, serum and moisturiser and a weekly exfoliation and mask. It’s been hard to get to the stage I’m at now but I enjoy every single part and process of beauty. As I get closer to turning thirty, I’m finding my skin is a lot more on the dry, flaky side and finding a moisturiser that combats this dryness while absorbing easily and quickly, leaving no residue and keeping me moisturised, not oily until the evening is not always so easy, so when I do find one I love that does all this, is also affordable and from a brilliant brand, tick, tick, my boxes are all ticked with this Kiehls gem of a moisturiser. I received a few samples of this last time I was at my local Kiehls store and was so excited to try it out. So the next morning after double cleansing and applying serum, I squeezed out a small blob of it, more than enough for my whole face and neck, and gently massaged into my skin in upwards strokes until fully absorbed. It did absorb nice and quickly and left me feeling smooth, not greasy or oily. I was smooth and soft all day until the evening and it made a beautiful base for my makeup. Plus it didn’t irritate or flare up my delicate skin, always a big plus for me. Weeks later of daily use and I’m still loving this moisturiser and because I need so little at a time, I’m still working my way through the samples and will definitely purchase a full sized jar at only $38, amazing price for the best moisturiser I’ve tried lately. Beauty is my everything and when I get to try beautiful products from amazing brands like this, I am overwhelmed with happiness, confidence and all that comes from being a beauty loving female in this beauty friendly world.
I really liked this cream, and found it very good for my sensitive skin, as it has no added scent, unlike many moisturisers. The cream is a nice texture -rich, but not too thick or gluggy, but not too lightweight either. My skin felt softer and smooth; I used this day and night and found it didn't clog my pores or cause any skin irritation.  The only drawback is that it didn't contain any sunscreen, a must for my fair (and easily burned) skin. All in all, a good basic moisturiser.  Good for day and night, but remember the sunscreen!
I received a sample sachet of this product and based on the reviews, I was keen how it will feel on my skin. It says Ultra Facial Cream and my face can get really oily so I was concerned that my skin will be shiny and oily after a few hours but it's not the case with this cream. The cream is very rich and you don't have to use a lot so I was able to stretch the sample for a few days. It gets absorbed by the skin right away and made it feel very moisturised all day long. Another wow factor for me is that it doesn't make my liquid or mineral foundation ball up.  My skin feels and looks good all day long! 
A can’t-live-without cult classic, this is definitely one of Kiehl’s superstar products. Don’t be fooled by the no frills unassuming white jar, this is one of the best moisturisers on the market. I use this morning and night, and it provides much needed hydration to my skin. It is non-greasy, easily absorbed with no discerning fragrance, which makes it perfect for wearing under makeup. A tub lasts a very long time, and I prefer to use a small plastic spatula to scoop the product out to apply. A great product that the family can all share and use, it is highly recommended!!
I found this cream to be a bit too heavy and greasy for my skin. I also find moisturisers in jars to be a bit of a nightmare in terms of hygiene!
Yes I am in love with all things Kiehls and this moisturizer is no exception. Intense hydration in a non greasy formula, my skin just drinks this right up. Who doesn't love hydrated, dewy skin?
I have been using this for a few weeks now. It is quite light weight and it isn't overly fragrant. It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. My skin is combination with a slightly oily T-Zone and dehydration on the cheeks and jaw. When I first used it I loved how easily it blended in, how light but nourishing it was and how it didn't irritate my skin. A few weeks on and over all my skin feels much more hydrated and balanced. It is definitely a good all-round moisturiser and I would recommend it! The only con is that it is in a jar so would recommend using a cotton tip to get the product out.