Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm

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Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm is a rich 24-hour facial moisturiser that hydrates dry to very dry skin. With continued use, skin is left more comfortable, soft, even and hydrated.


Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm


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I have super dry skin during winter and have been looking around for an affordable moisturiser that can keep my face hydrated day and night. The Kiehl's ultra facial balm definitely tick the boxes for me where it super moisturising and does not feel sticky on skin. I use it every morning and night without a miss and it's very obvious that my skin looks a lot more plumped, smooth and hydrated. I love this balm so much that I have finished three pots to date.
Love this! Perfect for my dry winter skin!
I have very dry skin, making my make up looks patchy. But after reading about Kylie Jenner's make up artist Ariel Tejada's list of products that he swears by, this is one of the product he uses on his clients. He uses it as a primer for make up and i bought one myself and tried it. It glides on so smooth! Making my foundation dewy and airbrushed like. This is my holy grail primer/ face moisturizer from then on! I finally found the one !
I love this product it makes my skin feel so soft and smooth and I love the smell of it as well not to over powering! Really good product
Easy to apply, it glides on effortlessly and it seeps into your skin without leaving any greasy residue. Totally within ones budget, I would highly recommend this product to any busy (and not so busy) person who is looking for that perfect glow, that fresh sheen and that totally revitalised look.
This gorgeous balm is as good as liquid gold! As a busy stay at home mum to 3 boys, I have neither the time nor the budget to get involved in exclusive expensive beauty products. I used this product nightly for a month and didn't need anything else. It literally replaced my serum, moisturizer,  mask and hydrator in one. A little went a long way and using it nightly lasted me nearly 3 months.
I love all the Kiehl's products, this is my favorite,a beautiful formulation perfectly suited to my very dry skin, its a moisturiser, toner and serum all in one,  I use it morning  and night,  it leaves my skin soft, smooth and hydrated. Well priced and lasts for ages.
Your face feels like you have walked up a cold mountain with icey wind blowing in your face, jumped into the battering ocean and then rolled in the sand - fear no more the skin saviour is here. Simple use this, sparingly and your skin will thank you with shine, re plumped happiness. Only use occasionally and your tired, harassed skin will thank you. Will last ages too!