Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer

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Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer is a moisturiser that helps reduce moisture loss while drawing and absorbing moisture from the air. The light formula softens and conditions skin while providing continuous moisture replenishment throughout the day.


Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer


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Don't judge a moisturiser by its smell

It has a funky smell, sort of plastic-y if that makes sense... but don't let that fool you. I probably wouldn't use this is if I had really oily skin, but for my combo skin it works really well. I use it morning and night and feel like my skin is always nice and hydrated. It's not too outlandishly priced and you get quick a lot of product. I actually leave mine in the fridge along with my retinoid and find that applying it straight from the fridge in the morning is very invigorating.
This is my absolute favourite moisturiser of all time! Even though I am a skincare fanatic and love trying new products, I always come back to this cream. It manages to be incredibly hydrating while feeling light on the skin and is the best base I’ve found for makeup. I recommend this product to absolutely everyone and have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love it!
There's a reason this moisturiser has a cult following. It's the best moisturiser I've used. You know how sometimes you put a moisturiser on and your skin still feels thirsty? Not with this one. One application has your skin feeling moisturised and soft. But the lotion isn't heavy. I have sensitive skin an so also appreciate that the scent is quite mild. And it sits really well under make up. I highly recommend it. The only downside is the price. I try to stock up when it's on sale ;)
This moisturizer is super hydrating. It has become part of my everyday skincare routine and I'm definitely seeing results after 1 month of using it. I use a face scrub first and pat in the moisturizer which I have found to be the best technique to making my skin feel nourished.   The formula is very lightweight so it doesn't feel heavy on the skin and really absorbs into the skin.  I also found it great that the smell is very neutral and not over powering at all.  I pair the moisturize with the kiehls midnight recovery oil before I go to sleep which makes my skin feel super refreshed in the morning.  Super impressed with the formula, packaging and everything about the product as I haven't been a big user of moisturizers, I'm a big fan of this one. 
I love this moisturiser, particularly in Summer. It's not too heavy and feels light on the skin but it hydrates so much. In the mornings I will mix a small amount in with my daytime foundation and it gives me a dewy, healthy glow without making my skin too shiner/oily looking. Fantastic moisturiser!
I've always loved Kiehl's products and so one day I decided to try this moisturiser out and well all I can say is this product is my all time favourite Kiehl's product (and that means its really really good)  It's perfect for my skin during the winter when I tend to get very dry and crackly and also during the warmer months when I still have dryness around my cheeks and eyes :) perfect for all year round 
This is a fantastic moisturiser however I have found this product does not soak as easily into the skin and if I apply make up on top often leaves me looking oily later on.